Shards of Glass

You took it and broke it into uneven halves
One for the present and the other for the past
Temporarily! Then you were forced to take it back
and tried to put it together again

Glue! Yes, glue! That'll do the trick
Just theorizing the results. Doesn't it give you a kick!
But you're wrong! More broken pieces. It makes you sick
Your solution and everyone else's is different

Collect the broken pieces. Give them all to Clare.
Her ways are good but they give you quite a scare
She gently hands them back but only half are there
The spotless ones. Everything is just perfect.

You could always see her on the glass but now you've lost her reflection.
Is there really a such thing as too much affection?
If you won't drop the glass, we can't see who's next then
To pick up the pieces.

Drop them! Wait, don't drop them! The pressure is rising...

Now, who's gonna pick up this mess you've made?
You can't do it. You WON'T! You're too afraid
Kick them under the fridge, eh? Oh, what a save!
You think that you're clever? Problem solved?
We'll see, you son of a-

Well then! Tell me whatcha think about this poem! :)