Title: For The Child, I Will Sing

Author: The Rockerbabe

Claim: Wolf Lake

Table: Buffet (10 Prompts over at fc_smorgasbord at livejournal)

Prompt: #4 (For The Child, I Will Sing)

Rating: General

Summary: Matthew Donner did not want this path for his daughter…fate had other plans

Warnings: Mentions of nakedness

Notes: This is unbeta-ed. Please forgive any mistakes. Picks up at the end of 1x09 "If These Wolves Could Talk"

Disclaimer: Wolf Lake does not belong to me, no profit is made

"Dad, help me!" Sophia Donner had pleaded as her eyes changed, revealing the duel nature that had been hidden away inside her as it threatened to overwhelm her.

It had been three hours since his daughter had come to him, the beginnings of The Flip reflected in her eyes. Three hours of her anguished screams echoing through the underground hospital. Three hours of him mentally beating himself up, knowing there was nothing he could do to help her.

He had waited outside the hospital room and let those in the pack that could help her do their best. Even if that meant letting Lucas Cates join her. This wasn't the life he had wanted for her; he wanted her to have a nice normal human life far away from the prison that was Wolf Lake. But fate had other plans and he could no longer deny her heritage. If she made it through, she would be pack, part of the Clan. She would be a part of that life he had abandoned when he chose to live his life with Marie.

Then, it happened. He picked up the scent of wolf, new wolf, and hurried into the small room. He was surprised to see a beautiful white wolf lay where his daughter had once lain. White Wolves were rare and now their pack had two. Fate definitely had plans for his daughter.

Luke sat beside her, comfortably nude. His hand was buried into the thick fur of her head and a smile was plastered across his face.

Matt looked at the boy and inclined his head. "Thank you, Luke." He said softly and genuinely grateful that the boy had pulled through.

Surprise colored Luke's expression and he just nodded. Sophia's eyes followed her father as he stepped closer.

"Hi, Dad," She whispered in that mental link that their pack was capable of, exhaustion in her voice.

"I love you, Soph." He told her, "I'm so proud of you."

"Thanks, Dad..." Her eyes drifted shut as sleep overcame her.

Matt smiled at her then looked at Luke. "Take care of her."

Luke's face was surprisingly serious, "You have my word."

"Good." The Sheriff nodded, "I'm going for a run."

The teen smiled. "Welcome back."

He headed out of the underground hospital and stepped into the line of trees. He removed his clothes and looked up at the moon. For the first time in over fifteen years, he shifted into his wolfen form. A rush of feelings crashed over him, he felt like he was coming home, and he lifted his head and howled a melodious song for his daughter.