Green and blue.
That's what Hinata saw when she first stepped off the transport.
Fields of rolling green grasses. And an endless span of water stretching beyond what the eye could see. Clouds dotted the sky serenely as Hinata and Sakura stared at the scenery in awe.
It was so heavenly here!
"Quit daydreaming, let's get moving," said Tsunade sharply, startling the girls. They wheeled around to see the woman already walking away towards a tall building. Anakin disembarked from the transport and tilted his head towards where Tsunade had gone.
"Let's go," he said. "When you're older you can come visit here to admire the scenery," he continued, "But you are Jedi on a mission. You mustn't stray."
The girls silently followed him into the building.
The outside had seemed simple and shaped like an egg, but inside was another story. A quaint little fountain stood in the center of a tiled floor, the encircling walls ornately decorated with curlicue designs, and tapestries and artwork hung.
It reminded Hinata a little too much of her home on Destenius.
She felt Sakura shiver next to her.
So I'm not the only one, she thought. Something is strange here...
"Ah, the Jedi!" said a voice. A woman came barreling down the spiral staircase built along the walls. "So good of you to come!"
"Yes," said Tsunade monotonously. "Have the Ambassadors arrived?"
Hinata's mind began to whirl. Politics? she wondered fearfully. But I'm no good with politics!
Sakura nudged her urgently.
"Hmm?" acknowledged Hinata, turning quizzically to Sakura.
The pinkette looked down at her feet and shifted position.
Hinata looked down.
Sakura's feet were both facing the fountain.
Hinata scrutinized the fountain.
And then she saw it.
A little yellow glint every few seconds. It was inside the water, but a bit more observation showed that the faint glow around it was really a bubble protection.
An explosive was ticking away the time.
Hinata looked up to Sakura and saw fear reflected back at her.
Well, at least she wasn't the only one scared.
Hinata took a deep breath and moved to interrupt the conversation between the woman and their Masters when Sakura grabbed her arm and shook her head.
Hinata saw a determined look in Sakura's eyes now.
The pinkette took a deep breath herself.
And then threw her suddenly unsheathed lightsaber into the water.
Flashes and sparks flew as the girls threw themselves to the ground.
"What the HELL did you do?" yelled the woman from somewhere else in the room as smoke wafted about. Hinata could smell something charred and heard the crackle of a dying fire.
"There was a bomb in your fountain," said Tsunade somewhat breathlessly. Hinata looked up to see her and Sakura's Masters standing with their lightsabers drawn and pointed at the woman, who was clearly scared for her life. "Tell us who planted it."
"I-I don't kno-kno-kno-know!" she cried. Anakin walked over to the fountain to examine the bomb remnants while Tsunade continued the interrogation.
"Well, did it occur to you that the Ambassadors were in danger?" she said. "The Senate will not be pleased with this. Now who were your last guests?"
The woman began to weep bitterly. "Th-they were cloaked, I couldn't see their faces! Th-Th-they paid lots, and went b-by Susenoo and Omasubi..."
"All right," said Tsunade. She nodded to Anakin and turned to the girls, pointing her lightsaber accusingly at them. "What're you doing on the ground, idiots?"
Sakura and Hinata scrambled to their feet.
"Your lightsaber's down," called Anakin from the fountain, tossing the remaining crisped hilt to Sakura, who caught it gingerly. "I've got an extra on the transport."
"I've got one for her, Anakin," said Tsunade, waving away his offer. "Now, you'll need to go talk to the Jedi Council." Tsunade looked at the woman with a most serious expression. "If what you say is true, you have nothing to fear. Do you have any extra available transports?"
The woman nodded faintly, and lead the way outside again to a smaller building, leaving the smoking, burning fountain behind to dim and die away.
"Anakin, you and your Padawan will take her back to the Council," said Tsunade. "Take Sakura as well," she added, glancing at her pupil.
"B-but Tsuna-" began Sakura. Tsunade held up her hand, effectively stopping the girl from talking.
"You would do well to obey your seniors," advised Tsunade. "Where I'm going to go is no place for a new Padawan. This mission was supposed to be a diplomatic one, but with the Ambassadors missing and the other visitors... There are too many unanswered questions right now, and I fear the worst."
Sakura nodded slowly, upset but submitting to her fate.
Anakin stepped up to Tsunade.
"Judging from the parts that were still partially whole," he said, "I'd have to say you should start at Tatooine. I once saw parts like them there, and haven't seen them anywhere else since." He glanced at the woman shaking behind them. "We'll keep an eye on her," he added.
Tsunade nodded.
"Very well," she said. "Report to Master Luke, regardless of the time or your conditions upon arrival, the moment you arrive."
And with that, they parted ways.