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When I woke up the next morning I found Italian Roast and a beautiful sunrise appearing over the New York Skyline. It was like any other morning. It was as if nothing had changed, when in fact everything had.

The padding of little feet snapped me out of my thoughts. In the doorway of my apartment appeared a very tired looking Lena in her footsie pajamas. Her hair was all knotted up on one side of her head and she was dragging her bunny behind her. She looked up at me with her Bambi eyes and waved hello with her free hand.

"Good morning sweetie," I said as I picked her up. She automatically wrapped her arm around my neck. "Do you want some breakfast?" She just nodded tiredly. "What would you like?" She shrugged her shoulders. "Well I can see you are very talkative this morning." She nodded again. "Why don't you go draw while I make breakfast?" I sat her down on the couch and gave her some crayons with a piece of paper.

While making pancakes I continually looked over at Lena to check on her. She was quietly drawing and looked pretty content as she slowly woke up. Once they were ready we both sat down at the table and began eating.

"What were you drawing?"

"You" she said," and mommy." She went and brought the picture to me. It showed a stick figure man and a stick figure woman, holding hands. There was talk bubbles above them saying, "I love you".

"This is very nice Lena," I told her as she began eating her eggs.

"Can you draw something for me?" A pout appeared on her irresistible face and she used her pretty blue eyes against me.

"Fine…" I sighed as she started bouncing up and down while laughing, "What do you want me to draw?"

"Whatever you want! Just make it pretty!" She laughed.

"I will try," I picked up a piece of charcoal and a pad of paper. "Stay still sweetie."

"Are you drawing me?" She squealed excitedly. I nodded and smiled at her happy face. I first outline her face and added in her wavy hair. Shading her hair, I calmly looked up at Lena. She was sitting stone still and trying to be very serious but I noticed her eyes kept moving restlessly around the room. Her eyes were the hardest part. I wanted to capture the innocence, the eagerness, and the beauty they carried. They looked just like her mother's eyes; my sister's.

"Are you done? Are you done? Are you done?" She ran over to me and sat on my lap. I kissed her head and waited to see what she would think. "Its soooo good! I didn't know you were this good at drawing!"

"I used to draw for your mom all the time." I told her quietly. She nodded and hovered her hand over the drawing in awe.

"And now you get to draw for me!"

"Yes," I said, "Now I have you"


"Can we go to the park today?" She asked later on when we had finished breakfast.

"Of course! Go get dressed and we will head out!" She left and when she wandered back in she was wearing a cute little red dress, that was unfortunately backwards, and a blue headband.

"Neal? I need help…" She whispered while walking over to me. I laughed and fixed her dress, put on her shoes, and kissed her nose.

"Thank you," She giggled. "Can we go now? There is so much I want to see! Mommy told me that New York is amazing! She said that the people aren't very nice but there is lots of cool stuff! Can we see all that cool stuff?"

"We can see everything all in good time my little friend."

"I'm not little!" She said defiantly as she put her hands on her hips.

"Of course you aren't!" I replied as I picked her up and put her on my hip. "Now let's go to the park."

"Favorite color?"

"Pink!" Lena replied to our game of twenty questions. "What about you? I bet its green! Or blue! Or red! Or-or the rainbow!"

"I don't think the rainbow counts as a color," I laughed as she stuck her tongue out at me. "Mine is green."

"Favorite animal?" Lena asked. "Mine is a chinchilla!"

"A chinchilla?" She nodded. "Where did you learn about chinchillas?"

"I saw it in a book!"

"Aren't you a little young to be reading?"

"I'm smart!" Lena puffed out her chest.

"It's a Caffrey thing," I laughed as I swung our hands.

"So what is it? Tell me Neal! Don't keep secrets from me!" She squealed and hung onto my arm.

"Hmmm…I've always wanted a golden retriever," I said, "so a dog."

"Oooh that's a good one!" Lena exclaimed. "I wish I was as smart as you Neal!"

"One day Lena I will teach you everything I know." She giggled and we continued to walk through Central Park. The sun was shining, the sky was blue with no clouds, and birds were chirping. My life seemed so much more carefree on days like this, holding Lena's hand and joking around like kids.

We were buying some soft pretzels at a stand when I first saw her. She had jet-black hair and gorgeous brown eyes that were framed by thick black lashes. Her lips were ruby red and she reminded me of Snow White.

"You're staring Neal," Lena whispered to me.

"Just keep eating you," I poked Lena in the stomach making her giggle.

"Excuse me," Someone said. I turned around a found myself staring at the beautiful Snow White. "Sorry for intruding but I was just going to say you and your daughter look exactly alike."

"Oh it's no trouble," I smiled my Caffrey smile, "but she's not my daughter."

"No?" She looked confused and yet still beautiful.

"Neal's my uncle!" Lena piped in. "I just moved here!"

"How wonderful!" Snow White laughed. "So your name is Neal?"

"Neal Caffrey," I said kindly, "Pleasure to meet you."

"What's your name sweetie?"

"Lena! What's yours? You look like a princess! Like-like Snow White! Are you Snow White? Cus that would be so cool! I never met a princess before! Neal this is amazing! Can you marry her? That way you would be a prince! And then I could be a princess too! I want to be a princess Neal! I know you like her! You were staring at her for the past five minutes!"

"Snow White, huh?" The beauty laughed gorgeously. "The name is actually Olivia Morrill. Nice to meet you Neal Caffrey and you too Lena."

"Would you like to walk with us?" I offered.

"I would love to but unfortunately I am needed elsewhere." She looked actually sorry, which was a nice touch. "But here's my number so you can call me sometime."

"Sounds like a plan," I laughed and stared into her exotic eyes. I don't know how much time had passed but finally Lena poked me in the leg making me break eye contact.

"See you around Neal. Nice meeting you Lena." And then she walked away leaving me stunned.

"You like her! You so like her!" Lena squealed.

"Oh sssh!" I picked her up and threw her over my shoulder making her scream for me to put her down.

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