In the corner of Du Weldenvarden was once a large oak which held an elf so strange, her fellow elves disregarded her out of shame. Aurelia refused to fight no matter the affair, furthermore did she rejected keep to the strict vegetarian rules as she was particular to the warm juicy texture of a medium-rare steak. In addition, and this must be the worst offence for the elves, her attitude and dress sense was completely the opposite of an average elf's.

It made sense that when she suddenly disappeared, no one noticed and, furthermore, nobody reacted. In the early hours of a darkened winter morning, Aurelia's Oak was violated by none other than the illustrious Morzan, right-hand man of the rebelling Galbatorix. Upon final concern, the elves examined her Oak to find her stain-glass windows shattered, her workbench demolished and her treasured belongings destroyed without a second thought. For a few months they searched but their attempts were fruitless as they found countless reasons why they preferred her absence.

And so, Aurelia daughter of Venetia, was lost to the world for many-a-decade.