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Blinded by revenge

Clouded with grief

The sound of the gunshot

Like her death was so brief.

The second shot sounded

Then nothing was heard

Only the sighing of trees

That spoke not a word.

They're so foolish

The rich and the poor

Not content with their life

Always wanting more.

One man was content

George Wilson was his name

And he didn't care

About money or fame.

He had a wife named Myrtle

Who he loved with all his heart

But she became so foolish

And in his death she played a part.

But now she is dead

Hit by a yellow car

Killed by a man named Gatsby

That's all Wilson knows so far.

Now Gatsby was gone

Killed by Wilson's vengeful hand

Who then proceeded to kill himself

Due to the grief he couldn't stand.

He died and never learned

That by Daisy was Myrtle dead

Wilson murdered a man in love

Who died in his love's stead.

I made this last year for an English assignment, then decided, "Hey, let's post this!" Hope you all liked it.

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