Phoenix and the Sage


Naruto x Jean Grey


Story Start


''Damn's worthless.'' a young man growled as he typed a few buttons on his computerized bracelet only to get an error message in large red letters on it. ''At least I'm back to normal.' he thought as he switched to another screen and a message detailing his biological make-up read normal. Spiky blond hair, cerulean blue eyes, six whiskers, a few inches short of six feet. 'Yep, everything seemed to be checking out,' he figured as he smoothed out his black t-shirt. His jacket had long been destroyed in the battle and his jeans were tattered. At this rate he was nearly out of clothing and surprise and had no idea where the hell he was.

Looking around he felt a weird surge of Deja Vu. He was in some sort of yard, a large one with the amount of trees and the vast space he was in. He took a few more steps and looked around and spotted a building. 'That looks familiar.' he continued towards the building when he suddenly felt some sort of presence wash over him. ''Who's out there!'' he asked as he hoisted up his arm and pointed it at the trees. ''I'm armed and if you don't identify yourself I will fire.''

'''s okay, I don't mean any harm.'' a feminine voice called out to his as an astonishing young woman with mid-waist flame colored hair and emerald eyes stepped out from among the trees.

'' couldn't're...'' the blond trailed off upon seeing her. The woman in front of him couldn't have been her. That beautiful and powerful psychic with the tragic back story and iterations.

''Oh my god!" the red-head gasped upon seeing him. Her eyes twinkles and she squealed. '''re Uzumaki Naruto!''

Naruto dumbly nodded as he didn't trust his voice. The girl let out another squeal and began bouncing up and down and firing off far more questions then Naruto could keep up. Now normally Naruto wasn't all that bothered with fangirl behavior, but it was her. It was Jean Grey, the phoenix. She was here right in front of him and more beautiful then ever. Suddenly she stopped bouncing and her cheeks began heating up. Naruto eyes widened in panic as she realized she must have read his mind.

''I'm so sorry,'' she stammered. ''I didn't mean. But you're here...'' she continued on as she poked him as to see he was there. ''This is so amazing. '' she began patting him all over. ''Oh man, you're not a robot or shape shifter are you? Please don't be...if this is some person's idea for a joke I'm going to be a little pissed.''

Naruto couldn't help but involuntary sweat a little. An angry Phoenix was far scarier then an angry Sakura and Tsunade combined. At least they couldn't vaporize him to shit on whim if they ever decided to do so.

''Oh man, you probably think I'm a nut.'' she stated as she gasped in horror. ''Please don't think I'm crazy.'' she wailed, not helping her cause at all. Her eyes began to tear up.

''O-Okay,'' Naruto managed out with a gulp. ''I don't think you're crazy.''

Jean of course merely giggled at his statement as she quickly dried the tears welling up in her eyes and looked away bashful.

Naruto was never all that great at concealing his thoughts in such a situation like this. How do you keep yourself together when your fantasy girl was right in front of you and she was your fangirl? He was given his answer when the girl threw her arms around his neck and pull his head down for a sweet and passionate kiss. Naruto's cheeks heated up at the wet kiss, but soon melted into it. His eyes closed as his hands came a rest on her hips. His lips parted as her tongue darted against his and the sweet sensation of her soft lips sent tingles down his spine. By the time the kiss ended Naruto was dazed and out of breath as Jean nuzzled against his shoulder. Naruto knew he was suppose to be hunting down the fugitive that escaped from the Time Void, but right now he needed a few moments to collect his thoughts and get the feeling back into his legs.


Chapter End


I forgot the name of the story that inspired this idea. Anyway there aren't a lot of single Naruto x other X-men women stories with single pairing focuses so here you go.