Phoenix and the Sage


Naruto x Jean Grey


Author's Note


Just about everyone who reviewed was confused on how Jean and Naruto know each other. Did all of you really miss me blatantly stated in the actual story that they read stories about each other? That the comics/manga existed in universe? I really shouldn't have to explain this when I blatantly state in the actual story how they know each other. People, please read and pay attention.


Story Start


Naruto enjoyed the tour being given by the one and only Jean Grey. It was difficult to focus and take in information when his dream girl was right there. Thankfully Naruto had experienced traveling to worlds with luxuriously beautiful women that he could not get involved with so he had experience with suppressing Unresolved Sexual Tension.

"Is something wrong? I'm not talking too much am I?" the way she fettered was so unlike the telepath he had read about. It was cute. She had continued to stammer on for a moment before biting the bottom of her lip.

"No, I'm sorry I'm just lost in my thoughts. Is there any place we can get something to eat?" he asked. Jean paused and thought about it for a moment.

"There's this Italian restaurant, Morelli. You don't mind Italian do you?"

"Italian is fine." Naruto responded with a kind smile.

They arrived to a small restaurant at the edge of town. Tonight was a slow night so they didn't need a reservation. The hostess led Naruto and Jean through a door, and took them to an outdoor dining area in front of the restaurant. No one else was dining out there, but the weather was perfect for it. The veranda was filled with ornamental bushes and beautiful flowers woven through elaborate trellises. Decorative lanterns were hung about and there were candles on every table.

"Here is your table. Your waiter will be here shortly to take your orders. Enjoy," the hostess said smiling warmly. She lit the two candles on the table and then she went back inside.

"Allow me," Naruto said to Jean as he pulled out a chair for her and motioned for her to sit.

"Thank you Naruto," Jean said as she sat down.

Naruto sat down across from her and watched Jean as she took in her surroundings. He stared at her and saw her lush lips smile. "I don't remember the last time I've been out and had a nice night out."

"It is nice. I've been so busy with school I haven't had much time for romance." She explained as she opened the menu.

Suddenly a waitress walked over to the table. She was wearing a white cotton shirt and black skirt. Her hair was that of a chestnut color in an up do and she looked to be college age. "Good evening, my name is Arianna and I'll be your waitress tonight."

Have you decided on what you want yet?"

"I think I'll start off with the Caprese Salad and I'll have the Lasagna." Jean ordered. The atmosphere was absolutely romantic.

Naruto continued to scan over his menu. His cerulean blue eyes scanning the words like a market scanner over a tag. After seconds of silence he closed the menu and set it down. "I will have the Potato salad and the Italian Roast Pork with Rosemary Potatoes." Despite how much he traveled, Naruto didn't get to enjoy Italian styled foods often. It was such a fresh change from what he usually ate. A little variety didn't hurt anyone.

"And for drinks?" the waitress prompted.

"I'll take a coke."

"I'll be fine with a sprite."

"Okay, one Caprese Salad and Lasagna with a Sprite along with a Potato Salad, Italian Poast Pork with Rosemary Potatoes and a sprite. I'll be back with your drinks and some breadsticks in five minutes for you to enjoy while your meal is cooked." The waitress noted.

"Thank you."

Jean looked around again for a few moments and gave a contented sigh. "This feels like a dream."

"You're telling me. This whole thing feels surreal, but I'm not complaining. I…I don't know how long I'll be here, but I'm looking forward to enjoy every second of it." The two of them enjoyed their meal with casual chat.

As they walked down the sideway they noticed the sun would be setting soon. "I'm going to have to get you back soon. I don't want the other X-men to come out here, guns blazing, thinking I was some evil robot or time traveler that brainwashed and kidnapped you or something." He remarked as Jean gave him a look of disbelief. "Oh trust me, in comics these days that's normal. Hell, child coming from an alternate future meeting the version of their parent in an alternate past is normal along with people trading bodies and stuff. Hell, me just ending up in this dimension is normal compared to what's going on nowadays." He furthered explained.

"And you're telling me that's the normal stuff? " while it was true Jean was more on the manga/anime side of things, the stuff she read was considered vanilla in the community and even that stuff she wouldn't consider all that normal.

"Oh trust me. There's not always action going on twenty-four-seven. I had to kill the time somehow."

"Can…can you tell me? How much do you know about me?" Jean hesitantly asked. She had been so thrilled at the prospect of Naruto admiring her; she hadn't stopped to think about just how much the blond knew. Did he really know everything? We're these comics factual? What if? What if she wasn't like her comic counterpart. He certainly wasn't a lot like his manga counterpart. He was a lot more subdued and not to mention his way he interacted with her was rather natural compared to someone who didn't have much experience with women. Then again, he had mentioned the life he was living now was years after the story that still wasn't complete.

"I…I know a lot. I know your father is Professor John Grey of the History Department of Bard College in Annandale-on-Hudson, New York, and his wife Elaine Grey. I also know you've toyed with the idea that you considered calling yourself Marvel Girl as a Code name." Naruto teased as Jean's cheeks went crimson. "But…but are you sure it's okay for us to be like this? I…I let my feelings overtook my common sense and…this might not be a good idea."

"W-Why? " she could feel his emotions. Despite his words she could sense that he was attracted to her. There was confusion, but something else. She didn't feel like she had to restrain herself. He knew her, intimately in a sense and he wasn't afraid of her or disgusted at her mutant heritage. He liked her too didn't he?

"Well…don't you have feelings for Scott?" he asked as Jean suddenly turned away from him. He didn't need to be a telepathic to realize he touched upon something. Before he could say anything else an explosion occurred from a building. Naruto didn't even so much as bat an eye. He was simply surprised it took this long for an incident to occur.


Chapter End


As I told you guys, I will finish all these stories.