Alex ate a rat.

"Rats!" he said.

"Yes, they are rats."

"No, this one's fake!"


"I'm a mole!"

"Shut up."

Then there was a worm.


"What? What is it? What happened?" Ink said, ready to set someone on fire if need be.

"N-no! It's... IT'S A WORM!" Alex said, and then fell to the floor, crying pathetically.

"... Please tell me you're not serious."


The Scorpia assassin was waiting. Waiting for his target to make one fatal mistake. He didn't know why he had to kill this woman, but it was his first mission, and he was confident that he could do it. She stepped into the room he was watching, and turned away from the direction he was facing.

He fired a shot to the back of her head.

The woman caught it.

She caught a bullet.

"Please," She began, pretending to yawn. "Did you really expect to takes down Superman's sister that easily?"

Then Jack fired laser beams from her eyes and killed the Scorpia assassin.



"No, I'm sorry. There is no agent listed under that number in our database."





"Damn. I shouldn't have made my number that."

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