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Chapter One

He woke up to a loud banging. The door shuddered with every thud. Finally, it fell in. There in the doorway stood Hagrid. Large lovable and in real life, he had been dead for more than a century.

Suddenly everything stopped and he found someone talking to him in his mind. "Death's Master Potter, it has been determined that your last life was unsatisfying to you. As Master of Death, we have stepped in and given you another chance. With this chance come a few changes. All blocks on your powers have been removed even some you died with. Your mind cannot be assaulted, this means no one can read it, memory charm it, or attack it. Your memories have been left intact. Beware this world is similar to your old one but not exact. Should you wish to become Master of Death again, it is possible for you to find the hallows again. You do not have a piece of scared of death in your head. Good luck, discovering what you can do and make a better life for yourself."

Things started to move again. Hagrid picked up the door and put it back in the frame, "Sorry about that. I don't know my own strength sometimes." He turned and saw Dudley on the couch. "My goodness Harry, you are a bit further along than I expected, especially in the middle."

Dudley stammered, "I'm not Harry."

Harry stepped out from behind a wardrobe, "I am."

"Of course you are, a bit skinny aren't you?"

Harry decided here is where I start making changes, "They say freaks like me don't need to eat. They give me food four or five times a week if I'm good, less if I get punishment and have to stay in my cupboard all week."

Hagrid turned to where Vernon had been threatening him with a shotgun and ripped it out of his hands. He didn't care that he almost ripped his fingers off with it. "Dursley, you were to raise him as a loved child. Harry, you're coming with me out of this place."

"Don't you dare boy!"

Hagrid simply punched Vernon in the face knocking him across the room and into the wall. "We are leaving Harry," he said over the screams from Petunia and moans from Vernon.

They flew back to the mainland on an extra-large broom. Minutes after landing, they were on the Knight Bus Headed to the Leaky Cauldron. Once they were safely in a room Hagrid asked, "Why didn't you tell Dumbledore when he came to check on you that they were abusing you?"

"Dumble who? You are the first person to check on me since I came to stay with my aunt and uncle. I think some of the teachers tried to report it but for some reason they kept forgetting about it. One school nurse had a break down about it I think. I think someone was messing with her mind."

"Let me go get you something to eat. I need to think."

Hagrid was furious. He went down and returned with a snack for Harry. "Thanks Mr. Hagrid, this is more than I usually get in a week. I don't know if I can eat it all."

Harry ate silently. He decided that he had pushed hard enough for now.

"Mr. Hagrid, why did you come and get me? Was it because of those funny letters that my uncle kept taking away from me?"

"Yes Harry, I am keeper of grounds and keys at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. You have been invited to attend so you can learn to control your powers."

"Cool, does that mean I will grow as big as you and be a wizard like you?"

"Yes you can grow up and be a wizard. I'm not really one you see. I take care of the grounds and animals there. I'm also not quite human, that's why I am so big."

"But I bet you are a great wizard. I like you. You are the only one that cares about me." He looked down at his feet. Thinking to himself, 'Mission Accomplished. I now have one person on my side instead of Bumbles.'

He went to sleep with a smile on his face, planning how to change the following day.

In the morning before Hagrid woke, Harry transfigured an old nail he found into a cap so he could hide his scar. It was a faint white line but he still wanted to hide it. He asked Hagrid when he woke not to tell anyone who he was at breakfast.

After breakfast, Harry stopped at the side of the alley where he saw some fist sized rocks. While tying his shoes he grabbed one and turned it into a rock similar to what the Sorcerer's Stone looked like.

They went into the bank. Hagrid said, "Be careful with goblins Harry. They are very smart but they can be vicious." They walked up to a window, "Mr. Harry Potter would like to make a withdrawal."

The goblin leaned over the high counter and looked down at Harry. "Does Mr. Harry Potter have his key?"

Hagrid jumped in and said, "I've got it here somewhere." He started unloading his pockets on the goblins desk. He received disgusted looks because he made the desk messy. After he had piles all over, he finally found the key. "Here it is." He handed it to the goblin and started piling stuff back in his pockets. He came across a letter and handed that to the goblin as well. "This is from Dumbledore about you know what in vault you know which."

"Very well," he turned, "Griphook, take these people down to their vaults."

"Right away sir. Follow me please." He led them to a roller coaster looking cart. Harry sat by the goblin on the way down with Hagrid taking up the whole back seat.

They stopped at Harry's vault first. "Key please. Bring the lamp please." Griphook opened the vault.

"Mr. Griphook, could you fill one of those bags with the maximum value I am supposed to use for this school year please?"

The goblin walked over to a small pile of sacks, grabbed one and twitched his fingers at it. Then he waved he hand at the vault. A visible portion disappeared. He handed the sack to Harry. "This bag is expanded to hold the coins you asked for. The expansion only works once. As you use the coins the size of the bag will shrink inside until it is normal sized."

"Thank you Mr. Griphook you have been very kind."

The goblin blinked in surprise, "Your welcome Mr. Potter." They traveled a little farther. They stopped at the vault Hagrid wanted. The big guy reached in and grabbed a small parcel. He stuck it in a pocket. After he was in the cart, Harry appeared to fall into Hagrid's lap. By the time he was settled, Harry had the stone and Hagrid had the fake.

After a day of shopping similar to what he had done before, He convinced Hagrid to let him stay at the Leaky Cauldron until school started. The next morning, Harry took a taxi down to the trash dumping area for London. It was a ways from town. The barges were filled then towed out to sea and dumped.

In an obscure hard to see location, Harry started summoning metal trash, magically melting it down to form bars, then he used the stone to convert the stack to gold. He shrunk the stack once it reached about a ton a repeated the process. Each of the bars had 'Potter Mines' molded into it.

He went back to Gringott's the following morning. He went to what sort of looked like a receptionist. "Excuse me Mr. Brandirk. I have some questions about vaults as well as inheritance and precious metals conversion."

"Mr. Potter, I can answer some of your questions."

Harry reached up to make sure his hat still covered his scar. "Don't worry Mr. Potter; we have good reports about you. None of us will betray you unless you do something to deserve it."

"Thank you Mr. Brandirk. If I open a personal vault, is it tied to the other vaults where I can only have a portion at a time or can I have everything I put into it when I need it?"

"That's very simple Mr. Potter. You can take out anything you put in whenever convenient."

"Thank you. Now I am sure you goblins are interested in gold. I found in my aunts papers the deed to a mine that my mother had. It seems that they put it under blood fidelius so only my mother's direct line could find it. I have been working it on and off when I could but never had a place I could take the gold to get it converted into money. Is this something you folks could help with?"

"Did you bring any samples with you today?"

"Yes I did. I only brought several ton today. My back pack needs an expansion charm before I can bring in any significant portion."

The goblin almost fainted. This child had brought in several ton and it wasn't a significant portion of his wealth. "Let me call, Steinhurt. He can get it weighed and converted. What questions did you have about inheritance?"

"I was hoping that the goblins could help me become Lord Potter early and emancipated. If you do this for me I will continue bringing the gold here instead of going to the gnomes or the dwarves like some people have recommended that I do."

Brandirk almost panicked. "Mr. Potter I will fetch Steinhurt myself please follow me to a conference room. Then I will find an inheritance expert."

The conference room was good sized with a strong stone floor. As soon as Brandirk left, Harry started getting out piles of bars and expanding them to full size. He knew the sight of the gold would make them try everything to make him happy.

A slightly chunky goblin entered the room. The stacks of glittering ingots made his mouth drool. He shook his head and walked to the boy. "Mr. Potter, will you allow me to cast a spell to make sure this isn't leprechaun gold?"

"Certainly, please do. Then you may take any ingot you want and run assay tests on it. They are all the same."

The goblin twitched his fingers around the room and nothing disappeared. He then set one bar on the table in the room he took a special needle out of his jacket and pushed it into the bar in several places. He looked up. "Mr. Potter this is very good gold. It has a higher Karat rating than our coins do. If you allow, my assistant and I will be independently weighing the gold to come up with a valuation. There are some people waiting in the hall for our business to conclude. I did not expect this quantity most children get confused about weights. No insult intended."

"No insult taken. Please show them in. I have nothing to hide from goblins, Wizards yes, goblins no."

Brandirk brought in two more goblins. They all glanced at the piled ingots. "Mr. Potter these are Stabeye and Sharpclaw. They specialize in inheritance and other things. I must return to my station."

Stabeye started, "I understand you want your head of house ring and emancipation. Since you are the last Potter, there is an old law we can use from the twelve hundreds that allows us to do that. Since your eleventh birthday has passed, there will be no problem. Your family vault is not flush, less than the value of one of those tons of gold. Emancipation requires a means test meaning you can support yourself. I think you have met that with just what I see on the floor. We can proceed with everything. Here is your head of house ring. The other paperwork will be filed today."

Sharpclaw spoke next, "One of my specialties is identification. I would guess you need muggle ID that has a small confundus charm in it so they will believe it and not ask questions. We can furnish non-expiring passports, driver ids, birth certificates, etc. You name it and we can do it, all for modest fees to well to do clients as yourself."

By the time it was said and done, he had three different sets of IDs made besides the one for the name Harry Potter. The pictures on the IDs would match whatever he looked like at the time. He also left with another bag of coins that had the value from one of the tons of gold in it.

He went to the trunk shop. He walked in and the man behind the counter greeted him.

"Mr. Casket, I have changed my mind about the trunk I purchased. Instead of the plain model, I have here which I wish to return, I wish to buy two trunks. One trunk with as many compartments as possible, each with maximum expansion. It needs to shrink to an easy carry size. The other trunk needs living quarters, extra-large library, potions lab with good ventilation, storage and a normal looking expanded compartment that if others see it, it won't matter. Both trunks need blood security on them."

They negotiated for a while. The second trunk ended up being fancier and bigger than he originally wanted to get the features he needed. They would be ready in a week.

Next, he visited the magical eye doctors. Because of what happened he no longer really needed glasses. He ended up with magical contacts that allowed him the see farther and sharper. The enchantments allowed him to see through concealment spells and to see magical auras. They protected his eyes from excess dirt and moisture as well as self-tinted on really bright days.

The next several days he spent the mornings converting trash. Fortunately, the plain trunk was done first. He started filling compartments. He found that he could fill two compartments a day and he ordered more trunks. His room was stuffed with sacks from his new muggle wardrobe, wizarding wardrobe, school supplies and what not.

The afternoons he spent in Crawley watching Hermione's house in his wolf form. One nice afternoon when she went into her backward for a swim, he approached carefully.

Hermione looked up from the pool and saw a huge black wolf hop the fence and walk towards her. She decided to stay in the pool hoping that the animal didn't like water. The animal acted extremely strangely. It gently picked up her towel and brought it to the ladder. It then sat there watching her as if it expected her to get out and dry off. She wished her mom or dad was home instead of at the surgery. Not wanting to make the huge animal angry, she slowly climbed out and dried off. It bounded over to the lounge chair she usually sat in to read, grabbed her cover up and brought it to her. She couldn't help thinking that it was a very smart animal.

Once she was dressed, she sat in the chair. The wolf opened the door to the house, stepped inside and was gone. It returned with one of her new schoolbooks for Hogwarts. It was her transfiguration book. It pawed the book then padded its paw on the ground several times.

Hermione looked at the book then the wolf. "You're magical aren't you?" The wolf gave a short bark and looked happy. She looked at the animal closely. It was a male wolf. The fur was black with a dusting of smoky gray. It also had amazing green eyes. "Are you going to be my friend?" The wolf barked again. She lay back in the lounge chair reading. He curled up on the foot area of the chair with a paw over one of her legs resting its head beside his paw and went to sleep.

She wondered looking at the wolf exactly what was going on. It acted as if it was staking its claim on her. She decided she would ask her parents when they got home.

She had been reading a while and decided to take a break, go to the loo and make some tea. She asked the wolf, "Do you like tea and biscuits?" It gave a bark. She went inside with him following her closely. He headed toward the kitchen while she went to the loo.

While she was in the loo, Harry quickly changed back. He filled the teapot with water and added the tealeaves. He heated the pot with magic and transformed some bread into short bread wafers, Hermione's favorites. After putting a cup and a bowl on the tray, he turned back into a wolf.

She returned and saw the tray. She looked at the wolf, "You made tea for us? You really are magical. How did you know that I like shortbread? I know for a fact that we didn't have any."

He sat there staring at her, smiling in a dog sort of way. She put some of the tea in the bowl on the floor where he could reach it then had her own tea and biscuits. They shared tea together. She spent the rest of the afternoon reading with the wolf half draped over her. It felt good to have a friend, but he was rather large and intimidating.

When time came for her folks to come home, they heard a car in the drive. He barked so she looked at him. He padded the shadow of a tree a couple of times, while she watched. Then he stepped into the shadow and disappeared.

She thought to herself, 'Well that answers that. I wonder what kind of wolf is huge, black, magical, and can move from one shadow to the next.'

She dragged her mom to her room to talk, "Mom you will never guess what happened today. I made a friend. A magical animal came to visit me today. He was a huge wolf. Its head came up to my chest. He was all black with a little bit of smoky gray. He showed up after lunch while I was swimming. He brought me my towel and wrap then went inside and brought me one of my new schoolbooks. He lay beside me while I read all afternoon. When I decided that I wanted some tea, he made tea for both of us and somehow created some shortbread. When he heard you guys come home he stepped into shadow and disappeared. The only problem I have is that I think he considers me his, not the other way around."

"When you said he came to your chest, you did mean when you were sitting right?"

"No mom, I meant when I was standing. He was almost big enough for me to ride like a horse."

"Is he safe? If he was that big he could maul you in seconds."

"Mom, I don't know why, but I felt perfectly safe with him. I also don't know how to keep out if he wanted to come in. There are shadows everywhere. He also had the most amazing wonderful green eyes. They looked human."

"Dear, were they human? I mean can people change into animals and such?"

"I don't know mom. He did bring me my transfiguration book. Maybe that was a clue." She spent the rest of the evening flipping through the books she had looking for the answer to can people turn into animals. Her first year books didn't contain any answers.

Harry had returned to his room for the night. He would continue spending the afternoons with his Hermione.

When his new living trunk was ready, all of the clutter in the room was put away. He hired Sharpclaw to visit all the magical booksellers in Briton and other English speaking countries to buy books. One of everything he could get his hands on including rare books and second hand books as well. These were stored in the expanding library in his trunk. The house elf he bought named Ari was ordered to go through every Potter Property looking for books. Then Ari tried to go into the Black properties and found she could empty the books from them as well.

Harry found some specialty glass vials in muggle London that were much better than the ones available in the wizarding apothecaries. He made several cases of elixir of life. He was ready for the train ride. He wasn't sure what he would have in common with any of his classmates but he would try.