This is my first attempt at a Sekirei fanfic, I enjoy writing about different pairings and this is my attempt at something a bit mature. So please be advised there are mature concepts in this story. I have warned you. This is most likely a one shot unless there is possible demand for more. Thank you and enjoy ! ( maybe slight OOC )

Go out and see them for yourself, thought the grey haired woman as she recalled her Boss's words to her. She had at the time laughed off at the idea of him actually trying to create a bond between her and the worthless filth that infested the dirty world she had woken up in. How utterly pathetic, she though at one of the insects below caught her eye.

There were a large amount of humans out today all of them seemed to be young far from cubs and not yet mature enough to lead a family. They all seemed to be fighting for a large notice board that had a list of names after a while the crowd dissipated leaving behind mixed emotions from the humans, but this human in particular caught her eye mainly because he bore a resemblance to her boss. Although he seemed like a mix between him and a troublesome adjuster, chuckling at the thought she adjusted the saya which housed her nodachi towards the left of her hip so as to get a better view of him. Her ears picking up the conversation he was having on his phone.

"Sorry kaa-san, I f…failed again," He spoke quietly in the headset. After listening for a while he continued. "Yes I'll think about it and give you another call in a few days good bye kaa-san."

So he is controlled by his mother even at this age she sneered as she watched the hurt look on his face. Such an expression brought joy to her stone heart, the look of complete dismay and despair if she had her way pretty soon all of this planet's inhabitants would be looking like that soon enough.

Minato had no idea what to do, he had failed his entrance exam for Tokyo university the third time in a row, he hadn't really tried anywhere else. Neither the less he made his familiar journey back to his rented abode not really noticing the three men clad in black following him, but the watchful eyes of the woman dressed in a black haori with a strange symbol on either side of the upper chest knew a dangerous situation when she saw one. This particular situation is going to be interesting she thought as she followed and observed.

Minato didn't know what to do here he was being kicked in the ribs by what he could make out three guys dressed in all black shouting "TAKE THAT SCUM, STUPID BOY," he had no idea who they were all he knew was that his fragile body couldn't take anymore of the violence that these people were so intent on inflicting on him. He felt an arm reaching into his pockets emptying them of their contents, and thus the beating continued he knew he was going to die there and then till he heard an effeminate dark chuckling amidst the sounds of a steel-toed boot cracking his rib.

"Such a pitiful sight. Is this how your wretched race? Fight three on one?" Laughed the newcomer as he watched her take out all three in a blinding speed, she then turned to look at him on the floor blood dripping from his mouth, purple botches all over his face and one of his index fingers was slightly bent not broken but close to being so.

He looked at her grey eyes which seemed to look exhausted and managed to gargle out, "T-thank yo-o-u." Then his world went black as he felt a punch to his stomach and he promptly fainted.

She looked at the creature lying pathetically infront of her, he hadn't even tried to fight back or even call for help instead he had abandoned hope and lay there like a dog. Heh Dog she thought laughing at the irony that she had called someone else a dog where she had been given the nickname MBI's Dog in the past. She felt that she should be the one to end his pathetic life he was as worthless as the rest of the trash in these streets, but first why not have some fun she thought an evil smile creeping on her face as she lifted his unconscious body and hoisted it on her shoulders and with one leap took off in the sky.

Minato awoke to find himself staring into the eyes of the grey haired woman who had saved him, he remembered her saving him and then nothing but here he was in what seemed to be a warehouse of some kind floating in the air supported by his wrists that were held by chains on either side with only the cold steel flooring supporting his bare legs he had been stripped bare aside from his blue jeans for which he was grateful. To say he was scared was an understatement, but all he could think of was this woman who had risked her life to save his and now she was in the same position.

"H-Hey run lady, they might come back. Please run away." He shouted desperately his movements causing the rusted chains to rattle.

"Now why would I do that?" She chuckled at his reaction placing her sheathed longsword on a small table.

"Ermmm… They might hurt you for helping me, I didn't want to involve you I'll give them my savings to let us out of here… I just hope its enough," He said voice laced with concern.

She just laughed loudly as she took off her haori revealing a black short sleeved top and a matching skirt that had two belts just short enough to stop at her knees, but revealing her curvy white legs.

He was suddenly kicked hard on his lower abdomen, blood releasing from his mouth as he winced in pain. "I took care of them, but I have bigger plans for you little boy," she spoke as she tensed her fist the last part of her sentence in a voice full of malice, for the next few hours the only shouts heard in the far away warehouse thirteen on dock seven were the sounds of kicks, punches and a rusted metal rob hitting the fragile body of Sahashi Minato all drowned in his blood cuddling screams.

The fierce torture had continued for around four hours, when she sensed that he was inches away from death she stopped and observed her prey feeling satisfied with her work as she called it although it was merely something to elevate the boredom she had felt at MBI and coupled with the hatred towards the human race this young child was simply at the wrong place at the wrong time, and this time the reaper of death was calling out for his soul to be cast into hell itself and she would happily oblige. She took out her nodachi silently apologising to it for having to use it to end the life of such vermin, as she cocked it back ready to strike she was halted by the mumblings of the boy.

"…I'm s-sorry," he choked as blood spewed from his lip and down his broken jaw his left eye still functional and his onyx eyes meeting hers.

She was taken aback by this so much so that she even lowered her longsword from the shock of the words and took a step forward her shoes immediately walking into the large pool of his blood. Here she had expected him to hate her curse her loathe the ground she walked on but this human was actually apologising to her… what a strange one she thought as she waited for him to stop coughing continue.

"I don't know what I did to you, but I'm reall…y r-*cough*really sorry. If my d-death b-brings some*cough* peace to you then please forgive me and do it." He begged her as tears rushed to his eyes.

Now she was dumbstruck most of the soldiers she had killed begged her to spare their lives, men who had been trained to fight and die for their country dishonoured themselves by begging like cowering rats and yet this meek boy apologised to her for unknowingly hurting her and going as far to beg her to take his life if it brought peace to her. Peace she thought when was the last time she had peace, was it fighting alongside her fellow disciplinary members? Was it when she was fighting her rival number eight who had vanished without a trace? Was it trying to kill everything on this planet? NO her heart screamed she hadn't felt peace in a long time, maybe if she killed him then would she find the peace she sought? She walked forward whilst he started to shiver and shut his eyes awaiting his impending fate. Taking his bent index finger in her hands she snapped it in half causing bone to split and the boy to surprisingly only let out more tears and a silent Owww.

"Please…n-no more just finish me. I'm v-v-very sorry for the pain I-I caused you." Cried Minato as his index finger was no longer functional.


What is this?


My heart is heating up…


My body is ablaze I can feel heat from every pore.


No…this can't be I am reacting to this weakling human…

She looked at him, his face full of cuts and purple blotches where she had inflicted pain. His black hair was caked with dried blood that was caused by the metal rod hitting it multiple times. His right eye was burdened by the large bruise above it consequently cutting of his eyesight from said eye that didn't however stop the torrent of tears. His jaw had been shattered she had made sure of it. His chest was in worse condition than his face she had sliced a large shallow wound with her longsword just deep enough to give him tremendous pain but not enough to allow him to bleed to death however that didn't stop the pool of blood that gathered around his ankles. She slightly shifted as her heart felt heavy as she realised she was the cause of this.

Minato was now near the state of complete mental and physical breakdown he couldn't hang on any longer and he knew it, maybe I deserved this… he thought he had let his family down, he was a third time ronin and he had done nothing but bring shame to his mother, grandmother and sister. His family he hoped that they would forgive him and maybe his death would suffice as an offering he only wished that the next life treated him better.

The Sekirei was now stumped on how to respond to this strange human. He first apologised for nothing and now he was causing her to feel something she had thought that died when number eight vanished… the ability for her to feel happy. Yes she was strangely happy right now; she no longer wanted to kill him she strangely wanted to protect him. Maybe this is what she said about fate maybe this is what it feels like to be whole, had she found the one person she could tolerate in this waste of a race… she put her hand on her heart and one on his bloody face as the beating increased twentyfold at the physical contact. She could no longer take it she wanted him; a strange desire wanted to be fulfilled deep inside of her, everything he had to offer she wanted to take; to destroy anything in his path she wanted to ascend and she wanted to do it with him.

She chuckled at herself while the young male looked confused as she spoke looking up at the ceiling, "Are you happy now Yume?" Her exhausted eyes narrowed at him as he shivered in fear her hand now on his face caressing his cheek gently. Oh God she is going to rape me before she kills me I wanted to lose my virginity but not like this… he thought as more tears flowed from his clenched eyes.

Her heart was now aching as he shivered at her touch, his tears flowing even more freely she could feel his life force what little amount he had leaving his battered body he didn't have more than an hour left in him and she knew that. At this knowledge her mind was in turmoil with her heart she wanted him to live to survive. She looked straight at him as she cupped his cheek softly.

"What is your name boy," she ordered.

Minato opened his bloodshot eyes, feeling her hand not leaving his hand he feared the worst; she wants to know who she is going to rape! He thought as he replied, "Sahashi Minato."

"Tell me Sahasi Minato do you hate me?"

"N-no." He replied the confusion causing him to bit his bottom lip to focus on something other than his broken finger and the wound on his back that was beginning to open.


"I-I was taught by my k-kaa-san to respect all wo-omen *coughing up an unhealthy shade of blood*, I could n-never hate y-you."

This caused her heart to leap from her chest as the slight pain of rejection lifted from deep within "Then tell me do you want me little Sahashi Minato Will you love me and never leave me?"

Minato knew this was foreplay before she violated him and killed him, he felt that he was really pathetic but if he could in his last moments give this woman release than atleast maybe he had done something constructive in his life, atleast some good came out of his meaningless exsistance. "I d-do…I w-want yo..u I promise that I will love you no matter what and I-I wouldn't e-even think ab-bout leaving you…ermmm S-Sorry I d-don't know your n-name."

She smiled vibrantly which for some reason she noted caused Minato to cower in fear even more, hurt by this she spoke, "My name is Karasuba, Sekirei number four I found you my one and only Ashikabi." As she lifted his chin and kissed him passionately on his lips as a bright light engulfed the whole of dock seven in a blinding bright light followed by a mesmerizing display of black wings arched on her back as black feathers scattered around them floating on his blood.

Minato was at the point of no return now he didn't know if he was hallucinating or simply dead, so he did what came naturally to him he gave her the best smile he could muster with his broken jaw still causing him pain and said, "I am really happy to have you Karasuba-s-san…I l-love y-you with all my h-hea-r…" He hadn't had time to finish the sentence as said heart gave up and the fatigue and pain finally overpowered his brain and his body shutdown from the ordeal, he hadn't event heard her eternal pledge to him.

Her body was elevated above the heavens as she felt a new surge of power within her, she hadn't ever felt this strong in her entire life nor had she felt so possessive about anyone besides the unconscious Minato infront of her. "I will not allow you to die like this my Ashikabi-sama." She spoke as she cut the chains and lifted him on her shoulder and leaped through the broken window she had came through.

A few moments later Karasuba arrived at a MBI clinc, and laid Minato's unconscious body on a stretcher smiled eyes closed at the elderly nurse who let out a scream at the state of the male infront of her. She hadn't seen someone so badly wounded it was as he had been caught between a hurricane and a lighting storm.

Karasuba smiled as she narrowed her eye slits and spoke, "I want him to live, make him better or I will destroy everyone in this hospital and within a five mile radius of this establishment."

As the nurses and doctors scrambled to help Minato she couldn't help but feel a pain in her heart at the prospect of Minato dying after all he was now the most special person to her on this forsaken planet, the only one that could order her around besides number one, her only love. She placed her longsword on her hip and waited for him.