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"Ron, don't you think that maybe you have had enough?" Hermione asked, looking at her boyfriend. "Hermione, it's a party! Let loose some." Ron slurred, downing the rest of his drink. Hermione rolled her eyes, looking away from him back to Harry and Ginny.

They were in the Room of Requirement with most of the other sixth and seventh years, having a back to school party. Since the war had ended, everyone was in good spirits, and it was of course, the perfect excuse for all the teens to get drunk. The war had been hard, but Hermione did not think that it was a good excuse to get sloppy drunk and make fools of themselves. She looked back at Ron, who had another bottle of Fire whiskey, and inwardly sighed.

She really did like him, but this was ridiculous. Hermione didn't know why he did this for. Ever since they had gotten together, little things that he did bugged her, and she had started thinking that maybe they were not meant to be. This just goes to show you, that maybe she was right. Instead of spending time with his girlfriend, he was getting drunk as hell, completely ignoring her, or trying to snog her to death.

Hermione had pushed him away from her several times that night, not being able to stand the way he smelled strongly of the whiskey. She was getting tired, and she wanted to go to bed and sleep for the rest of her weekend. After this, she was going to need it. "Hermione? We are going to go, um, do you want to come with us?" Ginny asked, bringing Hermione out of her thoughts. She looked up at Harry and her, their arms around one another, standing close, and both looking a little breathless.

Hermione shook her head, she knew what they were going to be doing and did not want to ruin their fun. "No, its okay, I will stay here and make sure Ron doesn't make a complete fool of himself." Hermione said, trying to smile back at them, she was really tired.

Hermione watched them go, feeling like she should just go ahead and go to bed. When she turned her head back around, Ron was sitting beside her, too close. Hermione jumped, not expecting him to be right there. "Ron! What the hell!" She asked, getting more then a little aggravated now, he was acting like a damn child.

"You know, you are really pretty." He said trying to kiss her again. Hermione stood, making him fall on the couch. "Hey!" He said in protest. "Come on Ron, lets go to bed. I am tired and I really don't think that you need anymore tonight." Hermione said, rolling her eyes as he tried to stand, but tripping and falling back on the couch.

"You want to come to bed with me?" He asked drunkenly. "No you prat, I want to get you in bed, and then I am going to my bed and going to sleep." Hermione said, not being able to keep her voice from being angry any longer.

Ron mumbled something drunkenly, then shrugged. "Lets go then." He said, this time standing, though still wobbly. Hermione made her way to the door, Ron at her side. She could only hope that he would be able to make it there, she didn't want to have to deal with a passed out drunk.

They made it half way to the Gryffindor Tower, so she could get Ron to bed, before Ron pulled her into a dark room. "Ron! What the hell are you doing!" Hermione asked, her temper rising. As her eyes adjusted to the darkness, she realized they were in what looked like an old abandon classroom. Ron didn't say anything, just began kissing her.

Hermione started getting more angry, trying to fight him off of her. As it turned out, Ron was too strong and too drunk for her to do anything. He released her lips again, nibbling painfully on her neck.

"Ron, we cant do this. You know I'm not ready, and besides, an old classroom? Be reasonable." Hermione said. She knew that he was really drunk, but this was ridiculous! When she felt his hand going up her skirt, Hermione went for her wand. When she realized it wasn't there she looked around wildly. It lay by the door, ten feet away! She must have dropped it when he pulled her in.

'Great!' She thought, 'Now I am stuck with a drunk who doesn't know what no means, with no protection!' When she felt his hand brush over her knickers, she began to panic. It was then that she realized that he did not just want a drunken snog, but he wanted to have sex!

She wiggled, trying to free herself from his grasp, but he was to strong. He chose that moment to pull her to the ground, completely ignoring her cry of pain when her head hit the floor.

"Ron! That is enough! Stop, I don't want to do this!" Hermione said, trying to get away from him. When she felt him rip her knickers, Hermione screamed, hoping someone, anyone would hear and come to investigate. Ron touched her, making her feel dirty and so wrong. She felt a tear come to her eye when he pushed a finger into her. "Ron, please stop! You know I don't want this!" She cried, feeling completely helpless. She couldn't believe that he was doing this. They had known each other since they were eleven, and now, he was trying to rape her!

"Calm down sweetheart! You will like it." Ron said, trying to undo her buttons. When he realized that he was too drunk to do so, he ripped the buttons off of her shirt. Hermione cried out again, hoping that someone that had been at the party would hear! She didn't even look at Ron anymore, she didn't want to do this, and yet, he was trying to make her. It was the worst thing anyone could do to someone else.

Draco walked down the hall, trying to make it too the Head's Room. He decided that this was an adventure all in itself, he had maybe had a little to much to drink, but it didn't matter, he could sleep it off tomorrow.

He hadn't even wanted to go to the damn party, but Blaise had made him go. Told him that he needed to get out and stop moping around. Draco had to admit that since his mothers death, he had not been himself, but still. He did not want to spend his time getting drunk, but once there, he had drank, and it had been a lot more then just one.

As he walked down the halls, he thought he heard something in one of the rooms a little ways up the hall. He stopped, listening closely to whatever it might be. He didn't hear anything for a moment, and started walking again. Maybe it was a good thing, he couldn't say anything to anyone right now. Even if he was Head Boy, he was drunk and it wouldn't be too fun to yell at anyone right now, he just wanted to go to bed.

He made it to the end of the hall when he heard a yell come from the room to his right. He stopped again, wondering what was going on. He wondered if it was not a couple of party goers, making use of the old classrooms and rolled his eyes. He was about to start walking again, but he heard a voice that he knew well, "Stop! I don't want this you fucking bastard!" He heard.

He realized at once that it was Granger. He thought about just walking away, what was it to him if she was in trouble? Then he thought of why his mother had died, for helping Potter finishing Voldemort, and if he walked away now, it would make him as bad as the ones that had murdered her.

He drew his wand and opened the door quietly. Draco almost gasped, before catching himself. In the middle of the room, he seen a very drunk Weasel, on top of a sober, crying Granger. He had not even thought that Weasel was capable of something like this, but knew now that he was. "Stupefy!" He yelled, not caring that he was attacking a member of the wonderful trio. He had a right, right?

As soon as he passed out, Hermione threw him away from her, holding her shirt closed, so Draco didn't see anything. She grabbed her wand and fixed her clothes, still not looking at Draco, who was looking in the opposite direction, ignoring her too.

He heard her mumbling things and looked over at her. He winced when she kicked a passed out Weasel right in the family jewels. "Granger, lets get out of here." He said. Hermione looked up at Draco, realizing that it was indeed Malfoy. "You saved me?" She asked, her voice thick with non belief.

Draco turned his head, feeling like an idiot. He should have just left it alone. "Yeah, I heard the commotion, it didn't look like you wanted him slobbering on you, so I lent a hand." He said, trying for arrogance in his voice, but it not managing it.

"Well, thank you. I really needed help." Hermione said, feeling weird thanking Malfoy for anything. He nodded and they left the room in a hurry, trying to make it to the Heads Common Room before all the noise brought Filch. When they made it, they both fell on the couch, breathing hard.

"Maybe we shouldn't have left him there. He can get into a lot of trouble." Hermione said after a long moment. Draco looked at her as if she were crazy. "Um, Granger I don't know if maybe I had a little to much to drink, but to me it looked like he wasn't planning on stopping anytime soon, and you didn't look to happy about that. I don't know about Muggles, but in this world, its punishable by law to force someone into sex. Not to mention it is just disgusting." Draco said.

"I do not agree with what he was doing, but he was also very drunk. I don't think that he would ever do that on his own." Hermione said, not sure why she was even trying to defend the bastard. Draco was right, it was disgusting. She had already made her mind up to break it off in the morning, and Ron would be lucky if she ever spoke to him again.

"It doesn't matter Granger. Your welcome for that. I am going to bed." Draco said with a shrug, getting off the couch. Hermione watched him go, wondering why he had done it in the first place. When he was gone, Hermione felt lonely. She didn't want to be alone right now, not after that.

She couldn't even believe Ron. He would have raped her, he had touched her and it made her feel dirty all over. Hermione felt tears come, the realization of what he had almost and what he had done hitting her like a brick.

She ran into her bedroom and grabbed her bed clothes. She then almost ran into the bathroom, stripping the dirty clothes off of her as she went. Once in the shower she turned it on scolding, washing herself until her skin was red from the scrubbing. Hermione did not let herself cry, or feel sorry for herself, nothing happened, it was in the past, and it would never happen again.

When she felt a little better, she dressed and walked back to her room. She lay there, trying hard not to think of how upset her friends would be when they found out that Ron and her were no longer together. She wouldn't tell them why she broke it off, it was embarrassing. They would get over it in time though, she didn't want to muck up her friendships.

She tried not to think of Malfoy though. He had saved her, but what if he tried to use it against her in some way? She would have to talk to him tomorrow before he had time to tell anyone. She could only hope that he had grown a little, just enough for him to keep it quiet.