This fanfiction has been permanently discontinued. I wrote this when I was in my weeaboo stage. I regret this greatly but I'm going to keep it as a souvenir! I'm not even in this fandom any more and a whole load of stuff happened, but I can safely say that I am now a much more mature writer and blah... You might have also noticed that I have changed my pen name from "Aiko Rin Sayuri" (another remnant of my weeaboo past) to "Choloroplast". I've tried to edit it throughout but I might have missed a few. Just to prove that I didn't steal this fic :P

Love you!

Me: Apparently I need to make my disclaimers more interesting… *sigh*

Ron: Don't worry… Last time I checked, a Ravenclaw was supposed to be witty :)

Me: O.o What are you doing here? This doesn't even involve you!

Ron: WHAT? But…

Me: You can do the disclaimer if you really want…

Ron: ^^ Yay! Chloroplast does not own Bleach, Tite Kubo does… though she does seem to rave about Hits-urk.

Me: *dragging an unconscious Ron out the room* That's enough.

(- - -)

I was shocked. No, wait, that isn't a good enough word. Flabbergasted is a better one.

"Well?" Toshiro said. "Was there anything else you came for? Or was it just to ask me out?"

"Um… no…"

"OK, if you don't mind, I have four stacks of paperwork to be handed in by this afternoon; I have no idea where Matsumoto's disappeared off to…"

I just stood there dumbfounded. Let's start this at the beginning shall we?

(- - -)

I had finally decided to confess. I couldn't bear it any more, just the thought of him…

Enough of that… I needed to work out what I wanted to say, how I wanted to phrase this. It wasn't any use, the moment I saw him, I was elated and I just gazed there, staring at his beauty.

"What do you want, Kurosaki?"

"Uh…" I managed unintelligently. "Um… I… er…"

He had put down his pen and his entire attention was focused on me. Those beautiful deep eyes…"

"Kurosaki, do you mind not standing there like a buffoon, I have other issues which need to be dealt with other than…"

His voice was so sweet and everything I had planned to say went flying out of my head faster than blinking.

"Ah…" I went on, ignoring the third seat who was also there and ogling at me like I was some sort of new specimen in Kurotsuchi's lab.

"Thank you, Tento, please take these to the 1st division." Toshiro piled a stack of paperwork onto the third seat who walked, staggering, towards the door. I glanced at Toshiro, seeing if it was to make my life easier but he remained indifferent, filling out ream after ream of paperwork.


"Hitsugaya-taicho." He corrected automatically. I ignored him.

"I was thinking the other day… well, I love you and you know… I think you may feel the same and wouldyouliketogooutwithme?"

"Sorry?" I could tell that he had heard me the first time; he just wanted to confirm what I had said. Was that amusement on his face? Mustering up the last dregs of my courage, I asked again:

"Will you go out with me?"

I stood there, hopefully, like an idiot.

"Sorry, Kurosaki, I'm going out with Hinamori."

(- - -)

"… then I have to go somewhere with Hinamori, she hasn't told me where we'll be going yet so… I'm guessing that it's that fancy restaurant in Junrinan which gives free watermelon… Kurosaki, are you all right?" His voice was concerned.

My mouth opened and closed with a weird sighing noise before my vocal chords decide to come back to life.

"Yeah… I'll be fine… yeah… well I'll be going now…"

I walked out of the office and closed the door. Then I sank to the ground. Toshiro was mine! No one could take him from me. That's when I decided I would overcome any obstacle. I took out a notepad and a (rather chewed) pencil.

I write the date and underline it neatly. What was I going to write?" Then it came to me. With an evil grin which rivalled Rangiku's, I write:

Ways to mess up Hitsugaya Toshiro's relationship.

(- - -)

I had this idea suddenly… I could just see it happening, Hitsugaya, stubborn and unwilling, Ichigo, jealous and overprotective…

:) Enjoy!

Mwhahaha… Fairly obvious what's going to happen.

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