Ok now I know that I should be working on my other story but I am suffering with writers block in that fandom and recently I have been hooked on BBC's 'Sherlock'. Therefore I am going to attempt to get out of this writing funk by trying something entirely different! This story is going to be based around an OC and the chapters are going to be short (possibly all drabbles like this one) and hopefully quite regular. So without further ado here it is!

New Tenants

Sherlock Holmes sat at the window and watched as the employees from the moving company hefted a soft brown leather sofa up the front steps of 221B Baker Street. There had been people coming and going for the last two weeks as things arrived and the basement and fourth floor flats were redecorated and refurnished with the new tenants' old possessions. Sherlock frowned at the racket being made as the workmen attempted to manoeuvre a piano down the narrow stairs to the basement.

The detective had no doubt that these tenants would be dull. Ordinary people were always so boring.

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