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Chapter 9

Sirius Black waited for his godson to finish talk to the girls' parents.

Harry looked up and saw him standing behind them. The smile on his face immediately made him suspicious.

Our trio walked over to where Sirius was standing. "Ok Sirius, what are you up to?"

"Do I always have to be up to something? I'm hurt. Maybe I'm just glad to see my godson with two beautiful ladies."

Dora laughed, "Good save cousin. However it's hard to believe that you have had more than a month to plan and don't have something you want to prank us about."

Sirius laughed, "Alright, I do have a surprise for all of you. I hope you like it. It's not a prank. Also, I have been busy daily with ministry things. You won't believe some of the piddly little things the minister has to approve. I swear some people there don't even breathe without permission. I wish they would take responsibility and do their jobs and only bother me with the big stuff."

"I suppose that you have a lot of work planned for the Wizengamot this summer?"

"As a matter of fact I do. I wanted to be able to count on your support before I made too many big changes. All three of you are smart. Would you help me by looking at some of the bills I hope to pass and how they affect current legislation?"

You could almost see Hermione drool about the research involved. The other two laughed at her. Tonks said, "Down girl, we aren't even home yet. Unless you want to forfeit all of your massage privileges to me you will remain calm."

Hermione visibly deflated a bit, "Don't worry Mione, you know I love to touch you." Harry's comment immediately made her cheeks flame red. Apparently, she dreamed about Harry giving her more than just a massage.

Sirius took Tonks with him to the new house. Harry appeared in her shadow not long after they arrived in wolf form with Hermione clutching his ruff.

They arrived in the entry area of the new house. It had the fireplace for the floo as well as the apparition point. Harry looked around. He noticed Sirius was anxiously waiting for him to say something. "Very nice, who did you get to help you decorate?"

"All right, I admit I had a little help from Ari and her friends. But the idea of finding a house that all of us could use this summer was my own."

"This is great Sirius." Hermione commented. "Is this your house?"

"It's one of Harry's houses. I was going to buy a new one when the goblin I was working with mentioned Harry had this one, but it hadn't been used for fifty years. It has two master suites, all the smaller bedrooms now have their own water closet with a shower.

The four of them looked through the house. It was great. Ari and her helpers had done a great job. Sirius guaranteed them that the house had the latest and best goblin wards available. It was also only about fifteen minutes walk from Hermione's parents' house in Crawley. The little court that the house was on was entirely owned by Harry and mundanes couldn't even see the side street.

The first thing that Harry did when alone was to call several elves and his phoenix together. "I need you all to try to find Nicholas Flamel and his wife. I have his Philosopher's Stone and I want to return it. I want to meet with him in person to apologize and ask his forgiveness. I will have a message written for him here in my desk any of you who find him please deliver the message."

Three days later Fawkes brought him a reply.

Lord Potter Black,

Very sneaky, using both a phoenix and house elves working together to find me. I know my old student would never have been that creative.

You intrigue me. First you send me a case of elixir of life in vials the like I have never seen. It will be years before they spoil and much longer in stasis. You also claim to have analyzed my old stone and made your own. We both know that's false. A new stone must be made every century as they only hold power for so long. The one you have is almost dead.

To the world Nicholas Flamel must die. However if you continue to hold my attention and prove worthy you may in the future hear from a M. Dubois. I will be watching you Lord Potter Black. Please prove yourself more worthy than my last student.

The Late Nicholas Flamel

A week later, the Daily Prophet had headlines "Noted Philanthropist and Alchemist Dies." Nicholas and Perenelle Flamel passed away a week ago. The bodies were found by a friend's house elf. The will reading will be in two weeks.

The summer went fairly well. Sirius had matured some and Amelia Bones was a common visitor with her niece. Initially the excuse was that Susan liked visiting friends her own age. Later the pair admitted that they liked being around each other.

Different members of the study group often were visitors at the Potter Black house. Most of the time, everyone was having fun. Sometimes our trio was called upon to look at new suggested legislation. Hermione was always ready to study what the ramifications of a new law might be.

The girls liked massages so much that there was a standing agreement that they each receive two a week.

The Grangers were surprised when the second day of summer that they were walked to the new house. The last couple of minutes were uncomfortable as the wards tried to lead them elsewhere. Once through the wards, Harry was able to program the wards to ignore the Grangers. They still couldn't drive here but a few minutes walk and they could be with their daughter. Mr. Granger was well satisfied. The Grangers also became well acquainted with Sirius and the Bones family.

In fact, it seems that the British minister of magic and the head of the DMLE took their vacation at the same time as a pair of dentists. They all visited the French Riviera together. Harry figured that on their return either Padfoot would be neutered or Susan would have a new uncle.

Two weeks later, Sirius came home with Amelia and was smiling instead of cowering, bets were good that there would be a wedding in the near future.

The kids had gone to Diagon Alley several times and they were all registered for all the magical NEWT classes. One of the things Harry did was have an elf stationed in the Alley all summer. Its job was to watch for Lucius Malfoy and his family to show up while others were school shopping.

Harry had the goblins searching for a witch that took classes at a muggle university with a child services emphasis. Near the middle of August they found one. A meeting was set up.

Amanda Bringwatt was surprised to be asked in the politest letter she had ever received from anyone in the magical community to be at Gringott's Bank on August 18th at eleven for a mutually beneficial discussion. What did anyone magical want with her? She was a first generation witch. She had done well at Hogwarts but when the job market looked to be a dead end, she attended university with the goal to help young children, especially young magical children that might be abused by non-magical caretakers.

She showed up early, as was her habit. At the teller window, she stated her name and that she was here for an appointment.

"Miss Bringwatt, we are glad to see you early. The people you are meeting are already here. Please follow Cagerunner for your meeting room." A little messenger goblin took her to a fairly large room. There was a boy and two girls already at the table.

When she entered the boy stood and gestured toward the seat on the opposite side of the table. "Miss Bringwatt, please sit down so we can get started. I am Harry James Potter Black. This to my right is Dora Tonks my betrothed to the Potter Name and to my left is Hermione Granger my betrothed to the Black Name. I personally hope I don't get any more names when I turn seventeen two wives will be enough."

"Please use our first names. May we use yours or do you prefer Miss Bringwatt?"

"Lord Potter Black, decorum requires I call you that at least once. Our level of familiarity will depend on what this meeting is about."

"She is right Harry," replied Dora. "Miss Bringwatt, we are looking for an adult with your back ground and a nice face, to be the face for Tiger Lily Enterprises. The purpose of Tiger Lily Enterprises is to help underprivileged magical children. Some of them will need tuition help to go to Hogwarts. Others may need different caregivers. Some will need help simply buying the supplies in Diagon Alley. We don't care about blood purity or generation."

Hermione was next, "Tiger Lily Enterprises will be funded by the Potter Mining Consortium. It does not need to make a profit. It needs to help children and change attitudes."

Harry took up the talk again. "Tiger Lily was my mom's nick name. Her first name was Lily and she had red hair and green eyes. Rumor has it when you crossed her she turned into a tiger."

Amanda had to cover her mouth to hide her smile.

"Now has anything we have said here caught your interest? Are you the right person for us to talk to?"

"Harry, please call me Amanda. To answer your question, yes I am the right person for you to talk to. I hoped to get into the ministry in the child welfare department, if not them then the regular child welfare department. Will we be working with them or opposed to them?"

"Amanda, we have an in at the DMLE. They will cooperate with the right person as long as no obvious laws are broken. We can even bend a few now and then just not break them. In the next few years, we will try to improve some of the existing laws but that will take time. Some children need help now."

They spent time talking about how to help others and how to get some of the people to accept it. Harry especially wanted to help Ginny Weasley, the seventh child of a poor family. Amanda had an idea she wanted to try. They all left happy. Amanda left excited.

The Malfoys showed up when the Weasleys went shopping. They were quickly done while Molly and Ginny were standing in line to get books from Gilderoy Lockhart signed. Malfoy ridiculed Mr. Weasley and slipped T. M. Riddle's Diary into Ginny's kettle.

Harry arrived in time to see the action and the fight between the two men. He bumped into Ginny and made her drop her stuff. He helped her pick it up and she was diary free. Once the Malfoy's had left the Alley, Amanda spotted the red headed girl. Harry gave her the thumbs up.

Molly was standing there fidgeting about how they could afford four more sets of new Lockhart books because they were on every age booklist. Suddenly a nicely dressed Young Lady came up to her daughter. "Miss, are any of those things you are holding second hand?" Ginny looked down almost crying and nodded her head.

The Lady said, "Please come with me a moment for a nice surprise. We are just stepping out of the bookstore. I know I am a stranger. Uhm, you boy do you know this girl?"

"Yes ma'am that's my sister," Fred said.

"Good come with us for a second for her protection." The red heads looked at each other and decided to see what the lady was up to. They went outside.

The lady pointed her wand in the air. Suddenly the air was filled with fireworks, confetti and balloons. Using an amplification charm the lady said, "Attention Everyone, I am happy to announce the first annual golden ticket winner from the Tiger Lily Foundation. This young lady has won free school supplies and other assorted prizes from our alley merchants. What's your name sweetie?"

"Ginny Weasley."

"Ginny Weasley let me pin this winning ticket on your jumper. Now rules are you must stay with me and at least one other family member the entire time you are in the alley. This is so no bad person tries to steal my winner. You must also allow us to take one photo of your family for the Daily Prophet. Do you accept?"

"Will you really buy new school supplies for me this year?"

"That and more but you have to accept and your brother has to say yes as well."

The two red head were whispering together. The brother stood up, "Ma'am we will do this with one change to the rules. She has to have two family members with her all the time. There are enough of us."

"Everyone give them a hand there is a protective brother for you. You sir will grow up to be a good young man. Do you have another family member handy so we can get started?"

Fred whistled piercingly and George came up. "Ma'am this is my brother George."

"Excellent now let me give you these collar buttons for helping. Now off to the trunk shop first." The twins didn't notice that she pinned the buttons on opposite collars.

The crowd moved with them. At the trunk shop, "Mr. Thicket has generously agreed to add feather weight and shrinking charms to this advanced model student trunk. We can use it to carry all our prizes."

Mr. Weasley had finally found Ron the remedial books that Hogwarts insisted he buy and study if the boy wanted to continue attending. He noticed that most of his family was missing. He had Ron stand with his mother in line while he went to find them. He noticed a crowd heading from the trunk shop. He wasn't sure but he thought he saw red hair near the front of the crowd.

Amanda stopped in front of the cauldron shop, "They have promised that with the setup I bought Miss Weasley that she also gets extra cauldrons and professional potion making tools." She added a wrapped bundle to the chest. "And here at the apothecary she gets her first year ingredients free."

The crowd moved down the alley. Mr. Weasley kept trying to get closer to the front. "Now I am pleased to say that Miss Weasley's escorts get something here today as well at the stationary shop. Ginny gets a free years worth of supplies and each of her protectors gets six new quills and two new ink bottles."

Mr. Weasley caught up with them when they returned to Flourish and Blott's Bookstore. Before he could say a word Amanda announced, "Ah, here he is the concerned father. Mr. Weasley may I congratulate you on your families luck. Your brilliant daughter here has won the First Annual Golden Ticket Award given out to a promising young first year student. As she has a large family we insisted that she have two guards with her at all times to make sure I'm not trying to steal her or something. This wonderful crowd was also been watching to keep me honest. Right Crowd?" The crowd roared back "Right."

Mr. Weasley was at a loss for words he just followed his family. "Now Ginny the people here at the bookstore were concerned about the required reading this year having some extra books it didn't need. Now my helper talked to Fred. It seems that your family needs one first year set, one second year set, and two fourth year sets. They also threw in this bottomless book bag to use to get between classes. Let's put this in your trunk as well. Mr. Weasley if you collect your wife and last son meet us down at Olivander's Wands. We will wait for your family there."

Mr. Weasley went over to where his son and wife were still in line. Gilderoy Lockhart was hamming it up and acting out scenes from his books. "Molly we need to go. The way he is acting, he will have another signing in the future. We don't have all day here." He dragged her to the front where he bought Ron's used remedial books. She was objecting the entire way out of the shop about the required booklists. Finally, he had enough, "Molly, I don't do it very often, but you need to be quiet. As head of house Weasley don't bring it up again." She was now quietly furious.

They caught the crowd the other side of the bank. "Ah, very good Mr. Weasley, the magical menagerie would like to give your daughter an owl to prove that they as well as the Owl Emporium sell owls. They would like a picture. We require all pictures have an adult family member in them. Is that alright?"

He knelt down in front of his daughter. "Ginny do you want an owl?"

"Oh, yes daddy please. It's the only way that I'll be able to have a pet ever."

"Ok, let me talk to your mom a minute." He stepped over to Molly. He put up a silence. "Molly you will be happy with this. Ginny was selected as a potential outstanding first year student and the first to receive a new annual award. She won because she is smart and special. You will act happy about this and rejoice because most of the merchants are giving her things because of how good she will probably be. Can you smile and be a supportive mother or should I be in the picture."

"Did she really win because she was smart? This isn't charity is it?"

"Nope, because she is smart."

"I can do this for her. May I?" He nodded and took down the silence.

"Oh Ginny, I'm so happy for you. Can I be in the picture with you or would you prefer your dad."

She grabbed her mom in a big hug, she had been afraid she would make her give things back. "You can if you want mom."

The Photographer also posed the entire family against a brick wall. He told them that the paper would show the over a background of the entire alley. He left when finished.

Amanda announced to the crowd, "All we have left is wands. All of us remember the process of getting first wands. I will say goodbye now and have a good day. This may take hours." Amanda started laughing, this got the crowd laughing as it dispersed.

Amanda got into the shop, "Mr. Olivander, how many of these people do not have new wands from you?"

"Miss Bringwatt, all of these children need wands."

"Please take care of it please and if possible hurry."

She dragged the adults outside. "I need to talk to you about how your daughter can continue to receive her golden ticket awards. We have an independent judge at Hogwarts. Her school performance needs to meet certain criteria. She must also show social maturity as well. Please keep the ticket in a safe place. I suggest that you frame it and put it in her room. It will have an indication if she is qualified next summer. You must keep it and encourage her as best you can.

"The ticket is a sophisticated device. It will be able to sense your daughter's moods. If it believes that for her to excel, she needs to be in a more supportive environment, it will start the necessary action to do so. You see we can't stand the idea that many young magicals like even Harry Potter were abused until we stepped in. Please love your daughter. It will save us paperwork."

Molly asked, "Harry Potter was abused?"

"Yes he was beaten by his magic hating muggle aunt and uncle every day for ten years."

"But Albus said that he placed him somewhere that he could be loved."

"Well your Albus never checked him once to see how he was treated. Wouldn't you say that being fed three times a week was abuse?"

"Three times a week, surely you mean three times a day."

"Nope, it's documented, three times a week average, sometimes more, often less."

Molly Weasley's world was shattered. Everyone knew that young wizards needed lots of food as they were growing up. There was always food available at her house. If Dumbledore had let Harry Potter starve then he had definitely lost their trust.

"Yes ma'am I promise to be a better mom and actually listen to her. My husband has forcibly informed me that sometimes I open my mouth before I have all the facts. I wanted to yell at him so bad, but then I realized while I was forced to be silent that he was right. I may have driven my oldest two boys away. Thank Merlin they turned out to be wonderful people. I will try to change so I don't drive any more of my family away."

"That's the spirit. My contact at Hogwarts tells me that you need to work on your youngest boy's manners. He eats like a pig and often offends the entire hall. He also needs to learn to curb his appetite. Otherwise, when his magic is stable he will weigh eight hundred pounds and be much wider than he is tall. Unless he changes he will probably die before he is thirty from being too fat."

"Thank you ma'am," she replied. Mrs. Weasley thought to herself, 'I haven't reduced the amount I cook since Bill left. That means Ron eats enough for three or four all the time at home because there are never any leftovers.' Ron's life at home was due for some major changes.

Eventually all four children came out of Olivander's Wands with big smiles. Miss Bringwatt was ready. "Ginny, I hope you have enjoyed today. I expect you to do your best at school. I want to hear good things about you."

"Oh Miss, I can't thank you enough. I promise that I will do the best I can all Year." The Weasleys left for home. Miss Bringwatt went to all the vendors and made sure they were paid. She went back to the office with a smile on her face.