The Better Summary:

Sora, Kairi and Riku are made to go to College. Now that they're all grown up, the balance of the worlds has been more or less restored and there isn't any more excessive darkness trying to nom away at aforementioned worlds. King Mickey has promised he can take care of things while they're away but for now, he wants the three to go back to school and get a decent education, learn about all the things they missed out on being the Keybearers. When they get to Anehmoo Academy they find that they aren't the only ones made to go on this wild ride of self-discovery. The entire Organization XIII has shown up as well, and they've hijacked a fraternity house so they're here to stay! Plus, there are plenty more familiar faces slinking about. Now they all have to deal with one another, on top of things like drugs, alcohol, love, sex both with protection and without, paying rent and bills, not to mention feeding themselves, and oh yeah! They Still Have To Get Good Grades And Graduate!


Hello everyone! It's CoD, returning to you from the deadzone known as real life! Yaaaay! Ummm, this is a real quick author's note for you all so that we can get on the same page because it's been a while since I've done this and I just want to babble at you so that you all understand some things. No, it's not really required but I HIGHLY ENCOURAGE ALL OF YOU TO BEAR WITH ME AND READ THROUGH THIS WHOLE NOTE SO YOU DON'T GET LOST!! Trust me, it could save you from a lot of headaches….

Anyways, first to any of my readers form way back in the day: HEEEEEY! I hope you're all doing alright and for those of you that write as well I hope you've been improving over the years that I've been away. I certainly hope I have. I apologize that this is NOT a DragonballZ (although, you may want to read the first chapter for some lulz) or Avatar the last Airbender or Fullmetal Alchemist fanfiction, as was my usual standard, but ONCE AGAIN I find myself branching off into a whole new fandom. *A whooole neew woooorld!*Ahem!* I really hope some of you can enjoy this. And I hope all of you can understand my moving spastically from fandom to fandom the way that I do. No, sadly, I REALLY don't see myself writing anymore of the DBZ, AtlA or FMA fics that I once so very much loved, but I'm going to try VERY HARD to keep this one alive because GOD DAMNIT, Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy have been like a mind eating disease in my head lately! And I have a lot of pent up writing frustrations that I fully intend to take out on these characters. To those of you intending to stick around for the ride where you knew me back in my Saiyan tormenting days, YOU KNOW the shit Sora and company are in for. Start sponsoring the newbies and make sure they understand where EXACTLY this is headed.

And hey, to all you new faces out there! Welcome! It's always lovely to see new faces! Such sweet innocence to violate and corrupt! NyaHa! Of course, who the fuck are we kidding? Just so all you new people who've never read my shit before know, I'm old. I'm like, ANCIENT by some of your standards. You know how you can tell? Because I'm going to start in with the "BACK IN MY DAY" stories. Yes. Yes, I am. BACK IN MY DAY, when I was just a wee little pup of 14 years old, learning the ropes of online fanfiction sharing and just starting to write for this here site, back in the days when I walked to school because we didn't have cars, Uphill, BOTH ways, little sister AND little brother ON MY BACK, with ALL our book bags, and they weighed 15 pounds EACH, BAREfoot, IN THE SNOW, during the HEATWAVE of 1797….YES. Back In THOSE DAYS, I remember things to be VEEEEERY different. First and foremost, NO ONE POSTED STORIES WITH SEXUAL CONTEXT ON FANFICTION(DOT)NET! YOU HAD TO GO TO ADULTFANFICTION(DOT)NET FOR THAT KIND OF SHIT! IF YOU TRIED IT, BAN HAMMER OF ALMIGHTY JUSTICE WOULD COME SLAMMING DOWN ON YOUR HEAD SO FAST YOUR ANCESTIORS FELT THE BLOW!

I still cannot really get over "suddenly" finding, rather descriptive I should add here, sexual stories on this site. I mean, I don't even see anybody attempting to censor it so that minors can't read it. Which, I know, you minors would just find a way around it and your parents should really be the ones monitoring what you're being exposed to anyway (and I will ALWAYS highly encourage ANY and ALL of you to stay in and write about sexual exploits rather than be out there on the street committing them, kudos to you smart children!), BUT DAMN. DAAAAAAAAMN. I miss the days when I had something to fear; when I felt like there were boundaries to push and see "how much" I could get away with. Part of the reason I'm writing a KH fanfic now is because it's kinda the only series that could possibly help me get over this whole "Wow, FF(dot)net has really gone to HELL as of late" issue that I'm having. On the one hand, Sora & CO are largely young minors in the games and therefore most of the fanfics and I don't really support gangbanging children. (YOU ARE ALL FIVE YEAR OLD CHILDREN UNTILL YOU TURN 18, DO NOT ARGUE WITH MY LOGIC!) On the other hand, let's face a very simple fact: I'm a giant pedobear for little anime boys at heart (real little boys tend to be dirty and gross). If I could just hug their cute little innocent faces to my chest for the rest of my/their lives, I could die happy and fulfilled. But since the laws in most states seem to frown heavily upon that kind of thing, here we are.

Now what does all this mean for you readers? Quite simply put, I'm an insane, old, crotchety lady set in her ways that's prone to fits of verbal violence and just won't die. The shining hope is that I'm hoping to break form some of that and go forth to explore uncharted territories (for me), possibly having fun and laughing manically the whole way! Hey, I said SOME. The insanity stays, alright? I write better when I feel like injecting crazy on otherwise-would be normal characters in a normal situation….

Alright, so, here are the footnotes you need to know pertaining to the actual story I have planned:

MOST IMPORTANTLY: I haven't FULLY played the Kingdom Hearts or Final Fantasy 7 games. YEP. I'M FLYING AROUND NEARLY COMPLETELY BLIND HERE. Not entirely as I DO have 3 betas going over this to make sure my shit lines up, but here's the thing: they aren't allowed to tell me anything about the games because I HATE SPOILERS! Mostly because I Just Keep Running Into Them! A secret little power I've always had is to just be able to sense certain things by just LOOKING at a picture of a character and maybe only being given their name. My HONEST TO GOD first reaction to Roxas, literally was, "Well, that's just lazy! The creators just took Sora's name, rearranged the letters and slapped an x in there to make it less obvious that that's what they did to get his name!" When I was going over how I was going to work having Terra, Aqua and Ventus in this story a long side Sora, Riku and Kairi, my beta starting yelling at me to "SHUT UP! YOU BASICALLY JUST TOLD YOURSELF THE ENDING TO BIRTH BY SLEEP! HOW DO YOU KNOW THAT SHIT?" So yeah, anything that just seems to make ironic sense in this fic? Go With It, cuz I had NO idea. The betas are my only guiding light. Sorta. _;;

On the note of the betas, two of them are allowing me to barrow original characters for this story. SO BE NICE. The only OC I "claim" for my own, is Mr. Poopoopants, and yes that is his name. You'll see why, eventually. Hopefully all you Zexion fans won't kill me dead. I'm just saying. Don't you worry though, there isn't TOO MUCH OCxSomeNonOC going on, so let's not get our panties all twisted up in bunches over this. I needed more teachers and I wanted some more students. SOME TIMES IT CAN IN FACT BE A GOOD THING TO WATCH YOUR BELOVED CHARACTERS INTERACT WITH OTHER BEINGS OUTSIDE OF THE SERIES THEY HAIL FROM. Most of the OCs are going to be side support anyways to help things move along. Such as in the case of Terra. Poor, poor Terra. I'm told I'm going to feel very, very, very bad for what I inflict upon him in this story once I start playing BbS. With a laugh I say, nay nay. Because let's face facts: I'm also a sadist at heart.

On that note, let's address that I have a dark side and it can be twisted. I know a lot of my other fanfics on here have been rather tame, but it's been four years since I posted on here and I'd like to think I've evolved. This is a heavy warning that SOME REALLY SERIOUS SHIT WILL HIT FANS! Both in the sense of the wind makers and probably your face as well. For that latter part, I apologize. But this is about four years of pent up fanfic frustrations coming to a head and I'm damn determined to pick up a sledge hammer and go to town seeing how much damage I can do. Why Kingdom Hearts? Because gameplay is apparently not a legitimate story telling method to me and having to go through the games, in which my masochism and stubbornness come out to play hardball, is really pissing me off even if I am damn determined to do so of my own accord. (Read that: I have started to play Kingdom Hearts 1, but being a non-gamer and stubborn bitch it's taking me a while to figure out the Alice In Wonderland level. Like a year and a half long while. [Update, December 30th: Got a friend helping me with the levels now. I'm up to Agrabah and it looks like I could have all these games completely played by the end of the year, which is good because it would SUCK if the world ended and I didn't get to play KH before everything officially went to hell.])

I have a pretty solid idea of what I'm going to make each of these beloved characters of yours wade through and I gotta be honest with all of you, some of it isn't going to be that pretty. This is not some fluffy fanfic of cuteness, where there's cuddles and kisses galore. It is not rated M solely for some graphic sex scenes. Humor, comedy and slapstick will not always be present. And I fully expect that every single one of you out there who read this will become enraged at some point in the timeline of this fanfic. Anyone who can sit and read through this calmly would be sheer awesomeness; in fact I practically challenge you to do so. Just so you understand, I'M WRITING THIS FOR ME. This has nothing to do with what any of you want. This is 100% all about what I just want to roll into one giant fanfic that spews forth all my personal fan-vendettas for ruining something that was already long ago fan-raped, further proving that die-hard fans can, and will, ruin everything you hold sacred. I'm gunna do what I'm gunna do and anyone who wants to hand me shit for doing it can kiss my ass. Or bite my shiny metal ass. Whichever.

Don't get me wrong now; there is fluffiness, and kisses, and sex, and humor. But I don't want to hear any bitching about what a bitch I am for what I "did to Ventus," or how "Xemnas wouldn't act like that," or why did I "put those characters in a relationship with one another! Oh gaaaawd!" The fanfic is titled DEAL WITH IT for a reason. For several thousand reasons. And if that wasn't enough for you, let me underline another point about this story.


Fanfiction is FICTIONAL works of literature written by a FAN of a particular series, or sometimes several. I'm going to take some creative liberties with shit. I'm going to explore my ideas for what should happen to these characters. I'm going to play around with what I hope are original concepts, because I feel like I see the same themes again and again in fanfiction. The basic conception for this fic was instilled the day my friend told me, "the reason why there aren't that many KH collage stories are because no one wants to read about Sora getting drunk for the first time," to which my only response was, "YES, I DO, I WANT TO READ ABOUT THIS!" And here we are. Since then I have found a couple of KH fanfics with a college backdrop, only two of which I've actually enjoyed and were worth reading (to me). Perhaps I have impossibly high standards. Perhaps I'm reaching a new level of fanfiction writing. In any event I'm hoping that, if nothing else, this work will at least get YOU thinking about how much effort you put into YOUR fanfictions and inspire you to raise the bar a bit. Because good fanfiction is the only kind of fanfiction I was to read and write.

Finally but most importantly, I don't own anything in this story. Except that one charater, buuuut, no one cares about him. Also, I don't get paid to do this. Hell, if Disney or Square saw what I was doing here, I might actually be chased with pitchforks and torches. I certainly know one of my Betas is trying to rally a mob, and so that should tell you A LOT about what you're in for. I will not be offended if you can't stay all the way through to the end. Not only is this fanfic going to cross into dark waters, it's going to be long and tedious for everything I want to do with it. When I say I'm playing with your beloved Kingdom Hearts characters, I mean EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM. At last count that was roughly 40 characters. On top of that, I intended to do things with the Final Fantasy characters that also showed up in Kingdom Hearts. I'm looking at planning this to be a 100 chapter long fic thus far, just so I can cover the things I want to cover. So yeah, there's A LOT of stuff going into this but I do think it could be an enjoyable read if you're as willing to keep up with it as I'm willing to write it.

This all being said I think you understand better where I'm coming from. I feel better having said this now. Any other questions or comments can be directed into the reviews section and I will try to clarify any concerns you may have. But remember, I won't be offended if you don't like what I have written and quite frankly I won't care if you choose not to read it either now or at some point later on in the storyline. I'm writing this to prove that I can.

And now, I believe we can get on with the fic.