Warmth, contentment and a decided ache in her back…

Stretching out the kinks in her back Alexis couldn't help but smile when she felt strong hands rubbing languid circles across her skin and talented lips placing teasing kisses along her bare shoulder and then lower.

Shivering when the downwards travel of those same lips caused the blanket covering them both to drop slightly exposing her suddenly to the unusually freezing cold air.

"Christ its cold." Alexis gasped her eyes flickering open, quickly taking in the unusual perspective…this wasn't her house in Chelsea…nor the ceiling of her room at the mansion…dark wooden panelling lit by grey early morning light and then glancing down to meet Blake Carrington's equally dark impish gaze and exuberant grin.

"Morning." Blake's greeting was soft almost bashful and Alexis found herself biting her lip as she couldn't help but grin back, her joy at being back in his arms bubbling over.

"Morning to you too Mr Carrington." Alexis replied reaching up to thread her fingers into Blake's hair, stroking tenderly his once dark brown hair now largely streaked with silver threads…yet it in Alexis's opinion the streaks of silver only seemed to enhance her ex-husbands good looks.

Blake only seemed to get more handsome the older he became and Alexis could only hope the same could be said for her too. Her figure was certainly more voluptuous now than it once had been but that was due to bearing Blake's children and not the advance in years. Although speaking of children…

"Blake stop…" Alexis gasped as her ex-husband and current lover returned to his previous explorations beneath the blanket that covered them both.

"Hmmmm." Blake mumbled and Alexis squirmed in tortured pleasure as his breath teased her flushed skin and his lips nuzzled against her breast.

Squirming Alexis tried to squash her growing arousal…part of her wanted nothing more than to lay back and enjoy Blake's talented lips and tongue, not to mention his other attributes. One in particular was also waking up and eager to play. Yet Alexis was the one who was thinking clearly, since Blake's blood had rushed away from his brain and he was currently thinking with another organ entirely.

"Blake stop please…the children could be down any moment. Do you really want them to catch their parents like this?"

That got Blake Carrington's attention and Alexis couldn't stifle a laugh when he suddenly poked his head back out from under the blanket his normally perfectly coiffed hair mussed and falling all over his forehead.

"Damn." Blake spluttered his pained expression Alexis undoing and she couldn't help but snort in amusement as Blake automatically glanced down towards his groin as it seemed Blake Jnr hadn't quite gotten that memo yet.

"Would it help if I got dressed?" Alexis couldn't help but tease as Blake huffed in frustration rolling off of her and on to his back, yet the tenting on the blanket made his current little problem all the more obvious and Alexis couldn't help but laugh.

"It might." Blake huffed scowling good-naturedly as he turned onto his side, propping his head up on his elbow as he gazed down at her.

"Well then…" Alexis sighed reaching for her clothes her susprise only growing when Blake reached out and caught her hand. "Blake? I thought you wanted me to get dressed?"

"Wanted is not the word…it would probably be the sensible option but…"

"But?" Alexis countered coolly an eyebrow arching questioningly as Blake glanced back towards the staircase and then conspiratorially back at Alexis, inching closer so that he could practically whisper in her ear.

"We could be quiet?" Blake offered hopefully. "Really….quiet." He whispered punctuating his request with a brief kiss to her lips gazing deeply into Alexis's eyes that his handsome face and dark gaze took up her entire world.

"Since when have I ever been quiet?"

"Well there was that one time in the cloakroom at that party Cecil threw…remember you complained the music was so terrible you were being driven to drink and I suggested we take a walk…You were quiet then." Blake countered and Alexis could only shiver as his persuasive fingers drew teasing circles against her flesh.

Smiling broadly as that rather vivid memory resurfaced Alexis couldn't help the surge of excitement that sent her nerve endings tingling. Oh yes she remembered, that had been rather naughty of them. At the back of the room barely hidden by the racks of coats that the staff had left unattended, Blake with his tuxedo trousers down around his ankles, her thighs wrapped around his waist as he took her roughly against the wall…

They really had been wild once upon a time…wild about one another…

"But that was then…" Alexis tried to be the voice of reason yet reason was difficult to hold on to when Blake Carrington looked at her like that and his exploring fingers drifted further and further south, doing an admirable job of persuading her all by themselves.

"So what's changed, we got away with it then."

"Only because you had your hand over my mouth and I also remember we almost got caught then too."

"Yet we didn't." Blake countered rolling himself on top of her as he reached down to cup and knead her breast with his free hand.

"Blake…" Alexis whined yet when Blake rubbed himself against her Alexis couldn't resist parting her thighs wider, groaning as Blake took her invitation and sank himself inside her once more before teasingly chiding a moaning Alexis with a whispered. "Shush…quiet remember."

"If the children catch us you're taking the blame and paying for their therapy." Alexis hissed through clenched teeth as above her Blake moved quickly and sharply, with one purpose in mind. That of sending the pair of them over the sweet edge of oblivion as quickly as humanly possible.

Biting down hard on her bottom lip Alexis bucked against Blake doing her best to stifle her moans of satisfaction…there was something decidedly perverse and therefore titillating about the situation and it wasn't long before they were both fast approaching the edge…

"Oh god…" Alexis couldn't stifle her voice, squeaking slightly when Blake solved that particular problem for her covering her mouth with his own to swallow her groans of pleasure.

A few off tempo thrusts and Alexis was so close, digging her fingernails into the small of Blake's back as her heels dug into flesh of his buttocks as Alexis all but tried to make them one…Then the world around her exploded and her blood was singing, her body shaking with the surge of pleasure that swept over her, taking very willing Blake along for the ride.

It was only the sudden realisation that Blake was rolling off of her and grabbing at his clothes managing to pull on his boxers and his vest bringing a confused Alexis back to the present with a bump…or more to the point the thump of hurried footsteps through the ceiling and down onto the spiral staircase.

Sharing a horrified gaze with Blake Alexis could only grab at the blankets and tug them up to her neck, covering anything incriminating but there was no hiding her clothing scattered across the living area where an enthusiastic Blake had tossed them the night before.

"Mum Dad it's snowing…" Steven's excitable voice called out rushing oblivious past his flushed parents to the large panoramic window that dominated the lounge. "Can I go outside?"

"Not until you get changed son and brush your teeth." Blake countered and Alexis sighed in relief that at least Blake had kept some of his wits. "Now can you go wake your sister ask her if she wants to walk down to the Montague's with me."

"Oh." Steven's bright smile seemed to fade a little and Alexis couldn't hide her scowl as her son once again was pushed aside for his sister by his father.

"Sure I'll tell her." Steven muttered abandoning the window and slumping back towards the staircase.

"Why did you say that?" Alexis hissed when Steven had vanished one more scrambling about for her own clothes…her blouse was easy enough to find draped over the sofa…her skirt was half buried under the blanket.

"What did I do?" Blake asked clearly perplexed as he tugged on his trousers, cursing when he put the wrong leg in the wrong hole.

"What do you mean what did you do?" Alexis spat untangling her bra from a nearby lamp and slipping it only to scowl when her knickers remained illusive. "Surely you are not so completely oblivious Blake?"

Yet when her ex continued to look at her perplexed Alexis shook her head in bewilderment abandoning her search for her knickers instead pulling on her skirt. "You pushed him aside Blake, you didn't even ask Steven if he wanted to come with you too and then rubbing it in you sent him to be one to tell Fallon!"

"I didn't mean it like that." Blake spluttered pulling on his own shirt and fumbling with the buttons. "I was just trying to get him to leave so we could get dressed…and I thought a walk would give me a chance to talk to Fallon about her behaviour and Steven seemed excited about playing in the snow I didn't think he would take it like that…"

"That much is obvious." Alexis muttered gathering her stockings. "I suggest you hurry upstairs and invite him too unless you want to undo all the progress the two of you have made?"

Smirking as Blake hurried off to do just that Alexis fastened her blouse, moving to straighten up the lounge. Folding blankets and setting them to one side, picking up her abandoned fur Alexis was sighing in relief as it looked like her and Blake had had a close call but had managed to get away with it…now if she could just find her…

"Looking for these?" Her daughter's disgusted tone surprised Alexis as she knelt down to peek under the sofa.

Glancing up Alexis's blanched her stomach churning as Fallon stood the other side of the sofa her lip curling as she held out at arms length between finger and thumb a sliver of black lace that Alexis recognised.

"Fallon I…"

"You disgust me." Fallon spat back before her mother could finish and try and lie her way out of the situation. "Now I don't care what game you are playing but stay away from my daddy, he doesn't need you back in his life. I don't want you and I won't forgive you no matter what lies you get Daddy to say."

"I haven't told your father to say anything. Surprisingly enough your father and I have better things to talk about than inventing stories to tell you." Alexis countered yet Fallon was twice as stubborn as her mother and Alexis knew better than to try and argue her daughter around.

"Yes I can see what the two of you get up to when you're alone." Fallon hissed flicking her mother's underwear at her. "I suppose I shouldn't be surprised you are a one trick pony after all, well Daddy will soon come to his senses and send you packing…I am sure there is some cheap gigolo waiting for someone of your talents back in Europe…"

Biting her lip to stop the initial flaying remark that sprung to mind Alexis had to take a deep breath and remind herself that despite her appearance and her own caustic tongue Fallon was still only a child. Her child. A chip off of her proverbial block and Blake was right the only way to prove Fallon wrong was to stick it out…to out stubborn her daughter.

So ignoring her daughter's smug little smirk Alexis decided to rise above Fallon's digs. As despite what Fallon said Alexis had Blake and Fallon could stomp and pout but even she couldn't douse their natural chemistry.

"Look Fallon believe it or not your father only told you the truth and here is another one for you." Alexis paused to pick up her underwear with a collected air as if she was merely picking up a shoe and not the underwear Blake had practically ripped off of her the night before.

Turning back to her daughter who was scowling across at her. "Your father is a grown up Fallon and perfectly capable of deciding for himself what he needs or who he wants in his life and right now he wants me and I want him. So you are just going to have to get used to it because no matter how many times you pout or stamp your pretty little feet I am not going anywhere. Face it Fallon I am here to stay."