Destiny: Okay. I'm still working out the kinks for the prelude to the final battle of Double It! (Which will be out by the end of the month, (or I might scrap it and go to the final battle) but until then, here's a little book of oneshots with Double It! You might see different stories from the characters' pasts, such as here, and some AU. I'm planning on putting in a scene from an earlier draft where Xemichal and Xion had ended up together, and different complete AUs from high school to the end of the world. Enjoy.

It was a beautiful spring day in Radiant Garden. The sun was shining golden light upon the town, the flowers were just now blooming, and people were milling about, loving the now-warm weather. Among them was a seven-year-old red-haired boy named Lea.

Lea was a bit odd. He was always either alone or with his best friend, a blue-haired kid named Isa. But today, Lea was walking around Radiant Garden alone. Or he was.

Then, he heard the pitter-patter of small feet, and a tap on the arm. "Mister? Mister?" A very young female voice said. Lea turned around to see a girl who couldn't have been older than three, and seemed short for her age with fairly long dark brown hair, freckles, and extremely dark eyes. She was looking up at him, and held up her right hand.

"You dropped this." She said, showing him a necklace that was a green crystal heart with a red flame in the center.

"Oh, my necklace." Mom made this for me. Beforeā€¦ don't think about it. "Thank you, um, what's your name?"

The girl was about to speak, but another voice rang out. "Lindsey!" the dark-haired girl sighed in slight annoyance as another girl, about five, with similar dark hair pulled in a ponytail and watery blue eyes and with a baby in her arms ran up to them.

She put her free hand on her hip as the smaller girl looked down. "Lindsey, what have I told you about running off like that? You almost gave me a heart attack, and if Bren understood what that meant, I bet he'd agree." The baby boy cooed at the name Bren, so Lea guessed that was his name.

"But Erin." Lindsey whined. "I just giving him his necklace back. It looked ex-pen-sife."

The five-year-old looked up at the redhead. "Oh, hello there. Sorry if my sister bothered you."

Lea waved her off. "No trouble at all." He said. "I'm Lea, got it memorized?" He said with a slight cocky grin.

The girl rolled her eyes. "Yeah, whatever. I'm Erin. This is Lindsey, and this little guy is Brendan." The little baby cooed again and snuggled closer to Erin's arm.

"Nice to meet you." Lea said.

"Likewise. Now, Lindsey, c'mon. If you wanna get ice cream, we have to go now before we need to return to the orphanage."

Lea raised an eyebrow at learning they were orphans, but didn't push it. Lindsey gave Lea a hug.

Lea looked down at the little girl giving him a hug, then up at her sister. Erin giggled lightly, the first time Lea had seen a smile on her lips. "C'mon Lindsey." She said, holding out her free hand. Lindsey skipped over to her elder sister, grabbing the hand and waving with her other hand.

"Bye, Mister Lea."

As they started off, Lea called over to them. "So, see you some other time?"

Erin stopped and turned back around. "Yeah, maybe sometime. Bye, Lea."

"Bye, Erin." And he continued on his walk.

Destiny: Aww, look at that. Xenri, Axel, Dynilexs, and Nadbrexn as kids (in case you couldn't tell) and on if Lea and Erin met again... well, would you all like to see some of that? And not just them. Like, a whole bunch of chance meetings that they probably don't remember.

Oh, and if any of you want to write a oneshot sidestory, you can, just PM me and send it in DocX. It can be Doubling Cycle Canon or AU, and you didn't have to make the character you write about. Until later! Bye y'all!