Chapter 1: Finding

A scratching noise was coming from the window. Jo-Jo looked up from watching Top Gear on TV, only to see Sammy in her werewolf form, tapping her paw against the glass and whining in her throat. Jo-Jo rolled her eyes.

"You forgot your key again, didn't you?"

Sammy whined in her throat again, and scratched on the window. Jo-Jo sighed and got up to open the window and let Sammy in. Once she was in, Sammy rolled around on the soft carpet, Jo-Jo rolled her eyes again.

The three of them have been living in this house for a few weeks now, for some reason they all wanted a break from their life in Halloween town, like a holiday from a holiday. Lord knows why they would choose Japan as a-get-away. It was a three bed room house, two bathrooms, a kitchen and a front room. It was big enough for the three monsters, and they found it refreshing to live with humans again, of course last night was Halloween so they didn't have to worry about hidden their real forms, but now that time of year had pasted they wore magic necklaces which give them human forms. Alice's necklace was a key (because she missed her old one), Jo-Jo's was a bat, and Sammy's was a crescent moon.

They always wore their necklaces when they out in public, but in the comfort of their own home they stayed in their real forms.

"You wanna cup of tea?" Jo-Jo asked after Sammy had went round in circles to curl up.

"Sure, thanks." Sammy said scratching behind her ear.

The kitchen was right next to the front room, so the Vampire and Werewolf could talk freely to each other, without having to yell at one another.

"So, how's Alice?" Sammy asked, the werewolf didn't go home last night and stayed out until just then, well it was a full moon after all.

"She was a little shaken up, but she calmed down after..."

"After what?"

"... After I -mumble mumble-"

"Sorry, what?"

"I said, I -mumble"



"Jo-Jo just f*cking tell me!"

"Ok, ok, jezz. I gave her my Johnny Depp T-shirt," Jo-Jo said, putting Sammy cup on the coffee table and sat back of the sofa, with the TV paused. Sammy jaw groped.

"Which one?"

"The one where he plays the Mad-Hatter."

"What? I've been asking for years to borrow that shirt!"

Jo-Jo shrugged, "I don't know what to tell yah," the vampire had a slip of her tea and decided it was too hot at the moment. "She fell asleep around one-ish, and I've been watching TV since."

Sammy looked up at the lock on the wall it was now seven in the morning! "You've been up all-night?"

Jo-Jo nodded sleepily.


"Hah, I d'know, can't sleep."

There was a silence between them, maybe what happen last night in the alleyway had took its toll on both of them.

"So, where did you go last night?" Jo-Jo asked.

"Just went for a walk around, cased some cars, squirrels, howled at the moon; y'know the usual."

They both laughed a little, then became focused on the TV; Top Gear.

"So," Sammy said, smirking, "What are those idiots up to this time?"

Jo-Jo chuckled, "James May and Richard Hammond are playing conkers with caravans."

She pressed play, and the two watched the other two idiots make complete asses of themselves.

Hours pasted and they had ran out of milk, so Jo-Jo went to the corner shop to get some, and other stuff that they needed, while Sammy stayed to make sure Alice was ok.

"See yah in a minute ok, Sammy?" Jo-Jo, called from the front door, with her bat necklace on.

"Don't forget the food!" She resorted.

Then Sammy heard the door close and Jo-Jo's footsteps heading down the road, she sighed and got up to go to her room. She opened the door and fell on her bed, lucky she had changed from a full-werewolf to her almost human form, so the bed didn't give way.

The tire girl was about to drift off when something caught her eye. At first she frowned in confusion, before she picked up a book that was just lying under her bed. It was black and paper back, but what was really interesting was the title, smack bang in the middle of the cover said "Death Note".

Sammy raised an eyebrow and opened the book to read the first page...

To Be Continued...