I can breathe for the first time, without thinking about whether or not this breath will be my last. I was stupid for thinking that; I have been through so many things, and despite my objections, survived them all.

I open my eyes, which I must have closed without realising. My senses return to me slowly, and I become aware of where I am. I become aware of the bed that holds me. And I become aware of something lying in my arms.

My heart stops, for a moment, before my memories become clearer and I realise what it is.

A hand arrives gently on my shoulder, and gives me a reassuring squeeze. My eyes are reluctant to leave the bundle in my arms, for fear of it disappearing, but I'd know the hand anywhere.

"It's ok, Katniss, It's over," he whispers in my ear, before sidling into my view.

Peeta gives me a smile; calm and warm, and it comforts me.

Another sound, from furthur away. A door closing, as quietly as the newcomer can manage. This time I do look, and see Haymitch.

The initial surprise at his appearance is diminished, when he too, gives me a smile. No matter how uncharacteristic, I appreciate it.

"You did alright, sweetheart," he says, for once the use of my old nickname being brought on by genuine affection, instead of incessant alcohol consumption.

Something touches my hand.

My attention is brought once again to the thing in my hands, but for the first time I actually acknowledge it. The dark hair so resembling my own, the slight tilt of her head, the light blue eyes which stare up at me, and the tiny fingers which curl around my own.

My name is Katniss Everdeen, and I am a mother.