Those 3 Words

Hello. Ages and age and AGES ago in Year 7 (okay, last year if you want the truth! :P) in my English class, we were learning about Shakespeare. BORRING. But we were also learning about Poetry. I wrote a poem about Romeo trying to tell Juliet he loved her. I found the poem today in my old English book! I changed the words a little to make it Sally/Lightning. ENJOY. Sorry, my first poem I actually enjoyed writing. =)

"Rather hurt than feel nothing at all" yh that line is owned by Lady Antebellum (Need You Now.)

Dont own Cars.

He awoke in Radiator Springs at Sunrise;

Feeling deprived.

He could not sleep;

Neither nightmares nor dreams.

He needed to speak to Sally his one and only;

Without her, he felt empty and lonely.

He couldn't focus straight through his life anymore;

She was distracting him but she is the one he adores.

Sometimes you have to let distractions get the better of you;

And he deeply wanted to say I Love You.

Sally awoke alone thinking;

When will he tell me?

She could only dream of fantasies beyond her imagination;

When she first saw him she got a happy sensation.

Back in LA, her heart broke but at least she knew she had a heart;

As she would rather hurt than feel nothing at all.

He made her feel safe and sound;

Not lost and all around.

That night, he prepared to say those words which could change it all;

Or kill him from the inside and fall.

He looked into Sally's eyes and whispered...

"Sally Carrera, I love you."

Sorry if its a bit crappy but its my first peom about Cars.

(Signed Chloe)