Me: SORRY! :'( I WAS SO BUSY! Got back from China, had a grade 8 piano exam and a concert. (Carmina Burana, please take the time to listen to the whole thing, it is AMAZING!) So here is my long-awaited (I wish) sixth chapter of Messing with Toshiro Hitsugaya's relationships.

I do not own Bleach. Anything else? No? Good.

(- - -)

I. Want. Toshiro.

There. In three words, my entire existence has just been summed up.

Oh yes, I realise that this is one of the hardest tasks I have ever set myself and will require the most motivation but hopefully, I will get my motivation at the end of it all. (Cough. Unmentionable things. Cough)

And so I persist.

(- - -)

Soi Fong is NOT someone I want to tangle with. Her fat fukutaicho is also someone I would not normally go to great lengths to make myself acquainted with either.

So, Toshiro deciding to hook up with this woman was certainly a smart move. I mean… who am I to trifle with the power of this taicho who almost defeated the Flash Goddess? Ichigo Kurosaki that's who! And my first move was made to checkmate the king of the board.

(- - -)

"Oi… Yoruichi-san –oof!"

Well, I'd got her out here even if it did mean getting booted in the stomach.

"Shh… Urahara's sleeping."

I picked myself, grumbling under my breath and she knocked me back into the dust.

"What was that for?"

"I told you to be quiet!"

"I was hardly –"

She grabbed by my hair and pulled me forwards.

"Listen here, sunshine, I tell you to be quiet, so SHUT THE HELL UP!"

I neglected to tell her that she was shouting at the top of her lungs.

"Well, well, what's going on here? It's OK, Yoruichi-san, I'm awake now."

Yoruichi shot me a glare which clearly read you are sooooooo dead.

I rolled my eyes. NOTHING has changed.

I used to feel sorry for Ganju for his sister was a temperamental beast. But when I learnt that Yoruichi was staying nearby and that her temper was as bad if not worse than Kukaku Shiba's…

"What do you want Ichigo? Make it quick… I'm visiting Soi Fong today."


"Yoruichi-san, did you hear about Soi Fon's new boyfriend?"

Yoruichi mouthed the words "Soi Fon" and "boyfriend".

Then she laughed.

"Who? What? When? Don't be a baka, Soi Fon's a member of the punishment force… she wouldn't… bet you 1000 kan…"

Here was my chance to earn money too!


(- - -)

Next morning Yoruichi silently handed me a cheque.

I'd learnt that Soi Fon had been dumped after a show of over exuberant affection to Yoruichi had embarrassed Toshiro.

Oh yes.

(- - -)

Allow me to consult my list of who to do next…