To Be With You

This is my very first fan fic so go easy on me! This story has been in my head for a while now and I just had to get it out so I hope you enjoy! Anyway I had changed the ages so this could make more sense, and the original characters are not exactly in character so sorry. The ages are assuming that Ash was 10 when he started his journey, 13 when he went to Hoenn, and 16 when he went to Sinnou:

Brock: 25

Tracy: 25

Ash: 18

Misty: 18

Dawn: 13

May: 15

Chapter 1: The Beginning of the End

Ash had just won first place in the Fire Tournament in Unova. Dawn had just won her first grand festival. Both were celebrating their victories along with Brock, Pikachu, and all their other pokemon at the pokemon center.

"I'm so glad you decided to join us here, Dawn. It's been so long since we've seen you." Brock said.

"It's only been two years, Brock, and I just figured since the grand festival was so close to where you guys were I wanted to come see you!" said Dawn. "Hey where is the champion anyway! He's usually always around food," she had to giggle at this.

Brock sighed. "Talking with Misty. I swear it's so hard to separate those two once they get to talking. It could go on for hours."

"Really? They're that close?"

"They've been friends for eight years now. Know each other inside and out."

"So are they a couple?"

"Nah, I don't think so. But I should at least try to break them up; Ash hasn't even eaten since this morning."

Ash had been talking to Misty for about two hours, still excited from his third win at a major tournament.

"Ash! You forget I watched the whole match on tv!" Misty, slightly irritated at Ash's bigheadedness, couldn't help but laugh. He had been unusually stressed out during this entire tournament, and had a feeling he wasn't telling her the real reason. But she knew better than to try and force it out of him, eventually he'd tell his problems.

"I know I know I just couldn't help it! We're both doing so well I just can't help but become excited, aren't you Pikachu?" Pikachu laughed. He also noticed Ash's tension, but unlike Misty, knew the real reason.

Misty was doing just as well as Ash in her gym battles. After being gym leader for five years, Misty had finally come into her own, and in the past few weeks hasn't lost a match.

"My sisters are completely jealous; you don't know how great that feels!" Misty was completely elated.

"Hey don't look now I think your head is getting bigger than your body…" Ash and Pikachu laughed.

"Ha ha. You think you know everything do you, Mr. Pokemon Master?" Misty smiled.

"I don't think I know!" Ash smiled triumphantly.

"Well I certainly hate to break this up, but Ash you must be starving." Brock had entered.

"Wow Brock you really have bad timing. Besides I'm not even hungry." Ash's stomach had a different opinion. "Heh heh, well I guess I really am hungry." Misty sighed. "Ash…" she really showed concern now; it wasn't like Ash to miss food. "I know hey Brock can you give us a minute, please, I gotta tell Misty one last thing." Brock knew this routine. "Fine but only five okay?" Ash waved his hand in agreement.

"Ash what is going on? I know there's something you're not telling me…" Misty was head first into one of her rants. "Oh Misty don't worry I'll tell you everything later okay, cause after I see my mom I'm going to see my favorite gym leader." Ash began to laugh.

"Who me?" Misty asked innocently.

"No way I meant Sabrina! Anyway I'll talk to you tomorrow k?" Ash continued to laugh as Misty rolled her eyes, and hung up.

"Whew that was hard. I haven't kept a secret from Misty in a while, but I sure didn't want her to worry." Pikachu sighed. "Don't worry the competitions over now I'm sure it'll all be fine, no problem." Ash nodded his head to give himself confidence but Pikachu still felt uneasy.

The next day Ash had to say goodbye to Dawn. "I hate to see you go Dawn but I'm sure Kenny's waiting for you..." Ash laughed. "Ash for the last time… oh screw it, anyway where's Brock?" They both looked around for what seemed like the 50th time. "Aah you know how he is, probably getting turned down by some girl." They both laughed. "Pika!" They turned in the direction Pikachu was pointing to see Brock run up the road. "See what I'd tell you Dawn? Same as always."

"Sorry guys I was—"

"Did you at least get her number Brock?" Deep inside Ash felt sorry for him, but for the most part he wanted to laugh.

"Well actually we're going out for dinner." Brock was excited obviously. Ash held back his shocked look, unlike Dawn. "Brock we're supposed to be leaving today—I haven't seen my mom in a year!"

"Sorry my friend but this is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and the girl's really cute, can't you just go on without me?" Brock had the look of utter desperation. Ash sighed. Man this girl must of really felt sorry for him, either that or she's just as crazy. Ash thought. "Fine fine, me and Pikachu will go, I guess we'll see you in a few days." Everyone laughed as Brock said his thanks and went skipping away.

"Well Ash I guess this is it. This road leads me back and that road takes you to the boat right?" Dawn and Ash came to a fork in the road.

"Yeah" Ash sighed. He was getting apprehensive about being alone for some reason. Something didn't feel right. "Oh Ash don't worry well see each other again real soon I promise." Dawn's comfort helped a little. He didn't tell her about what the trouble really was, only Brock knew.

"Yeah I really hope so. Take care Dawn." And with that Ash and Pikachu were alone once again.

"It doesn't seem like five years since then as it, Pikachu?" Pikachu yawned on top of Ash's bookbag. Ash laughed. "And it definitely doesn't feel like eight years since our journey first began, so much as happened, I enjoyed every moment. I almost wish such good things didn't have to end." Pikachu hopped off and looked as Ash. "Pikapi…" (Ash…)

"Hey don't give me that look you look like Misty." Pikachu eyed him. "Hey don't worry that's not what I meant; it's just I was thinking of taking a three month break that's all, before we get back to training."

"Pika?" (Really?)

"Well yeah it's just all the others are tired and I know you are too, and so am I. I just wanted some good old R&R you know? It'll be nice to take a break." Pikachu felt a little more satisfied with his answer but still uneasy, however decided to let it go.

Ash and Pikachu had been walking for about 20 minutes when finally they saw the boat in the distance.

"Hey, there it is buddy!"

"Pika-chuu..." (Finally…)

"Hey since were so close let's run the rest of the way. Besides I think were kinda late." With that Ash and Pikachu began to run, and were so happy that they didn't notice the pit fall trap they fell into.

"WAAAAAA!" Damnit this better not be who I think it is… Then he heard the familiar laughter.

"Ha see I told you the old pit fall trap is still goin' strong!" James declared.

"You twos better be lucky I mentioned it cause that other plan stunk to high water!" said Meowth.

"Oh please everyone knows it was my plan to begin with, you two just took the credit as always." said Jessie.

"Enough of this endless bickering, let's get what we came to get and go." Cassidy entered, followed by Butch.

By the end of this speech Ash and Pikachu had crawled out of the hole. "Man I'm getting too old for this. Alright let's get this over with—Pikachu!" Pikachu cried out in determination and rushed toward the rockets. "A-ha ha ha ha, you just have no idea who you're messing with kid—go Gyarados!" Butch had called his pokemon and stood triumpfully. "Ha idiot do you have any idea what you just did? Everyone knows that water pokemon are weak against electric attacks!" Ash knew he had this in the bag. "Hmph that's what you think just watch this: Gyarados use Dragon Rage!" Butch's smile just grew ten times bigger.

Ash was now a little worried. He didn't know the full power of Dragon Rage on land. The sky had started to turn dark, and then a fierce wind. "Pikachu attack it before it attacks you, use Thunderbolt!" Ash yelled over the wind storm. Pikachu charged with full force but by time Thunderbolt was coming down, it was stopped with a pillar of water. This water had surrounded Gyaridos and was coming toward Pikachu like a twister. "Pika…" (Uh-Oh..) was all it could manage to say. "Run Pikachu this way!" Ash held his arms outstretched for Pikachu but the tornado of water was too fast for it. Ash started running towards Pikachu to catch it but it was all in vain. The Dragon Rage had engulfed Ash and Pikachu, and they were both spinning around inside with no end in sight. "Pi-ka-chu…" Ash tried to reach for it, but since Pikachu was so much lighter, it was too high and spinning too fast.

"Alright Gyaridos, let's turn 'em loose." Butch was confident in his victory. Ash and Pikachu exploded from the water and landed in different directions.

Ash had hit the ground hard, how he managed to stand up was a mystery. Pikachu landed right in the glass bowl Meowth had in his hands. "Look what I got! Hello Pikachu." Meowth gloated. "Good catch Meowth," said James. "Well what you know looks like you are good for something." Jessie retorted. Meowth only snorted in response. Pikachu tried to break free with Thunderbolt, but to no avail. "Ha ha ha, looks like you're stuck Pikachu! That glass is unbreakable by electric attacks!" Meowth laughed.

"Maybe electric attacks won't work, but I got something else that will!" Ash had his pokeball at the ready when Cassidy stopped him. "Not so fast, boy, I got something for you." She called her Dustox out along with her machine. "Meet my weapon the Sucker Master 6000. Unlike its crappy name this bad boy will destroy you from the inside!" She turned it on full blast and it began to suck Ash in. Poor Ash held on to a rock desperately, but his pokemon weren't as lucky. The pokeball in his hand, and his pokemon on his belt were getting sucked into the machine. He tried to catch them but he fell to the ground in agony.

"Pikapi pika!" (Ash no!)

"Give them back now!" Ash yelled.

"Like that's going to work idiot." Cassidy shot back. "Dustox, why don't we show him what happens next." Dustox shot forth straight at Ash. "Pikapi!" (Ash!) "Dustox use Poison Sting!" Dustox hit Ash with all its might at full force, but Ash wasn't backing down. "Pika-chu….." Ash kept saying Pikachu's name in an effort to get close to him, but it seemed like the more Ash moved forward the harder he got pushed back.

"Pikapi…." (Ash).

Pikachu would have tried to tell him to run away but he knew Ash wouldn't listen, and it was too late now anyway. All it could do was look in horror as Ash got closer and closer to the edge of a cliff. Down below was rocks and deep water. Ash held out his hand, he could see Pikachu crying, there was so much pain running through his body he couldn't run now if he tried. Cassidy was overjoyed with the taste of victory, nothing could stop her. "Go on ahead Dustox, push that brat over the edge and show him what Team Rocket is all about." Dustox continued Poison Sting, feeling just as cold as her master. Ash could feel himself slipping away.

No I can't—Pikachu—this can't happen. Please hold on. Don't fail on me body! Ash tried willing his entire body forward, but once he felt his feet leave the ground all he could do was scream. "Pika pika chuuuu!" Pikachu yelled for Ash not to die, and that was the last thing Ash heard before everything went dark and still around him.

I know Gyarados can't battle on land but just for this story I pretended it could—makes it more exciting. Anyways be sure to comment and let me know what you think!