A/n: Ok...now this story was only on half hiatus because I had everything in my head-and I still do but...I don't think Rose is right for this story. A few weeks ago I was thinking...Rose isn't really this type of girl...sure she's kind of got her ignorance, and such qualities to her but she's not really this kind of person. Right now I want to take this O/C into another direction where she has a sweet life with Riley. I might possibly write a story with her for page 47 but...I don't really know about that right now...for now I was hoping to focus on Rose and Riley's life together when Rose isn't living with Ben anymore and stuff like that fluffy stuff! I don't really know what I think I might actually write up that's a serious story for pg 47 or continuing on this story it's just...I've been so caught up in all the fluff I kept taking away the seriousness. Anyways that's my little note to you guys. And if you're an author on the site and you have any tips or advice for me on sorting this thing out please PM me about it I'd love any type of help!

Also be watching I have a twilight story coming out probably this fall or winter depending on where I'm at with Rose and Riley. I'm thinking with it being summer I should be done with most of that by then but no one knows for sure! Thanks for your support!


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