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Chapter One

Megumi glared out her window, contemplating throwing things at the happy couple outside of her apartment so that they'd stop eating each other's faces and leave. However, her practical side won out, and she closed her window, sitting at her desk with an irritated sigh.

It was Saturday night, and Megumi was alone in her apartment, staring at a piece of paper that had been blank since she pulled it out, and would likely remain so for a long time now.

Just five years had passed since Megumi and her friends had graduated from high school, and everything had changed. Kei and Hikari had gotten married, and as far as Megumi knew, their marriage was one big competition. Akira and Tadashi had moved in together, and Akira now was able to take every chance to torment Tadashi's mother for what she had to go through during high school. Jun had gone overseas for college, and surprisingly, Sakura had remained in Japan and was helping run her father's company. They were still together, working out everything long-distance. Ryuu had gone to live with Finn almost right after graduation, and was working on gaining the trust and affection of her people so he could be considered a proper suitor.

Megumi was happy for her friends, but she did wish they'd keep in contact a bit more and actually said more than congratulations for the many good reviews she got on her performances. Her only long letters came from Jun, who asked how she was doing and if anything interesting was happening to her. She could be grateful that she had a twin brother that wouldn't just forget her existence after high school.

Megumi took a glance at the picture that was on her desk, smiling at her friend's smiling faces before shoving it into the same drawer she shoved everything that reminded her of Yahiro.

She hadn't heard from Yahiro since graduation day, when he came to congratulate them and then disappear off the face of the planet. Sakura had been the one to tell them that he was travelling, and he wasn't likely to contact anyone. Megumi had known, but it still hurt when she found out he was talking to Kei and Hikari, and not her.

Megumi shook away the negative thoughts and bit the end of a pencil thoughtfully. She didn't need to write another song yet, but just waiting to leave for America was leaving her anxious and too likely to think about things she didn't want to think about.

Humming quietly, Megumi scribbled a few words before crumpling up the paper and tossing it towards the trash can. True to her expectations, the paper flew too far to the side, and she had to pick it up herself.

Megumi heard her phone ring in the kitchen as she threw the paper away and dashed for the kitchen quickly, tripping over a chair in her hurry. "Hello?" She said breathlessly, trying to be quiet out of habit.


Megumi recognized her producer instantly. "Yes Kurosaki-sama?"

"I know you said you don't want to do any interviews, but… this is a good chance for some free publicity before you leave," Her producer went straight to the news, just like he always did.

Megumi listened half-heartedly to what her producer called the positives of doing an interview on television, flipping through a magazine absently.

She was well aware that her career was slower because people didn't know her outside of her music, but she'd avoided the public eye because too much attention still made her uncomfortable, and she didn't feel ready to deal with that. However, doing an international charity concert with other major celebrities would put her in the public eye anyways…

"I'll do it," Megumi said at her first chance, feeling slightly reckless, but for once not caring. She smiled as she finally got a chance to hang up the phone, humming to herself while she memorized the details she had written down to prepare for this.


The lights were bright. Even for just a sit-down interview in front of a live audience, the lights were bright enough to burn Megumi's eyes until she got used to them. She thanked her lucky stars for getting her there early enough to get ready and talk to some of the audience members that had gotten there early.

It was too soon for Megumi when she was sat down on the couch and they started the show. Using the practice years of dealing with a certain despicable jerk had given her, Megumi faked a smile and waved at the audience, waiting for the host she hadn't gotten a chance to meet.

She blushed when he walked onto the stage. He was attractive, and Megumi was still shy around good-looking people. His black hair fell into gray eyes that were filled with the exact knowledge of why she'd blushed and looked at the audience instead of him.

"Hi, I'm Mitsuru," He extended a hand that Megumi took tentatively, sitting across from her comfortably. "It's nice to meet you, Megumi Yamamoto." He smiled at her, his face completely open. "Though I think a lot of people can say that. Any reason you decided to do this?"

Megumi sat up, not expecting the sudden question. "Just…" His almost unseen smirk prompted her to reply in a way she would normally never do. "The host was just too charming and attractive to resist." She laughed to show she was joking, earning a wave of applause from the females in the audience.

Mitsuru raised his eyebrows, obviously a little thrown back, and more than a little amused. "Now, that's a side of her we don't see in concert. What else don't we know?" Megumi opted to just look down, not sure what to say now that she had done something so drastically out of character for her.

"So, Megumi-chan… can I call you that?" Megumi nodded frantically, wishing for the sketchpad that had helped her so much when she was younger. She'd stopped using it two years ago, using only when she was feeling overwhelmed. "Megumi-chan, you're well-known for angelic voice. Where did that come from?"

Megumi talked about her parents for a bit, never letting the audience doubt she respected and loved them, as well as all the friends who had given her support. They moved on to her favorite experiences that she had used to create some of her more popular songs, and then to some of her favorite hobbies outside of her career.

"Do you do anything just to relax?" Mitsuru asked, leaning forward as if he was really interested.

"I have a friend who loves to cook, and she taught me some of her recipes," Megumi admitted. "I'm not exactly the greatest cook, but she gives me tips, and tries out the things I've tried to make."

"You can't cook?" Mitsuru asked, bringing up a self-admitted love of food. Megumi laughed cheerfully.

"I can't cook things people would consider meals," Megumi giggled, remembering her last attempt at cooking a whole chicken. "But if you want desserts, I can always make you some!"

"So if someone got a backstage pass for one of your concerts, namely the charity concert coming up, could they expect some homemade sweets from you Megumi-chan?"

"If they want them, of course!" Megumi was completely relaxed now. Mitsuru reminded her of someone, but she couldn't figure out who it was.

"Okay, so girls love your songs, with all the romance and lovey-dovey feelings to them," Mitsuru pretended to be annoyed at the words he was saying, but he was leaning closer. "Where do those lyrics come from?"

Megumi looked down, uncomfortable suddenly. "Um… I really liked this guy in high school," she said hesitantly. "Like… I was in love with him. And he, um… didn't feel the same. But with the songs, I remember how amazing it was to know what it was like to feel that way, and I could imagine another ending to it."

There was silence in the audience, and Megumi could practically feel the sympathy rushing towards her from the audience. It wasn't a comfortable feeling, and that was more than she had shared with even her closest friends.

Mitsuru took her hand in a gesture of comfort. "Well, that guy's an idiot, don't you all think?"

The audience reacted in Megumi's favor, with a very small minority not reacting at all. The rest of the interview was relatively easy, with Mitsuru avoiding more personal topics, and Megumi relaxing.

Before she knew it, the interview was over, and she was backstage with Mitsuru, who was talking to her.

"You know… about that guy you liked?" Mitsuru asked, stopping Megumi before she left.


"I think you were an idiot too," Mitsuru shrugged, not joking about it. "For just giving up on him."

Megumi's anger came out, held in only by the self-control she'd worked hard to get. She bit her lip in an effort not to scream at him and make his eardrums burst.

"But… he was a bigger idiot," Mitsuru saw her reaction and smirked at her triumphantly. "After all, you're kinda a cool girl." He began to walk off, waving to her with his back turned. "See ya!"

Megumi seethed as she was driven away, growling at herself. Now she realized who he reminded her of. Mitsuru was exactly like Yahiro, right down to being able to pretend to be someone he wasn't!

The anger hadn't gone away, even when she got to her apartment to discover a message from Alisa.

Megumi clicked the button to play the message, pulling out a bag of cookies as she did so.

"Hey Megu-chan! It's me, Alisa! I know you won't be back yet, but I just saw the interview, and I am flattered that you mentioned me in the interview! By the way, the ham didn't turn out half-bad… you're getting better with meat! If you keep this up, you can work at my restaurant when you retire from singing a gazillion years from now! Oh, and I have big news for you! Call me back!"

Megumi chuckled, dialing Alisa's number into her cell phone, holding it with one hand as she scarfed down cookies with the other. "Megumi! Hi!"

"Hello…" Megumi mumbled with her mouth full. She swallowed the cookies painfully and repeated it. "Hello."

"Okay, so you're not busy tonight, are you?" Alisa asked, waiting for Megumi to tell her no. When she did, she went on a rant about this guy she'd been seeing, and a cousin, and a friend of a friend, and going to dinner. "And he's interested in meeting you, and wants to have dinner tonight!"

"Where?" Megumi walked to the closet, expecting someplace fancy to come out of Alisa's mouth. She wasn't disappointed. Alisa blabbered on and on about this fancy French restaurant, and dancing, and cute boys.

"How does Aoi feel about this?" Megumi asked when she got a chance to say anything.

"He's not happy, considering Daddy's got him so busy with company stuff, but he told me he's not going to leave me alone with a boy that late at night," Alisa complained, sounding like she was about to start baking. "Anyways, we'll pick you up at seven, okay? We're meeting the guys at the restaurant! Wear that hot red dress you bought on our last shopping spree! Bye bye!"

Megumi laughed at her friend, closing her phone as she went to relax and unpack her bag from the interview. She frowned at an envelope that fell out of her bag, opening it slowly.

'Hello Megumi-chan. I must say, doing the interview was one of the more interesting things I've done in a long time, even if you were a bit of an idiot. I'll see you later. –Mitsuru'

Megumi scowled, throwing the letter onto her stove and turning it on gleefully. She had no intention of seeing him at all, especially since he reminded her of the last jerk she'd liked. Megumi wanted someone nice and uncomplicated, like the guy Alisa was sure to have set her up with for tonight!

And on that note, Megumi went to her room to relax and get ready for the night.

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