Male Solidarity
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Crookshanks glanced over at his fellow suffering male from the corner of his eye. He relaxed as he saw that the fool was blocking the sight of him should Meow-nie walk in. He closed his eyes again and tried to get some sleep while he still could, not feeling guilty in the slightest that Nice Guy would be the one to deal with Meow-nie's wrath. After all, it was his fault that they were in this situation.

Being a typical cat, Crookshanks refused to accept any blame even though he was the one who had paired the two together. Besides, if anyone was at fault, it was clearly Nice Guy's fault as he was the only male who could have prevented this situation.

Not that Meow-nie seemed to care about it. No, when she was in one of her moods lately, woe betide any male who crossed her path.

The sound of footsteps stomping down the stairs told Crookshanks that Meow-nie was approaching – and from the sounds of it, she wasn't in the best of moods. He was considering making a run for it when she stomped in. Thankfully she ignored both of the males at the table to rummage in the kitchen. Unfortunately, their peace was not to last. All too soon, she had stomped back towards them.

Crookshanks really wished she would stop with the stomping. It wasn't good for his ears. He was going to become deaf if this kept up.

"We're out of salami," she announced in a grumpy voice.

"Err . . . we are?" Nice Guy answered, sounding a bit confused. "But I just bought some last week."

If Crookshanks were human, he would had hid his face in his palms. As it were, he could only wince at Nice Guy's stupidity and try to look smaller. That was just asking for trouble.

"Are you trying to say something, Harry?"

"Maybe it's time to buy some more?"

"No, let's not change the subject here . . ."

"But I thought we were talking about salami—"

"We were, until you had to go and say that I'm eating too much."

At that point, Crookshanks knew that it was inevitable that his person would either get steaming mad or her eyes would flood with tears. He didn't know which option was worse.

They both seemed rather bad.

Luckily for Nice Guy, Meow-nie started bawling. She was babbling about something but Crookshanks could not understand a single word she said. He peeked out of his hiding spot, watching to see if Nice Guy could handle the situation or if he would have to step in. He would be disappointed if Nice Guy couldn't figure out a solution as one reason Crookshanks had originally paired Meow-nie with him was because Nice Guy wouldn't make her cry like Loud Guy would.

Nice Guy didn't let Crookshanks or Meow-nie down. Though the smell of him clearly said that he still didn't understand the situation, he stood up and embraced Meow-nie tightly. He started to whisper something into Meow-nie's ears but Crookshanks didn't bother to listen.

He was a cat, after all.

Resting his chin back on the ground, Crookshanks closed his eyes. It would be good to try and get some sleep now. Trying to get sleep at night had been problematic since he and Meow-nie had moved in with Nice Guy. He couldn't even hope for quieter nights in the future as everyone knew that kittens were never quiet things. Crookshanks suddenly thought that going deaf might be a good idea so he could get more sleep.

It could be worse though. At least Hermione craved for salami with her cornflakes and jam in the mornings. She could have preferred fish.

Author's note: I know this is very short. I was just looking on my hard drive, saw this, and thought I'd post it here as it is a sequel to this fic.