Lightning here. I kinda lost my notebook where most of the next chapter of Pitch Black Feathers is written, and I still can't find it. So I decided to write down all the crazy stuff that the voices in my head wanted to write, but didn't. In other words, these are deleted scenes.

They were deleted for a good reason, and if you like Danny Phantom, you can see why in Weapon (which is discontinued, by the way) what happens when I let the voices do whatever they want. The first chapter of this is full of deleted scenes from the first chapter, in the second... You get the point now, right?

Oh, the title? That's easy. Birds fly. So what happens when they fail, or in other words crash? They burn. (well, I set them on fire.)

So enjoy... If you can handle the insanity. By the way, have you seen any men in white coats? I think they're trying to take me away...



"I told you not to give him candy, especially not if his cell door is unlocked, you idiot!" A man in a white coat yelled at a similarly dressed man.

"I didn't! He stole the chocolate out of my pocket!"

"And why is that?"

"Because... the cell door was unlocked..."

"Well, how are we going to get him down from that light?"

"A better question is how he holds the light bulb with those claws and doesn't break it."


Alex was surprised. It was Steve!

"!" He yelled, hugging 'Steve'.

"Who the hell are you?" The man's cigarette dropped out of his mouth when Alex tackled him.

"You... don't remember me?" Alex did his best puppy dog expression, and the man melted.

"Right! You, that guy..."

Then Alex ran away and lived happily ever with Steve, who deeply regretted ever falling for the eyes. And Alex had a lot of candy.

There wasn't all that much to be deleted in this chapter, sorry about that. But hey, it's something, right? And the first one sort of explains why Alex is being dragged away; they just put the claws on him, and are waiting for him to recover before they give him wings, and he got candy. It reacted badly with... something, and they put the wings on. No, the sugar hasn't really worn off, so he's sort of giggling about it. (well, that's how it went in my twisted mind.) And my Author's Notes are longer than the actual material in here... is that bad?