"And do you?" Murtagh croaked, his throat dry

Jinxx smiled and rose to her tiptoes, arms sliding around his neck, their wonderful waltz melting into memory like mist. His breath fanned over her lips making them quiver. They stood like statues, Murtagh staring at her lips, Jinxx searching for the courage to finish what she started. It turns out, she didn't; so he shifted his weight to his other foot and leant down to close the gap between them.

His cracked lips crashed against her plump ones.

The floor lurched from beneath him and he woke with a gasp.

Wake up sleepy-head. This is patrol not bed time. Thorn grumbled, gliding along the horizon with his own eyes drooping.

"Sorry." Murtagh mumbled, "Has Jinxx said anything to you?"


"Nothing. It doesn't matter."

Jinxx and I talk about many thing Murtagh, you are often the subject.

"What?" He leapt up in his saddle and glared down at his dragon, "What do you say about me?" He demanded, furiously brandishing his fists.

Thorn bumped his back and Murtagh tumbled back into his saddle. He continued as if nothing had been said, We talk about the sunset and the sunrise, about the blue one and her strange humelfder.

Murtagh chuckled, in a fit of rage he had roared that Eragon had become a powerful humelfder in Galbatorix's face because he wasn't sure if Eragon was still human or had turned elf. In fact, he had called Eragon many things like Elericson when he had consumed far too much alcohol and couldn't remember who he was insulting or, on occasion, admiring.

While you slept yesterday we entertained each other down by the medical unit by playing delightful games of 'I found on a beach'… He snorted, a small curl of smoke rising from a nostril, You should have heard the things she found on a beach; a lellow pencut and a pintacheeto.

"What are you on about Thorn?"

I went to the beach and found a purple lily.

"When did you go to the beach?"

Ahh, then she said a pillow. I went to the beach and found a purple lilly and a pillow…


I went to the beach and found a purple lily, a pillow and a parakeet.


I went to the beach and found a purple lily, a pillow, a parakeet and an old boot.


"I expect you went to the beach and found a purple lily, a pillow, a parakeet, an old boot, a sock, a pebble, a wand, an overcoat, a lump of mouldy bread, a pair of broken glasses, a mask, a daisy, a prancing pony, a kitten, a rotten apple, a note of apology, a pile of papers, a boat, a sailor hat, a moth-eaten towel, a wish bone, a dozen chrysanthemums and a silver dove, too?" Murtagh snapped as he stomped into his room.

"I also found a gilded cage." Jinxx trilled sweetly, her face rising up to the sound of his voice. "Thorn said it was a very pretty beach, with seashells and seaweed scattered everywhere like a work of art. Have you been?"

"No but I found out what you found there!" He sunk into the luxurious arm-chair beside him and kicked off his shoes with a sigh.

She twisted in her seat and fixed her pale eyes on the painting behind him, "How beautiful is the sunrise?"

Inspiring. Thorn rumbled, his great yellow eye appearing in the window. We could show you? He offered kindly.

"Perhaps you could show me the beach again later?"

How, exactly do we show her the sunrise? Murtagh snapped irritably to his dragon, after three hours of 'I went to the beach and found…', he was ready to kill someone.

Memories. We'll find the perfect sunrise and show her it by memory.

I've never taken you to a beach.

Some things take imagination; not that you would have any, you're as artistically talented as Galbatorix's bald patch.

Murtagh snorted and rested a hand on Jinxx's knee, "I would love to show you the best sunrise Jinxx but the best sunrise can only be seen by your own eyes, but as it's raining and I am as artistically talented as the last king's bald patch, I'm afraid I can't." He smirked at Thorn then was shocked by Jinxx sliding from her chair and perching on his lap.


He sighed then his gaze dropped to her soft plump lips. "I'll show you the sunrise." A smile teased at his lips, "When you tell me what you found at the beach…"