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In which twelve year-old Albus promises Rose everything she'll need to live happily ever after: lots of books, a place to keep said books dry and someone intelligent to discuss them with.

I'd Have You

Twelve year-old Albus Potter sat at a table in a secluded corner of the extensive Hogwarts Library, absent-mindedly flicking through a book as his favourite cousin and best friend Rose Weasley sat opposite ranting.

Now some people might try to comfort their best friend in some way if they were this upset, but Albus had learned at a young age that it was best to let Rose 'let it out of her system' before offering comfort. So he sat absent-mindedly flicking through a book and thinking.

Half-listening to Rose he found himself a little disappointed; like most boys at Hogwarts he had occasionally wondered what went on in the girls dormitories. His imagination quite liked the exciting possibly of pillow fights and lacy underwear that James and Freddy proffered. But now, he simply imagined an annoyed Rose flinging her roommates' dirty clothes back at them as they screeched at her. No good-natured pillow fights, no lacy underwear or even lacy nightwear. Not exactly fun or exciting.

Rose growled, pounding her fists against the table in frustration. She looked at Albus and sighed. "Have you even been listening to me?"

"What?" he sad shutting the book quickly and smiling wryly at her. "Of course I have" he lied.

She bit her lip, fighting back tears, "No, you haven't."

"No, I haven't." he admitted, looking a bit shamefaced.

She gulped. "Well, at least you're nice enough to sit here with me, even Molly tells me to shut up."

He shrugged.

"They said that... that..." she broke off unable to continue.

He smiled at her encouragingly and waved for her to continue.

She gulped again. "That no good, decent, hard working, reliable bloke will ever have me and I'll grow up to be a miserable ugly old spinster!"

"Don't be silly, I'd have you and you're not ugly."

Rose's eyes lit up. "Albus, if when we getting old, like say twenty-five, and nobody wants me, and you haven't married yet, will you marry me? That way, I won't lonely, and you won't be lonely either. We can move into Grimmauld Place, have lots of books and live happily ever after."

"Of course I'll marry you," Albus answered wrinkled his nose "All the other girls are annoying, who'd want to marry them?"



"Really promise?"

"Really promise."

"Cross your heart and hope to die?"

With a determined look Albus held out his wand arm and with a equally determined look Rose clasped it with hers. "Cross my heart and hope to die, stick a wand in my eye." he swore.

Rose beamed.

Albus beamed back.