She had spent Christmas Eve with Mike, his family and all that entailed, the scent of blood at times overwhelming, but she had fed, and fed well before hand for just that reason. It wouldn't do for Vicki to go around the house biting people on the wrist. Even Mike wasn't that tolerant. They'd said their goodbyes to everyone around midnight and headed home, Vicki to her loft sanctuary, Mike to his house and as the sun came up, Vicki's last thought even after spending the evening surrounded by the Celluci clan was

I wonder what Henry did toni...


He'd gone to Midnight Mass as he always did on Christmas, no matter where he was, no matter what year. Last year and the year before, Tony had accompanied him. This year, he was alone. Tony had begun his own life, his new job on a paranormal t.v. show, his school work keeping him busy and this year they'd celebrated quietly earlier before he went to his new lover's home.

Henry sighed, Things change, and we change with them or die. Still, it would be good to hear from her. His Childe, his love, his 'other,' the one he had seen through those first 18 months when all she knew changed, became a new reality. One that changed what they were to each other. The night had brought the hunt, then mass, then home and music and reading, but he was restless, welcoming the sun that would send him to oblivion at last.

Eventually, as happened every night, the sun released its hold on him and he rose from sanctuary with a start, that first breath a blast that jerked him up off the bed. Christmas Day had given way to Christmas Night and he moved to the window. As always he stood there, facing east as if he could see across the miles. As if he could see all the way to Toronto, to a loft where a certain blond who no longer needed glasses to see, lived.

His cell phone rang and somehow he knew before he answered who it would be.


The phone rang in her ear, and Vicki waited. She knew Henry would pick it up, just as she would if she saw his name.

She smiled when he answered, "Henry Fitzroy."

Biting her lip, she took a breath she didn't need and blurted out, "Vicki Nelson." Her face took on the smooth look of their kind, ageless, timeless and again she smiled. "I miss you, Henry."

He sighed, smiling at the sound of her voice. "And I miss you."

Vicki took a breath, gathered her courage and said what she had wanted to say since the last time they'd seen each other. "Maybe…maybe we can meet halfway?"