Title: Call of the Wild

Author: Rockerbabe

Claim: Wolf Lake

Table: Buffet (10 Prompts)

Prompt: #9 (Call of the Wild)

Rating: T+

Summary: John Kanin's Flip has begun

Warnings: Adult Situations, Language

Notes: This is unbeta-ed. Please forgive any mistakes. Follows "Night of Fire" and "On the Brink of Forever"

PS: For all of you that don't know, Wolf Lake is finally (and officially) coming to DVD November 6, 2012! SPREAD THE WORD!

Disclaimer: Wolf Lake does not belong to me, no profit is made

"It's begun," Ruby Cates said as her grey eyes took on an otherworldly golden glow.

"What's happening to me?" He cried out, his voice hoarse.

"The blood that he gave you, my blood, it's changing you."

"Changing me?" He bit out as a spasm rocked his body; it felt like was ripping itself apart. His skin felt like it was on fire; his bones felt like they were breaking. And they technically were as this change took over his body. "Into what?"

"A wolf." Ruby's eyes grew serious, "That's the secret of Wolf Lake, John. We're skin walkers…" She surveyed his progress and placed a finger to his lips when he began to try to speak again, "Keep your strength, I'll answer all your questions, you just have to get through this first. This Flip is the hardest to make and not everyone survives."

John briefly remembered all the tombstones he had found in the hidden graveyard as his vision began to change. A scream of pain gurgled in his throat as his face began to elongate and his bones settled into a new shape. He watched through his new eyes as Ruby flipped. It was a smooth change; one minute she was human, the next she was a beautiful white wolf.

"You're almost there, John."

He startled a bit as her voice echoed in his mind. He heard her throaty chuckle in response.

"I can feel your emotions." Her tone held a bit a wonder to it and he longed to ask why.

"We can all talk this way; we're connected as a Pack but I've never been able to feel emotions before" He watched as she tilted her head, "…you're near the end, John."

Through the pain, he knew she was right. He closed his eyes and something inside of him awakened. He could feel his new wolfen instinct among his own thoughts. As cliché as it was he felt the call of the wild within him as the pain washed away as his pelt covered him.

"Welcome to your new life, John." Ruby said with a wolfen version of a smile.