Chapter 4

By: MysticFantasy



Evelyn walked toward the stairs when something caught her attention in the living room. Bobby was still wide awake on the couch watching a movie.

"Bobby? Why are you still up?" she asked.

"Gonna stand guard to make sure something like last time doesn't happen." He answered looking up at his mother.

"You're going to stay up all night just to make sure Jackie doesn't slip out of the house?" she asked a little suprised

"We didn't watch him last time and that was during the day." Bobby answered with a faint smirk. "He ain't gonna get past me if he does sleepwalk."

"Well...Alright. If you sleep in tomorrow just make sure that Jerry and Angel keep an eye on Jack." Evelyn said.

"I will. Night Ma." Bobby said.

"Good night Bobby." Evelyn said as she walked upstairs.

"I make sure the fairy stays inside and I get the tv all to myself." Bobby mused relaxing against the soft cushions. He turned the volume up slightly to where he could hear but not enough to where he would keep anyone awake even though there were a slim chance of waking Jack.

He watched with full attention as a horror movie played. His mind flashed back to the first horror movie they'd watched with Jack when he'd still been new in the house. They'd made progress with him though he was still a little skittish.

Bobby had let him sit with them while they watched The Blair Witch Project. Jack had been alright through the first half of the movie but when the night shots of the teens running scared in the woods and finally finding the house came around Jack started to get scared and held onto Bobby for comfort and protection.

Needless to say, Jack had cautiously asked to stay with Bobby that night which Bobby agreed to since he felt the connection was being made and didn't want to turn the chance down.

Somehow Jack slept peacefully the whole night and Bobby had taken it as a sign that Jack felt safe around him. Something he was proud of to this day but never got Jack to openly admit it.

Nearly forty minutes into the movie Bobby realized he was starting to fall asleep. He shook his head and forced himself up from the comfy couch and into the kitchen where he looked into the fridge for something to wake him up.

He knew that coffee was the only thing that would keep him up for the rest of the night but he didn't want to drink a whole pot by himself. Plus his mother wasn't very fond of the idea of someone as young as him drinking coffee when he didn't need it.

Picking up a heavily frosted piece of chocolate cake, Bobby popped it in his mouth and hoped that a little bit of sugar would do the trick.

While chewing the cake, Bobby suddenly heard a noise from upstairs. After a few moments of silence, he shrugged it off and grabbed a soda before heading back to the couch. Popping open the can, Bobby took a long drink before setting it down on the coffee table.

He watched the movie for a few more minutes until he heard the noise repeat itself. This time it was clearer and coming from upstairs.

Instantly fully awake, Bobby quickly got up and hurried upstairs and straight to Jack's bedroom. The door was cracked open and the bed was empty.

Worry and panic instantly filled Bobby as he started looking around the room for his youngest brother. Not finding him in the room, Bobby checked the rest of the second floor without waking anyone and found no trace of Jack when he heard a creak come from downstairs.

"Fairy. Light on his feet." Bobby huffed under his breath as he rushed downstairs. He checked the living room, the dinning room and the kitchen.

When he didn't see a sign of his brother, worry and fear increased inside the Detroit raised man. He checked the back door, it was securily locked.

Rushing to the front door, Bobby found it was locked as well. He was about to double check the house when he spotted something in the living room.

A huge sigh of relief escaped Bobby when he saw that Jack had taken his spot on the couch. The youngest Mercer brother laid sprawled across the sofa with light snores emitting from his thin frame.

"Why couldn't I have been an only child?" Bobby whispered to himself as he grabbed a blanket from the hallway closet and covered his brother with it.

After making sure his brother was comfortable, Bobby sat in the armchair and lowered the volume on the tv to make sure that he didn't disturb Jack.