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Bold: Words like on a screen and stuff.

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HERE WE GO! The amulet of Aphrodite: trailer…


Life is finally shifted back to its normal place for the Gates…

Rose doing her homework on her bed and Riley walks in.

Riley: How's it going?

Rose: Actually…kind of alright.

But one mistake can make every situation worse.

Rose and Riley are making out a lone in her bedroom; its dark their breathing is heavy.

Riley: Come on…

Rose sighing still kissing him: O-okay.

Rose sitting/hiding in her bathroom looking horrified, beginning to cry.

Threats will be passed

Ben in his study with Riley looking furiously, at Riley.

"I can't believe you!" Ben growls. "If anything happens to her, I'll kill you."

Lives will be risked

BLACK but you hear Rose's scream.

Riley: "Leave her alone!"


Ben stands in his kitchen with Abigail

Ben: Abigail he won't leave us a lone.

Abigail: We have to protect her.

Rose and Riley are kissing in the pool

Rose: I

more kissing

Rose: Love you.

Rose screaming in her bed.

Rose: Please! Get off of me, please!

Ben and Abigail wait outside her bedroom looking sadly at the door where the screams are coming from.

Abigail: Ben, you and Riley can't keep this up. We have to do something.

Ben: I'm trying. I really am, she just can't help but think about it.

Enemies will return

Ben talking on the phone at the bottom of the stairs.

Ben: What do you want?

Ian: The amulet...you'll be giving it right to me.

Rose and Riley outside the kitchen.

Rose: Riley, I'm scared what if-

Riley cuts her off by kissing her. They break apart faces barely inches away from each other.

Riley: I know you're scared. But we'll make it through I promise.

Promises will be broken.

Abigail, Ben, Riley, and Rose tied up in their kitchen Ian standing in front of Rose lifting her chin up.

Ian: Rose. Finally come around, have we?

Rose: Go to Hell.

Ian slaps Rose.

Ben: Don't touch her!

Shows various cut pictures of Rose passed out, Riley looking worried, Ian with a gun (A/N: of course…haha), two hands being held, Ben looking kind of dirty, telling riley something, Abigail kissing Ben, Rose screaming for Ben.



Rose, gasps: It's coming.


National Treasure: The Amulet of Aphrodite

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