Author Notes:

This is my first Fanfic. I hope that everyone enjoys.

Just a couple of notes:

1) I do not own any parts of the Yu-Gi-Oh! series, including any cards or characters. This is for nonprofit entertainment only.

2) Brackets = the current setting

3) Italics = thoughts

4) I like to mix Enlgish/Japanese terms (GX and 5Ds are terms/character names are normally English dubs while Zexal terms/character names are from the Japanese translations)

5) Enjoy, everyone!

Setting/Plot Setup: Mainly Heartland, some traveling through the space-time dimension

This takes place following the Bonds Beyond Time movie plot. Yusei and Jaden are left in Yugi's timeline after Paradox's defeat. All that's left to do is to go home to their respective times. With a little help from the Crimson Dragon, the time-space rift opens to help the two heroes home. Unknown to them, they're going to have to make a sudden side trip into the world of Zexal.

[Inside the Space-time dimension]

With Paradox defeated, Yusei was looking forward to returning to New Domino and his friends. Despite all the three had accomplished, he wasn't going to be satisfied until he saw the intact buildings and the future's ash-less sky for himself.

"Yusei!" A voice snapped Yusei out of his daydream. "Yusei! Is your duel runner supposed to be making that noise?"

"What noise?" answered Yusei. No sooner had he said it then his runner gave a quick jerk and a small wisp of smoke escaped from an area near the front tire. Not good!

As if feeling its human passengers panic, the Crimson Dragon shifted the space-time pathway; opening a path ahead of the cycle to a brightly lit exit. It was another bumpy exit as the runner exited the rift, only this time, it was to a dimension neither duelist was familiar with.

[Heartland City Docks]

Yusie's brilliant steering had brought the two and the runner to a safe halt on a pier-like area outside of the space-time rift. He immediately got down to inspecting the mechanics of his runner. Jaden was left to his own devices. However, the slightly motion-sick adolescent chose to lay on a grassy incline just a couple feet away.

"Damm it!" cursed Yusei. He needed to replace a piece of the suspension shaft. It must have been the one area of his cycle that was hit the hardest from being tossed out of the time rifts.

"I hope that means you know what's wrong but the solution is just going to take some time." Jaden added from his grassy patch.

The black-haired duelist stood up from his runner and grabbed his coat from the seat. It was time to find the parts to fix his ride. With there being expansive dock around them, Yusei assumed that there must be a huge supporting city near by. Where there was a city, there were shops and perhaps a mechanics shop that would have just what he needed. He turned to his Slifer-red passenger.

"I have to go find parts to fix my runner," Yusei explained. "You can come with me or guard my bike. What's your pick? Either way, finding replacement parts is the fastest way home."

As if waiting for those words, his brown-haired time-hopping partner jumped up from his spot, nearly loosing his footing in his excitement. "You bet I'm going! But shouldn't we hide your bike first?" The other duelist nodded and then the two moved the runner behind some dusty crate containers. Afterwards, the two aimed for a stairway further down the pier.

Nothing could compare to the city they were met with at the top of the stairs. The whole site was like a futuristic and shining scene out of a movie. To Yusei, it looked like a scientist's dream city. To Jaden, it just looked like a ton of fun waiting to happen.

"I'd be surprised if you couldn't find parts to make a hundred new bikes in a place like this!" added Jaden cheerfully. Yusei nodded and the two walked toward Heartland.