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A Boy in Chains

Two Unicorns stood outside of their daughter's room. The mother had a white coat and a white mane with purple stripes. Her cutie mark was one of three stars, revealing her fascination with astronomy. It's how she met her Husband after all. The blue coated stallion with a crescent moon stood next to her, peeking through the door at their young lavender daughter studying. "She's working very hard, I don't think we worked even half as hard as she does at her age, trying to learn magic," the father said.

This earned a giggle from the mother, "well, we were busy running around like the silly foals we were," she said. She came close to him and nuzzled her love. "I'm proud of her, Moonlight, our little Twilight is going to be great Unicorn when she's older," she mused lovingly.

It was Moonlight Sparkle's turn to chuckle now, nuzzling her back, "if she's half as beautiful as you are when she's older, I'll have to practice chasing off colts," he joked.

This earned him a playful nip on the ear from Mrs. Sparkle, "oh hush you," she told him, continuing to watch their daughter study and practice magic, already halfway through the large pile of books that she had checked out from the Library just this morning. Her face frowned slightly, "I am worried about her though," she said quietly.

"Why is that Starbright?" asked her Husband.

"She's so focused on her studies, I'm afraid she'll never have time to make friends," she voiced her concerns.

The father thought about this as he watched her, "perhaps we could buy one for her," he suggested. This got a raised eyebrow from his wife, he saw it and went on to explain, "Humans have been relatively cheap in the market lately, we could purchase a young one to be Twilight's companion, I'm sure she'll gain more friends on her own eventually if she has one to begin with," he said.

The mare thought on this, it was a viable option. They didn't have any humans, though they were well off, they were far from wealthy. Humans were often of status symbol in Canterlot. In more rural parts of Equestria they were used for labor, but Canterlot was a City that imported most of its goods. The slaves at the market were usually well taken care of and costly. For slaves that is. "You sure it wouldn't cost too much?" she asked.

"The markets in a downturn for now, so they're selling cheaply, it happens sometimes," he told her. "We'll go into town tomorrow before Twilight wakes up, and get her a little human as a present."

Starbright smiled at the idea, "if it doesn't cost us too much," she reminded him, giving him a kiss and taking one last peek at their daughter before they turned to go to bed.


On the dawn of a cool morning, a young human boy, about the age of 8, with pale bruised skin and short, messy, black hair sat in a cage, his hands and legs were chained together to keep him from running. He wore rags and was gaunt. Whenever one of the slaver ponies came too close to his cage, he'd push himself to the opposite side in fear. The clothes they gave him barely fit his starved frame, and it fell over his shoulder, revealing a brand, showing his serial number.


That was the only name he's ever been given.

But of all these things about him, the most interesting were his eyes. His right eye was a dark chocolate brown, while his left was a soft light blue. This made him exotic as a human, and is the reason he was taken from the market in Trottingham all the way to Canterlot. The wagon ride was long and grueling; one of the less healthy humans had even died on the way. The Slavers had just thrown him in a ditch, and went on.

The boy in chains sat there quietly, trying to be as small as he could. From as far back as he could remember it was beaten into him that he had to act a certain way. Never speak unless spoken to. When Somepony was his owner, he would call them Master or Mistress, and even if they didn't own him, he was to call them Sir, or Madam.

He was kicked and beaten on many accounts, mostly for amusement, the guards would sometimes let out a slave or two to push them around and see if they would fight back. Number 3507-6 was one of the few who never did. The guards still had to be careful. Having fun was fine and all, but if they caused any great harm, or killed a slave, they would be reprimanded and the price of the slave would be taken from their salary.

It was considered a heavy punishment.

As the market started to open up for the day, the boy tried to make himself look smaller than he was. Some ponies passed by without giving him a second thought. Then two unicorns came up to his cage. Looking at their hooves, he backed up in his cell, scared they may do something to him. They talked to each other in hushed tones. After a moment of chatting, they called out for one of the market workers, who quickly came to attend to them.

"Yes, you're interested in this human?" he asked.

"Indeed we are, we're looking for a young one to be companion to our daughter, is this one aggressive at all?" asked the Blue colored male pony.

The market worker looked through some papers, holding a clipboard with telepathic magic, "hmm, well, he's had no previous owner to build a record with, but zero escape attempts and no acts of violence either, I'd say he'd be a very good candidate for a companion," he said. "And as you can see, he's already been branded, meaning he's been trained," he told them. The little boy looked through his bars to look at the ponies. He gulped to himself, knowing that they were thinking of buying him. His only hope was that they would be kinder than the slavers he was tormented by.

The female unicorn chimed in, "then let us talk business," she said. "How much does this little boy cost?" she asked the salespony.

The slaver looked over the human boy, who shied away uncomfortably, the scrutinizing eyes of the pony sizing him up. "I'd say, 600 bits would be more than fair," he said.

The blue stallion looked to the boy as well, looking him over, "he's clearly underfed, he couldn't be worth more than 400," he countered.

"Look at his eyes my good stallion, this human will surely be the talk of your next party for a long time," he argued.

The haggling went on for a while, and the boy looked to the floor of his cell, wondering if the two unicorns would just leave or if he would really be going with them. He then heard the slaver concede.

"Alright fine, 450 bits it is," he said. "You sure drive a hard bargain, mr…."

"Sparkle," said the blue unicorn. "Moonlight Sparkle," he told him.

"Right, I'll get the papers up, and we'll put a collar on him so you can take him home, I'm sure your daughter will be very happy to have a pet like him," he said.

The slaver walked away to get the necessary documents and a collar that would keep the boy subdued should he ever act out. While he was gone, the unicorns looked at the human child in the cage and give him a smile, "you'll be coming home with us little guy," said the Male.

The timid creature in chains nodded, "o-okay Master," he responded, putting the manners he had been taught to use.

The female smiled, and the slaver returned. They signed for the boy, and gave the bits as payment. The slaver pony had then unlocked his cage and beckoned him out, and put the collar around his neck before undoing his chains. The boy rubbed his sore wrists, feeling a little better without the weight of the chains, though he noted that the chains had left a rather harsh marking on his wrists, it looked like he had a tattoo of chain links around his wrists.

The slaver went on to explain about the collar, "the way this works is that we connect the collar to a certain magical pattern unique to each Unicorn so that only the owner may activate it," he said. "Should the human act out or disobey, the owner can pump magic into the collar to choke the human and stop him from acting out. I don't see anything like that happening, but it's better to be safe than sorry," he said. "You can attune it to your daughter's magic once she learns to use it properly," he suggested.

The unicorns nodded, "thank you for your help," said the stallion.

The slaver nodded, "thank you for your business, and have a good day," he said, trotting off to help other customers should they come.

The human boy kept his eyes on the ground until he was spoken to. The two unicorns told him to follow, and he did, staying behind them as a good slave should.

"I think you'll be a good servant for our daughter, we'll treat you well, but remain loyal to her," said the Stallion.

"Yes Master," he replied.

"Do you have a name boy?" asked the Mare.

"No Mistress," he responded.

"Hmm, I suppose our Twilight will come up with one herself," she said, smiling a little as they went on.

It took them twenty minutes of walking to get to the manor which belonged to them. It wasn't the fanciest or most wealthy looking in town but it certainly looked magnificent. The led the boy inside, and took him to a room, knocking softly before entering.

Only a few feet away, lay a lavender filly, head on a book, using it for a pillow as she slept peacefully, a thin line of drool trailing to stain the book she was reading.

The white mare smiled and went over to her, and gently nudged her shoulder, "Twilight, Twilight wake up sweetie," she said gently, rousing the sleeping filly.

"Mmm, Mama? What time is it?" asked the tired Twilight Sparkle, rubbing her tired eyes with her hoof. She yawned cutely and looked to her mother.

"We got a surprise for you," her mother said, pointing over to the small human next to her father.

Twilight looked at the strange creature for a moment in confusion and then her eyes widened in excitement. "A human?" she said excitedly. Her tiredness forgotten, she jumped up and went to the shy boy quickly, startling him a little bit, causing him to back up. This was unnoticed by the excited filly. "I've never seen a human this up close before," she said, looking him over with curious eyes.

The young boy blushed and shuffled uncomfortably as she looked him over.

She noticed his hands, and sat on her rump and took his hands in her hooves, and looked at them closely, "human hands are so interesting, and I've read about them, there isn't anything in pony anatomy aside from Pegasus wings that are nearly as complex." She looked at the strange appendages attached to the boy, and then noticed the chain marks on his wrists. She looked him in the eyes, about to ask if he was alright, since it looked like it hurt.

But then she noticed his eyes.

The dark brown and light blue orbs stared back at her.

They stayed like that for a moment, before the boy seemed to notice what he was doing was bad, and looked to the ground quickly, scared he may have accidently overstepped his bounds. This was until he felt two hooves on his face gently bring his face to look into the eyes of the filly once more. "I'm Twilight Sparkle, what's your name?" she asked in a friendly manner.

The human shyly tried to look away, "I, I don't have a name Mistress Twilight," he said.

She tilted her head, "well I can't just call you nothing," she said. She thought for a name and looked at his hands again, seeing the chain markings. "Would Chains do?" she asked.

The boy's eyes widened. It wasn't a particularly comfortable name, but it was certainly a lot better than the numbers on his back. "If that's what you wish to call me Mistress," he said.

Twilight smiled to him, "alright then, Chains it is," she said. "Come on Chains, let me show you around," she said, standing up once more, and beckoning him to follow her.

The newly named Chains watched as she went, and then looked to the Mother and Father of his new Mistress, seeing if it was alright. After they nodded, he bowed respectfully and followed after her.

She introduced him to her collection of books, and her doll she named Smarty Pants. They spent the whole day running around the house, Chains staying quiet and obeying her orders, though they were more suggestions than actual orders. The boy was confused as to how his Mistress was treating him as opposed to how he was taught he would be treated.

For the first time in his life, he felt a strange tugging at the corners of his mouth.


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