She knew she was going to die. She just knew it. She had seen almost everybody else die; Xemichal had, Xenri had, even Draxloh had. But still, grieving her fallen comrades, friends, she kept charging, weapon in hand and a dark look on her face. Suddenly, she heard a scream: Ularxa. She turned and saw Timex collapsing, lifeless. Ularxa ran forward and cradled his head against her chest until he completely faded.

Ularxa was killed next. The arrow of fire flew right through her brain, killing her instantly. With a grim thought about Ularxa's death, she forged on, unwilling to stop. Unwilling to give up. Unwilling to stop living before death. The smell of ozone filled the air; someone had been struck by lightning, likely a fatal blow. She set her jaw and continued. The numbers kept dwindling, more and more were dying.

Suddenly, she heard something: the whisper of a breath behind her, barely audible and silent. She turned to see fingers reaching toward her, she didn't know what they were holding. Suddenly, she couldn't breathe. She dropped to the ground; grasping at her throat. Her attacker was gone. She was reminded of the phrase "fish outta water", but never expected a sensation like this.

"Help... me..." She croaked. She sensed people near her, calling her name. Slowly, her eyes raised until they met a pair of blue ones. The eyes, normally firm and strong, were filled with worry, with fear. She looked up at him, actually seeing him. Tears began to pool in her eyes, almost streaming down her cheeks. She opened her mouth to speak, despite the people telling her to save her breath, that they could save her.

"I..." She choked out. "I..." Her breath was nearly gone; she wouldn't be able to say what she needed to. So she mouthed the last words, as her vision seemed to dissolve. " you." Surprise appeared on his face, and she could almost see tears in his eyes. And then she saw nothing; she was just swimming around in the darkness.

The Organization continued on, leaving behind a member. One who was crying so hard he was barely more than a sobbing wreck as he stared at the place she had been. He was broken. Because Torexaltceh was gone.

And Lexaeus would never say the words he had longed to tell her: "I love you, Tore."


Destiny: Yeah, I've no idea where this came from.
Torexaltceh: I'M GONNA DIE?
Xemichal, Xenri, Draxloh, Timex, Ularxa, Dynilexs & Addixem: AND US?
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