good deed

Note: I have no idea where this idea came from. Just enjoy!

Sugar took a deep breath and approached the blond who was standing at her locker. "Brittany?" she said, and the girl turned to her. "Can I talk to you in private? It's really important."

Brittany nodded. "Sure."

The two girls ducked into an empty classroom, and Brittany looked at Sugar expectantly. "This is going to sound crazy," Sugar said with a laugh, "but I knew that... that Santana would never believe me." Brittany's face fell a little at the mention of the other girl's name, but Sugar plowed on. "Brittany, I'm your daughter from the future. Yours and Santana's."

Brittany's eyes lit up. "You are?" she asked, and Sugar nodded eagerly.

"I know this was the year you started building your time machine," she continued. "Well, you finally got it to work. I was messing around with it when I ended up here, but I'm afraid that this mess with you and Mama is my fault." She took a deep breath. "I messed some things up here in the past, and I just need to make sure that my parents still end up together." She looked at Brittany, tilting her head slightly and smiling softly. "You're upset, I know, but Mama loves you so much. You must know that."

Brittany nodded slowly, listening intently to Sugar's words. "I do," she said. "I love her too. I know she didn't mean all those things she said..."

"So you'll go talk to her?"

Brittany nodded again. "Anything for my super attractive daughter," she said brightly, taking the other girl in her arms quickly. "I always knew we'd have really pretty babies." She turned toward the door.

"Oh and mom?" Sugar called after her, and Brittany turned back. "Make sure nobodyknows about this. Even Mama. I don't want to disrupt the past any more than I already have."

Brittany nodded. "Of course!" she said. "You're just in the Glee Club with us." She gave her a very obvious wink and disappeared out the door. After a few moments, Sugar left as well.

"So?" Sugar looked to Kurt, who was suddenly walking beside her, his hands on the strap of his bag. "How did it go?"

"Great," Sugar said with a slight shrug. "She believed everything." She smiled, then sighed. "I can't help but feel a little bad for tricking her like that, though..."

Kurt shook his head. "Don't worry about that," he told her simply. "They would have made up eventually, this is just going to help things along a little bit."

"True," she conceded. "It was a good idea."

"Thank you," Kurt responded, beaming. "And thanks for helping."

"Uh-huh," Sugar said absently. She paused, stopping at her locker. She tilted her head and looked at Kurt curiously. "So do you think if they do have a daughter, they're going to name her after me?" Kurt rolled his eyes and kept walking. "I just thought it would be pretty cool!" she yelled after him.

She smiled as she dialed her locker combination. She was pleased with her good deed.