Letting out an audible sigh, Minato picked up the small shopping basket and groggily began trudging toward the isle of the small convenience store that contained minute meals. The exhaustion of dealing with not one but two very possessive Sekirei this early in the morning were obviously taking a major toll on the student, if his bedraggled appearance was anything to go by. A quick glance around at the people in the store told him that he was the only one looking out of place: middle aged salary men were busying themselves with excited talk on the next major project , the office ladies crowded around the newspaper and magazine display discussing the latest movie with a male lead that Minato hadn't heard of. It was an easy assumption that the primary school kids had already come, but he still checked his watch to confirm the time again.

Five past seven. He yawned widely as he tossed some instant ramen into his plastic basket, his mind not really on the questionability of chicken or beef, but on a whole other animal entirely. Karasuba was waiting for him at the flat. His mind cruelly decided to take an uncomfortable stroll down memory lane … first stop, that morning.

Minato had awakened to the softness of Karasuba's chest, something he hadn't felt before but knew that had she been awake it certainly wouldn't end well. Slowly easing her vice-like grip on his person, he had somehow managed to slide off the couch and slip on to the floor. The relief on his face had been short lived as Karasuba was mumbling silently, her hand reaching out to grab the vacant space that Minato had previously occupied. In his sudden panic, he had picked his jacket up off the table and shoved it together with a cushion near her, allowing her to grab onto the cushion and proceed to snuggle into it, silver hair cascading all across her porcelain skin. It had taken all his courage to lift her pale hair away from her slumbering face, tucking it behind her ear instead. The action had revealed her serene face, free from her usual stoic visage.

Not bad, his blush went supernova, when she isn't so furious.

"Not bad..." the statement had come from behind him, terrifying him for a long and painful second.

Akitsu had never betrayed her amusement at the sight of Minato quite literally leaping in the air in horror and she would never reveal to him her secret love of all of his dynamic facial expressions. It was something she secretly envied, as she had been conditioned to conceal all emotions to the enemy lest they take advantage.

"I apologize, Minato-sama. I should not have said that," she had added, her heart increasing in pace at a sudden small fear of her Ashikabi growing angry with her. He certainly wouldn't have been the first human to be cross with her or hit her but she would pay that price if it meant being useful to him. Her fears had been groundless.

"G-Good morning Akitsu-san! A-And please, it's just Minato," Minato had whispered, having shot another terrified glance at the silver-haired Sekirei on his couch to make certain she hadn't woken up at the commotion. Thankfully for him, she hadn't.

"Yes. I understand, Minato-sama," had been the monotonous reply.

His form had visibly deflated in his defeat, but he'd taken one last glance at the sleeping Karasuba and approached Akitsu, "Let's go get some breakfast, ne? Akitsu-san, you must be hungry!" he asked with a bright smile.

A small nod had been his only reply so he'd made his way to the small kitchen area of his flat and opened up his modest 'fridge with a flourish. To his dismay, his stock had consisted of a grand total of two water bottles, a cup of half eaten ramen which had taken on a nauseatingly vile shade of green, and a small jar of jam he had gotten when he moved in … which was nearly a year ago.

"Eheheh," he had chuckled nervously before he'd turned around and sent a sheepish expression Akitsu's way. She had offered no response but merely looked at the barren 'fridge.

"Minato-sama, I would recommend that you not eat anything in there,' she had stated matter-of-factly after what had felt like nearly a decade of awkward silence.

"Yeah," he'd drawled in his embarrassment, "Ermm, maybe I should go to the store and pick up some food for us?" he'd asked aloud, although the question itself had been mostly rhetorical. He'd completely given up on finding anything edible in the kitchen.

"If that is what you want, Minato-sama, I shall accompany you," she replied, straightening the obi of her kimono.

"No, Akitsu-san! I don't think that's a good ide—!" he'd tried to discourage her only to be interrupted.

"There is danger outside, Minato-sama. As your Sekirei, it is my duty to protect you," Akitsu had chastised, sounding eerily like Okaa-san when there was absolutely no room for further discussion.

"Akitsu-san, please," he'd pleaded, "I can't have you leaving the flat with me!" He'd been bordering on paranoid, "If someone saw you, I'm sure they'd report to the landlord and I'd be kicked out of here! So please, just stay and watch the house for me?"

In her moment of brief consideration, Akitsu's lips had parted and began to form a response but Minato swiftly cut her off, "And it's my duty to protect you, too, Akitsu-san," his voice had been uncertain but steadfast in his genuineness as he'd attempted to appeal to her logical side.

"If that is what you want, Minato-sama," she'd replied, watching her Ashikabi's hopeful and innocent expression light up but a moment after she'd said her piece.

"So, what do you want to eat, Akitsu-san?" he'd questioned while palming the pockets of his jeans for his wallet. He'd pouted slightly at his dead cell phone retrieved from one of his pockets while he'd confirmed the presence of his wallet. Turning around to face the Ice Sekirei, he'd paused at her expression and he'd swear he'd seen surprise and confusion beneath that stony façade.

She had been—for the most part—confused, but then again her Ashikabi always had a way of surprising her. No one save for a single adjuster early on had ever offered her an option in any matter. It was simply fall into line or be forced into compliance. Her body had physically shuddered at the some of the more unpleasant memories.

As if magically sensing her internal distress, Minato had placed a comforting hand on her shoulder, the action having causing her to snap back to the present and gaze into his eyes which had radiated a kindness and understanding.

"Anything you want is fine with me, Minato-sama," she'd managed to murmur.

"S-Sure! Do you like ramen?" he'd asked before he'd internally cursed himself for such a suggestion.

"If that is what you want," had been the seemingly-scripted reply.

"No, what do you want to eat, Akitsu-san?" he'd asked again, that time with more authority behind his words as he'd removed his hand from her shoulder.

She'd thought for a moment, gazing at the floor almost as if she had been ashamed by whatever it was she had been thinking of. She kept her eyes on the white floor as she spoke, her voice having been as soft as the sound of gently falling snow.

"I like hiyayakko."

Minato beamed at her, "I'll be right on it!" He'd finally gotten her to ask for something instead of merely agreeing with everything he said.

"Please watch the house; don't open the door to anyone! I have my keys. Oh, and take care of Karasuba-san for me. I should be back before she wakes up—I hope," he'd swallowed nervously before he'd waved to Akitsu and closed the door behind him, leaving her with his other tenant.

As soon as she'd heard the soft click of the lock, Akitsu stared at the slumbering Black Sekirei curled up on Minato's couch. She'd been more than aware of the other female's presence and knew it would be foolish to depend entirely on her Ashikabi's punctual return beating the silver-haired Sekirei's rousing. The Ice Sekirei's eyes narrowed and slowly raised her palm.

The mail man noticed a small layer of frost on the mailboxes. He paused, looking up at the sky to see not a single cloud, not to mention the day was hot and humid—as was characteristic for the time of year. He stared back at the metal box, perplexed and curious as to the cause of the solid but thin layer of ice coating it. He shook his head at the confounding mystery before him with a chuckle and dropped a diminutive letter labeled "Sahashi Minato" into the fourth box.

Shaking his head at some of the prices, Minato compared the two boxes of hiyayakko, ultimately selecting the larger one for the waiting woman at his flat. Chuckling inwardly at her breakfast of choice, he couldn't help but feel that there was more to her than merely someone who merely obeyed orders. He didn't like that trait at all. Not because he had grown up in the presence of very demanding, physically and mentally strong females, but because he wanted all of his precious people to live in peace. He thought that maybe he could avoid the "Sekirei Plan" entirely. He still didn't quite fully understand it, in truth.

Oh no; Karasuba and Akitsu are in the same room! His thoughts took an abrupt swing for the worst, memories of their initial, less-than-normal meeting. Hastily grabbing a couple of bento, he darted for the checkout line. He could hardly keep his thoughts in order, meticulously glancing at his watch with an niggling persistence having finally begun to expect all Hell to have broken loose at his poor, unassuming apartment. Not to mention the impending doom of being discovered by the crazy, drunk landlord. In truth, he was more worried about the commotion the two would inevitably create and the attention that would follow more than the wellbeing of either female.

Before him in line was a petite girl with a sort of orangey, dirty blonde hair held back by a dark blue headband. She wore a school uniform that he didn't recognize and was attempting to purchase a drink and a small packet that looked like tempura. Judging from the exasperated look of the elderly man behind the counter, she seemed to have a difficult time understanding the concept of payment. Minato checked his watch for what seemed the sixth time and waited impatiently.

"Oujou-san, you need money," the elderly clerk told her, a tic in his voice as his finger hovered over the "dismiss all" button on his electronic till.

"I haven't got any," was the timid response from the girl, completely unaware of the queue of annoyed customers glaring, letting out exasperated groans, and gesturing in an annoyed fashion at her turned back.

"Well, then I'm sorry but I can't let you have this," he sighed, waving his hand in a dismissive manner he added "now please step aside; I have paying people to serve."

The girl dropped her items, giving them a one last glance before an unfamiliar voice from behind halted her.

"H-hey! She's with me; don't worry I'll pay!"

The girl turned around to get a good look at the stranger behind her. He was very plainly dressed with disheveled black hair and eyes that brought to mind the fiery Head Adjuster but instead swelled with sincerity. Somehow she felt that he was trustworthy. Confusion fogged her mind as she watched him push past her flashing a smile and placing his basket on the counter while the disinterested clerk started scanning the items.

She shuffled behind him, standing closely and watching his back. She felt eyes on her and just so slightly turned her head to look at the angry line of people behind her. Allowing a tiny squeak of terror to escape her lips, she turned away with a swiftness that would make one of the military adjusters proud.

"That will be 1,010 yen, please."

Minato took out his wallet, staring at the bills and coins that totaled around 950 yen. I just paid rent and I won't be able to borrow money from Okaa-san for a while... he thought, glancing at the wide-eyed girl. Almost instantaneously, he turned around and took one of the bento off the counter and placed it back into the basket.

''Uh, it seems I picked up one too many of these. Ha-ha!" he laughed nervously so the girl wouldn't hear him.

The clerk arched a fuzzy white eyebrow suspiciously and then glanced at the bills in the youth's hand. Sighing audibly, he nodded and mumbled something about age catching up to him as he cashed out the purchases before placing the items in a white plastic bag boasting the store's name on the sides. Minato smiled as he picked it up, watching the girl follow him out of the shop—much to the relief of the rest of the customers.

The girl for the most part just followed him obediently, unsure of how to behave. She wasn't good with people, nor did she know how to act in their presence in all. Honestly, she was scared of the city and wished she hadn't left MBI in the first place. Thankfully he spoke first.

"Here you go, your food," he said as he shuffled around in the bag to get her food and hand it to her.

Not sure of the appropriate response to his kindness, the timid girl hesitated and instead glanced up at his eyes in search of hidden malice. There was none.

Sensing her doubt he smiled, 'Don't worry. I don't want anything from you, so, here. It looks pretty yummy," he said with a bit of exaggeration as he pointed at the product. Her appearance and eyes almost reminded him of Yukari, which was half the reason he helped her out. Yeah, without the need to hurt me in some way heheheh … he thought, bringing himself from his memories of the supposed "games" Yukari forced him to endure and back to reality. The other half of his rationale for helping her was that she was in an unfamiliar situation, one which he had been in when he first moved to the city. Ah, it doesn't matter. I have ramen at home anyway.

The girl cautiously took the food from him and smiled happily, "T-Thank you very much! Erm," she paused, not knowing her Good Samaritan's name.

"Minato," he replied to her unasked question, "Sahashi Minato."

She nodded, clutching the food to her chest, "Why?" she asked in hushed tones.

"Uhm, … sorry?" Minato replied, confused.

Audibly clearing her throat she asked again, "Why did you buy these for me?"

"Oh, err, I kind of just did," he replied with awkward charm, "You don't really need a reason to help someone right?" he added with a warm smile.

Suddenly the chilled drink clutched to her chest offered no cool relief from the humidity, her heart beginning to beat at an alarming rate while the sounds of the bustling city around her drowned out the deafening sound of her heart.

Minato shifted uncomfortably at the long silence, feeling a shiver down his spine as if a bad omen was coming. Suddenly remembering that he had two very unpredictable—and powerful—women waiting for him in his flat, he glanced at the watch.

Oh no! I have a feeling that Karasuba woke up by now! I hope I'm wrong.

"Sorry for this, but I really have to go now," he rushed his words, still offering a polite bow to the girl who was still staring at him.

"Yashima," she said quietly, seeming like she had been roused from her thoughts.

"Sorry?" he inquired.

"My name is Y-Yashima," she repeated with a strange nervousness.

"It was nice to meet you, Yashima-san," he said giving her a bow for the second time, "I'm sorry for such an abrupt goodbye, but please excuse me, I have somewhat of a situation at home! I'll see ya' around!" he shouted running off at a steady jog, turning his torso and he waving back at her.

Yashima stared at his retreating back, touching her lips with her fingers and smiling, as she unconsciously took a step in the direction he ran to.

Karasuba's slumber was interrupted by the strange sensation of coldness around her wrists nd lower body. Snapping awake, she found herself in a seated position with her hands enclosed in crude shackles made of solid ice and her legs bound to the floor in a similar manner. Her narrow eyes were slits as she glared at the culprit—the broken Ice Sekirei seated a few feet away in a chair. Karasuba had a feeling the other Sekirei would have preferred to be farther away, but the dingy room only provided so much space.

Looking around discretely, she spotted her sword still in its sheath on the table in front of her and instinctively tried to shatter the shackles to reach her weapon of choice. Her actions were halted by a cold voice.

"I would advise you to not do that," Akitsu said, her voice still calm as she maintained her mental focus on keeping the Dog of MBI trapped in her icy prison.

Ignoring her like a bug beneath her shoe, Karasuba continued until she felt the frigidity moving to her upper back and pausing near to her Sekirei crest.

Karasuba smirked maliciously, the action causing Akitsu to cower slightly, "Interesting," she purred in a sadistic tone of amusement, her eyes trained on the potential threat in the form of the broken number.

Minutes had gone by before Karasuba broke the glaring contest between herself and the Broken Number.

"'I didn't think you would be capable of such deceit," she mocked, although her statement did not provoke a response aside from the seemingly-perpetual, stern, icy stare, "I'm impressed," she added, "maybe now I won't feel as bad when I have to explain to Minato-kun why your head is being used as a paper weight for his work ..."

Akitsu was mostly unfazed by the Black Sekirei's commentary; after all, she had suffered far worse treatment and not even the personal dog of MBI could stand in her way now that she had found someone to share her time with.

"You are hardly in a position to make such threats, Number Four," she replied with conviction.

Despite how much she didn't want to believe it, Karasuba knew the broken Sekirei was correct and silently cursed herself for sleeping so vulnerably. She had always slept with her nodachi but for some reason her Ashikabi's body was infinitely more comforting than the razor sharp blade. How foolish of me. Now I'm being humiliated by a pile of second-rate flesh, she thought venomously as she began her psychological assault on the Sekirei with a cruel smile.

"Oh dear, what will Minato-kun think of you after killing his only Sekirei?" she asked innocently—well, as innocently as she could considering her personality.

"He has another," was the monotonous response.

Cold red eyes softened slightly as Karasuba laughed harshly, "Oh, wait, do you mean yourself?"

Her biting comment was met with resounding silence.

"You must mean yourself," she continued, disregarding the look of nonchalance on the Broken Number's face, "Tell me, did he wing you? Did you get your crest? What is your norito?" Her smile grew crueler and Karasuba knew that even in the direst of situations, no matter how overpowered one was, one would have to accept defeat when victory is impossible. After all, the most important battle is won in the mind.

Once more, the only response was deafening silence and Karasuba knew she had found the one crack in the ice armor that surrounded her opponent.

"Tell me, do you really think Minato-kun will keep you when he realizes that in battle you are useless? That you will and already have failed to protect him?"

"I have not failed him," the Ice Sekirei replied, a hint of uncertainty in her voice as her eyes drifted to the floor; a responsive gesture that had been drilled into her head by the abuse of the adjusters.

"But you have, can't you see—" red eyes narrowed in glee as she sensed her adversary's hold on the ice weakening. A split moment later, all Akitsu heard was the shrill shattering of ice, a black blur that moved too fast for her eyes to follow, and then a blade not an inch from the vital vessels in her neck. The Black Sekirei had lifted her from the seat and placed her in an arm lock.

"—you failed to protect him from me." Number Four whispered with the saccharine of venom as she extended her arm.

Karasuba cared little for this charade she had to put up with. Minato would forgive her—would? Forgive? He belongs to me and me only. This waste of flesh wasn't even a factor. She justified her actions as she raised her arm.

Ironically, Akitsu wasn't fearful for her life but rather she feared for Minato's. She had known the end result regardless of her participation in the Plan or not. Anyone but Minato-sama! She pleaded to no one in particular.

As if the Goddess herself had answered the plea, the sound of soft footfalls shuffling outside the door. Instead of freezing up in guilt like any other would, Karasuba responded to the volume of the shuffling and brought her blade hand down on the Ice Sekirei. Akitsu had closed her grey eyes in acceptance as she took in a deep, liberating for what seemed like that last time …

Turning the key in the lock with trembling fingers, Minato opened the door to his flat expecting the worst. Instead, he was greeted by a rather tranquil scene with a rested Karasuba sitting on the couch and Akitsu standing with her back up against the opposite wall.

Karasuba stood from her spot, not giving the Ice Sekirei the time of day and went straight up to Minato who had hastily shut the door behind him. Noticing the bag in his hand, she asked sternly but keeping a saccharine grin on her face, "Where did you go, Minato-kun?"

"I—err, was at the store getting us food," he replied nervously, curling in on himself as he recognized that particular expression on the silver-haired woman's face.

"I see," Karasuba replied, placing a hand on his warm cheek, "'I thought I told you not to leave without me," her sweet smile took on the venom she laced in her voice, "so why did you?"

Not knowing what kind of mood she was in—the usual indicator for coming events, he replied, "You were asleep! I didn't want to wake you up, and you—!"

"It does not matter," she replied with absolute authority, "It is dangerous for you to be without my protection."

Minato looked up at her through the veil of his hair, a hint of a blush decorating his cheeks, "But you looked so peaceful and beaut—?" he cut himself off at the slight of what appeared to be a delicate blush appearing on her cheeks as her violently red eyes narrowed.

Did he just—really, does he like playing with fire?

"What did you say?" she demanded with an arched brow.

Her Ashikabi mumbled something incoherent whilst scratching behind his head with a genuinely docile expression on his bright red face.

Yes he really does. That stupid look on his face. That adorable smile—I really can't stay angry at him. I should play with him a bit more- maybe hurt him a little...he does look a little too happy.

Karasuba smacked Minato on the forehead, smirking gleefully at his sputtering reaction, "I see you truly enjoy disobeying me, Minato-kun."

"W-well—heh, heh—let's eat!" he blurted out, changing the subject. Not allowing Karasuba time to respond, he ran to the kitchen as a stunned Akitsu followed him. The chain of events left a very annoyed Number Four to her thoughts as she took a seat back on the couch.

Touching the warmth decorating her cheeks, Karasuba cursed the pathetic human in the next room for the turbulent emotions sweeping though her almost vacant heart. I am the exception—isn't it funny, Yume? He could have been your Ashikabi; bathing in that love nonsense you were always babbling about. But no. He is here with me and the only thing we'll bathe in is blood. Her eyes narrowed at the thoughts of the pleasure she had nearly gotten, had she been able to decapitate the broken Ice Sekirei who was the only being in her path to Minato. Che! She chewed on her fingernail in nervous habit, glaring daggers at the wall in front of her. He belongs to me, anyway—my property. I will do whatever I want with him. Ahh, today is going to be so much fun—her inner musings were interrupted by the beeping of the small device handed to her by Minaka.

"Hey, Akitsu-san, sorry if I was a little late," Minato started to say as he emptied the bags on to the counter, "I hope you didn't have any problems while I was away!"

"None, Minato-sama," she lied, knowing better than to share with the one she considered her Ashikabi her near death experience, unknowingly saved by the fragile human before her; The one who has accepted me where others have not. She thought as she stared at his back.

Turning around with a white box, he handed Akitsu her hiyayakko. Taking the bottle of water in the 'fridge, he gestured for her to follow him as he picked up the bento towards the living room.

"Here, Karasuba-san. I didn't know what you liked, so I got you a bento with a bit of everything in it," he beamed as he sat down on the small table as Akitsu took a seat to his left.

Ultimately, Number Four was confused. This is why he left so early in the morning? He wanted to procure food for me? Why does he care about me? I'm just going to use him til—her thoughts were silenced by the sound of ripping foil from Akitsu who had started to sit rather closely to her Ashikabi.

She moved smoothly, sitting down at the table closer to Minato, ignoring his blush and eyeing the bento with scrutiny. He is too weak to poison it, he doesn't seem like the other rats on this planet, otherwise he wouldn't have the honor to accompany me, she thought as she picked at the food, examining it for any signs of foreign pieces that shouldn't be included: her standard procedure before eating anything. The poison wouldn't harm her, but she hated the irritation it brought when a few now very-dead adjusters saw it fit to try to eradicate her.

Almost if he was telepathic, Minato reassured her with the annoying human gesture "thumbs up".

What a child, she thought despite her secret inner smile, deciding the risk of being sick for a few days for that stupid and adorable face was worth it. Looking at the food she picked up her chopsticks and started her meal.

Minato for the most part was happy—in the sense that it had been a while since he had company. He had been feeling a bit lonely living alone away from his family, whom he still loved even if they had some weird urge to make his life as difficult as possible. Well, nothing has changed now but I'm still happy. I just hope Karasuba has calmed down a b— a sharp pain pulled him from his train of thought as a very annoyed Black Sekirei pinched his cheek.

Losing her internal battle on revealing her emotions in front of Akitsu, Karasuba had reached out and pinched his cheek with enough strength to see the glistening of water in his eyes. The sight made her want to smile gleefully.

"Where is your food?" she asked, her amusement hidden within her voice. She still hadn't releasing his cheek.

"I am, err, full?" came the slurry, muffled reply.

"Minato-sama, here. Please have some of my tofu," Akitsu offered, shifting closer to him while holding a piece of the treat on her chopsticks.

The action only served to annoy the Black Sekirei further, resulting in a pained yelp from her Ashikabi. Reluctantly, she released him and narrowed her violently red eyes and watched him shift his gaze to Akitsu before accepting the bite of food with the same silly look on his face.

The Broken Number didn't care about the silent, seething anger exuded by the Black Sekirei, instead more content in feeding Minato. For Akitsu, feeding the one she considered her Ashikabi clearly showed her usefulness, and she had decided that given a second chance she would work even harder to protect him from the murderous, cruel occupant whose intentions were still a mystery to her.

Hmph! If she wants to play it that way—what's with that dumb face he is putting on? Am I losing him? No! He needs to be reminded of who he belongs to!

Nearly instantly, Karasuba was beside Minato, pulling the stunned human into a rough kiss. The action served to catch the Broken Number off guard as a bonus. In actuality, the Black Sekirei was feeding her Ashikabi through the kiss, slipping him rice with some sweet sauce. Her eyes opened and rested on her adversary, revealing red pupils that clearly displayed her possessiveness. My Ashikabi!

Pulling back slowly, Karasuba stared into Minato's eyes, "You need to eat," licking her lips she continued, "or did you forget that you still owe me much for your hospitality with the Broken Number?"

Damn I had forgotten that. Minato remembered, swallowing the rice that was forced down his throat, he didn't really care about the embarrassing spot she had put him in. Nervously he smiled, "Well … can't you just forget about that, Karasuba-san?"


"B-but it's such a nice day outside—!"

"No," Number Four smirked coldly.


"No," once more she closed the gap between them, fully aware with how uncomfortable he was with the proximity of attractive females, "you have to do as I say."

Sighing inwardly, Minato hoped that Karasuba wouldn't do anything too crazy if Akitsu was around. He wasn't sure what he was feeling. He wasn't afraid, but it helped having another person with him that wasn't unpredictable like the gorgeous, silver-haired woman. He had no other option. "Okay, Karasuba-san. What do you want to do?"

"Today you will accompany me outside," the red-eyed woman dictated as she forced some beef on to him, smirking dangerously as he swallowed, his eyes widening at her simple request.

"Y-yes—err, are you sure?" He took a gulp of water, not believing his luck at getting off so easily.

"That is what I want from you Minato-kun," she replied without hidden meaning. Glancing at the Ice Sekirei, her dangerous smirk grew saccharine as she flicked her sliver pony tail over her shoulder and added huskily, "Alone."


Looking at Akitsu in desperation, Minato shivered as the ice Sekirei replied, "That is acceptable with me, Minato-sama, if that is what you want."

Akitsu-san! Oh no, not you too! Minato thought as he lowered his head in defeat. Lifting his gaze to his first Sekirei, he managed a very scared smile, "Looks like it's just you and me for today, Karasuba-san."

The Black Sekirei merely offered a smile laced with saccharine venom and malicious intent as Akitsu moved away from Minato.

Breakfast after the event was relatively uneventful with small conversation initiated mostly by a nervous Minato regarding where they would go what they would do. Ultimately, Karasuba had no real desire for any place in particular so it was decided to go to a small arcade that was just north of his cram school.

Knowing Number Four's reputation, Akitsu wasn't fooled by the odd request. Knowing her, she has something planned for Minato-sama. I need to try and sneak in to MBI to find out more about her before she takes Minato-sama from me, the Ice Mistress rationalized silently, disguising the real reason for her compliance to Karasuba's thievery of Minato from her sight.

"Well, we'll be going then, Akitsu-san. Again, I'm really sorry about this," Minato apologized with a bow to his Sekirei, who held him from bowing; much to Karasuba's irritation.

"Please, Minato-sama. I am here to serve you and whatever you wish is necessary, I will follow you without question," her voice was laced with stubborn conviction.

Before he could utter a reply, his first Sekirei grabbed his arm and hauled him over to the window. Within milliseconds, she shot out into the bright Tokyo sky with a screaming Minato flailing behind her. The Broken Sekirei waited until the MBI's Dog was out of her line of sight before she too followed. She leapt onto a streetlight and took off in the opposite direction, her destination being the largest building in all of Japan, clearly seen off in the distance.


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