Our story begins in the town of craftonia of a tree in the nether said to grow one gold apple every two-hundred years!
The gold apple grants power to the one who eats it and can even heal the sick!

"200 years..." I said while i thought about the words the merchant spoke a short while ago at the town shop. "If I'm going to pursue this apple I will need gear..."
on my way to the town blacksmith i spotted my friend Iann. Iann was usally looking for some thing to do. (A/N Iann and my other friend Chas are both real people "helping" me with this story) I wondered if he would call a quest something to do?

LATE DISCLAIMER this is my first fanfic but this will not be my last...(i'm thinking about an OC for assassins creed 1) please go easy on me with reveiws (they are appreciated)
also we (me and my friends) are set for what we want to do in this story (however i might take a few suggestions...) so thanks for reading and i'll try to keep you posted!