Konoha Virginity clinic

Chapter 7: Sakura

In the village hidden in the leafs there is a building where young ninjas can go to enjoy the pleasures of sexual intercourse. However further into the village walked the pink haired ninja Sakura down a street.

"That idiot Naruto." She muttered carried a stack of papers. "He always forget to do the mission paperwork." she sighed as she reached Naruto's apartment building. She started heading up the stairs grumbling. "It's always me who has to pick up after this idiot like a little brother." She reached Naruto's apartment and was about to knock when she thought she heard a voice.

"Naruto please." A faint voice came from the room. Sakura put her ear closer to the door.

"Is there someone in there with him?" she pondered thinking she's heard the voice before.

"Come on just say it once." the familiar voice of Naruto came from behind the door.

"What is he talking about? Say what?" Sakura wondered, she looked both way to make sure she was the only one around before trying to quietly open the door. She slowly cracked open the door. "Wha..?" She gasped seeing Hinata in there with him.

"It's just saying it is still so embarrassing." Hinata said both her and Naruto were shirtless. Hinata was sitting in his lap.

"Please you said it before." Naruto begged stroking Hinata's back. Sakura watched intensely still wonder what is going on.

"Naruto..." Hinata paused. "Please f...fuck my...pussy with your hard... c-cock." She starred down at the floor.

"That's my girl." Naruto smiled Kissing Hinata's lips and pulling her closer. Sakura's heart started to race and she quickly ran from the door.

"What the hell? When did they become a couple?" Sakura thought running down the street. She stopped huffing out of breath. "Why am I running? Why do I care?" A tear ran down her cheek. "What do I care? Naruto always annoyed me with his stupid flirting and Hinata has had a thing for him since the academy." she huffed starting to walk. "Still I wish Sasuke was here." She frown staring at the ground.

"Sakura." a friendly voice called out from behind her. She turned to see the smiling face of her admirer Rock Lee.

"Oh, Lee." Sakura said rubbing her eye.

"Sakura, are you okay?" Lee asked concerned. "Have you been crying? Did you hurt yourself during training?"

"What, oh no." Sakura said reassuring him. She starred down for a moment. "Lee, do you want to go spare?" She asked.

"YES!" Lee cried out. "Let us show each other the full joy of youth with our fists." Lee chanted.

The two made their way to the training field. They starred down at each other before starting to exchange punches. Sakura threw a series of furious punches at Lee. The sight she saw of Naruto and Hinata kept playing back in her mind. Soon memories of Sasuke started to appears in her mind. Tears started to leak out of her eyes as she throw a punch at Lee.

"Unfocused." Lee said grabbing her arm and tossing her over his shoulder. Lee then pinned her. "What's going on, Sakura?"

"Nothing!" Sakura yelled lying. Lee gave her a concerned look. "It's just... Lee, have you ever felt sad about something for no reason?"

"Huh?" Lee said puzzled. "I don't think so, perhaps your really shading teas of joy?"

"No." Sakura said grimly. "You see." She hesitated to tell Lee what she saw. "I saw Naruto and Hinata... together.. As in couple together." She said looking down.

"I see." Lee said his eyes widening. He fought the urge to jump up and cream in joy. His romantic rival for Sakura's affection, Naruto, has gone and getting a girlfriend. "I'm very happy for them." Lee gulped nervously. He saw this as an opportunity he shouldn't screw up. "So, does seeing those two together make you feel sad?"

"No, not exactly." Sakura said. "It's going to be nice not to have Naruto harassing me on mission and when I'm working for dates, and Hinata has had her eye on him for years, but." She paused starring down. "I don't know. I just starting of thinking of the old days and Sasuke."

"I see." Lee said slowly thinking of what to say next. He placed a hand on Sakura's shoulders. "Sadly Youth is a raging river. You can fight the current all you want, but you can't stay in the same place forever. One day you will be swapped out to the ocean of life. Naruto and Hinata have fund each other and experienced one of the final beauties of Youth." He said reassuring her.

"Lee..." Sakura stammered for a moment not expecting Lee to say that. "That was..."

"You must not shed tears for this moment!" Lee continued. "You must not fall beneath the current. Swim strong and hold your head up high, You must always look forward too tomorrow. Always to stay up with your comrades in youth. Then you can run into the sunset of victory!"

"Ah-huh..." Sakura said completely lost. "I think I understand... Kind of."

"Sakura." Lee said softly placing both hands on her shoulders and starred into her eyes.

"Lee..." Sakura starred back and began to smile. "Lee, Thanks for much." Lee smiled and began to move his lips closer to hers. "I think I know what to do now." She said pulling away. "Thanks for much, Lee, I really needed that." She smiled as she started to run off towards the village.

"Oh, okay, you're welcome..." Lee started. "I will not cry, I fail only to feel the true worth of vitory." Lee said to himself fighting off tears.

Sakura ran down the street. She stopped in front of Naruto apartment building and starred up at his Window.

"I vowed never to fall behind again." She smiled and held up her fist. She continued to walk down the street further towards the outskirts of the village. She stopped and huffed out of breath. She stood before the virginity clinic.

"Welcom." the front desk nurse greeted her. "Oh, Sakura I wasn't expecting you." she said realizing who her.

"I'm not here about any official business." Sakura paused for a moment embarrassed. "I'm here for... that..."

"Oh..." the nurse paused for a moment realizing what Sakura wanted. "I see." She awkwardly paused for a moment. "Here take a form and fill it out." she said forcing an awkward smile and handing her a form.

"T-thanks." Sakura said awkwardly taking the form. She sat down on a bench and started to fill it out. She looked over the form's questions intensely as she decided her answers. Once she finished she was told to go to a room. "I hope I'm doing the right thing." She thought to herself. When she reached the room she sat down on the bed.

"Hello." A mellow voice came from the door as it opened. Sakura gasped seeing who it was.

"Sensei!" She cried out pointing a finger at the man who walked through the door. The man who stood there was Her Sensei, Kakashi Hataka.

"Oh, Sakura." Kakashi blinked. "I didn't realize you would come to a place like this."

"Sensei you're such a perv." Sakura scolded crossing her arms. "I knew it with you reading those pervy books in public, but to do something like this."

"Hey now." Kakashi retorted. "Someone has to do it, I'm just helping out with the development of the next generation."

"Pff." Sakura scoffed. "I bet you're doing this so you can have sex with girls way younger then you."

"Enough of this." Kakashi said with a sigh. "Why did you come here now?" He asked with a sharp eye.

"Um... no reason." Sakura said looking away.

"Fine you can tell me the real reason later." Kakashi sighed. "Shall we begin?" he asked unzipping his vest.

"Wait, um.. I'm not sure about this anymore." Sakura stammerer. Her voice grow weak and nervous.

"Now is a good at time as any." Kakashi said removing his vest and sitting down next to her. "Perhaps telling me the real reason for coming here would put you more at rest."

"I still don't think so, Sensei." Sakura sighed avoiding eye contact. She suddenly started to moan. She look down and saw Kakashi rubbing her crotch. "S-sensei." She moaned wanting him to stop.

"You came here to lose your virginity and to learn about sexual pleasure; I intend to make sure you do." He replied sliding a hand up her side. He softly cupped her breast.

"Sensei." Sakura moaned feeling Kakashi's hand on her breast of crotch. "I've never been touched like this before, please don't move so fast."

"Really?" Kakashi teased. "You never tried yourself rough while masturbating?" He asked.

"Sensei, I never masturbate." She gasped. Kakashi started stop circle her nipple through her shirt with his thumb.

"Don't lie, Sakura." Kakashi said. "How many time to you do it on average?" He started digging his middle finger into her crotch. "Lie again and I'll be rougher."

"Hmm... only about once a week." Sakura moaned her nipples starting to hardened.

"I see. Seems normal." Takashi mused. He reached up and started unzip her shirt as he continued to rub her nipple. "Tell me about it. When you first started and how you do it." He demanded opening her shirt exposing her cotton white bra.

"I was twelve." Sakura said fighting off another moan. "One day I saw Sasuke training in the rain. The water dripped down his face and body. His shirt clung too him."

"I'm not interested in how Sasuke looked." Kakashi interrupted and pinched one of her nipples. "What is your method of choice for masturbating?"

"In the bath." She moaned out. "It's the only time I'm alone and my mother can't nag me." She breathed heavily.

"I see..." Kakashi said slowly. He slide one hand Into Sakura's shorts and began to rub her clitoris. "So, you trim down there, do you?" He teased feeling around under her shorts. "No way a girl your age has so little."

"I just think it looks nice." Sakura moaned with a deep blush. "I tried it once to see how it looked." She looked away.

"Fair enough." Kakashi said pulling down her shorts. "Put your hand on my cock." He ordered.

"Huh!?" Sakura said shocked. Kakashi just simply stared back at her. "Hmm, Sensei you really are a perv." She huffed reaching down and grabbing his crotch. She blushed feeling the length of his shaft.

"Like you not turn on." Kakashi teased running his middle finger along the lips of her vagina.

"Shut up!" She blustered. She slowly started to rub a finger along the length of his penis.

"Well, it seems you like stroking my cock." Kakashi teased. "You're face is about as red as Hinata's when she sees Naruto. Don't be shy in using your whole hand." Sakura's face deepened thinking of Naruto and Hinata. She squeezed the shaft of Kakashi's penis. "Too tight." His eye widened in pain of her grib

"Sensei, shut up." She said in a low tone. "I don't want to talk about them during this."

"Them?" Kakashi grunted. Sakura just let out and avoided eye contact. "Fair enough. Undress your self." Kakashi ordered standing up and undressing himself.

"Fine." Sakura grunted as she pulled off her shirt and bra. She sat on the bed naked covering herself with her arms. "Sensei, if I'm naked you should be too." She said nervously looking up at him. Kakashi had stripped down to his headband and face mask.

"I undressed as much as you did." Kakashi replied scratching the back of his head. " see. I took off my pants, underwear, and shirt." Sakura blushed as her eyes inadvertently looked at his exposed and fully erect penis. "Don't be shy of it. You're going to have it inside you soon enough."

"Eh?" She blurted shocked. Kakashi quickly moved next to her still standing, his penis on her eye level. She blinked seeing it so close up.

"Lick it." Kakashi ordered looking down at her. Sakura gulped and slowly started licking the shaft of his member. She slowly ran her hand along his shaft and licking with vigor. "Very good." Kakashi moaned. "Now lay back and take it into your mouth.

"Yes, sensei." She blushed laying back onto the bed. She opened her mouth wide and let his penis slide into it. Kakashi bent over her face and landed forward. Sakura let out a sharp moan against Kakashi's penis as she felt Kakashi's finger inter her.

"Just relax, Sakura." Kakashi reassured her. "Just breath through your nose." Sakura tried to relax and moved her tongue along his shaft. She started breathing heavily feeling Kakashi's fingers inside her. She let out another sharp moan as she felt a tongue lick her clitoris.

"Is that Kakashi Sensei's tongue?" She thought to herself. "I can't get a good view." She thought frustrated. "It feels so good." She moaned feeling the tongue move along the lips of her vagina. She tried looking around but all she could see was His balls dangling in her face. "Damn it. I can't see his face."

"I'm about to cum, Sakura." Kakashi said with a huff. He continued licking out Sakura's womanhood. Sakura's eyes widened as she felt Kakashi's sperm shot into her throat. "You okay?" Kakashi asked pulling out of her mouth.

"I'm fine." she said coughing slightly. "That tasted weird." She looked up and saw Kakashi wearing his mask. Sakura's heart sank.

"Well then, I guess it's time to more on to the next stage." Kakashi said, he reached over and grabbed a condom from the side table. He sat down on the bed. "Face away from me and straddle my lap."

"Sensei, you could be a little less bossy." Sakura said with a sigh and doing what Kakashi told her. She blush turning away from Kakashi and raised her legs up onto the bed on either side of Kakashi's sides.

"Maybe later you can take charge, if that's what you're into." Kakashi chuckled. He slowly slide a hand from her thigh to her butt and all the way too one of her breasts.

"Sensei." Sakura moaned blushing. "Please don't say such things." She nervously looked down as she felt Kakashi's hand wondering about her body and guiding herself down onto his penis.

"Are you ready, Sakura?" Kakashi asked. Sakura kept quiet and nodded. "Okay then." He slowly lowered her onto his penis. She winced as it started to enter her.

"Sensei, it feels weird." Sakura moaned her voice cracking slightly.

"The feeling will pass." Kakashi said reassuringly stroking her hair as he thrusts the rest of his penis into her.

"It feels so big." Sakura moaned feeling Kakashi all the way into her. "Sensei, I've never had something this big before."

"So, you never used any toys during masturbation?" Kakashi asked bouncing Sakura up and down on his lap. Sakura just shook her head. "I see." He move his hand to her front and started to rub her clitoris with his finger.

"That feels so good, Sensei." Sakura moaned tilting her head back.

"Well, how does this feel?" Kakashi teased focusing his chakra into his finger. Sakura screamed out in pleasure.

"Sensei! That's too much." She threw her head back resting it onto his shoulder. "It... it feels too good." Sakura's head was swimming in overwhelming amount of pleasure.

"Perhaps it was too much for a first timer." kakashi said letting up on her clitoris. "I thought you could take it."

"I can, I want more." Sakura said panting. She started moving her leg thrusting herself on his lap. "More, sensei, more!"

"Very well." Kakashi said rubbing her clit even more. He focused his chakra into one of his other finger and began to rub one of her nipples.

"Fuck me, Sensei, fuck me!" She yelled Sakura yelled. Her legs were moving on almost on their own bouncing onto Kakashi's penis. Her vision was starting to go blurring. Her eyes rolled back and her tongue hanging out. "Fuck my brains out, sensei!"

"Very well." Kakashi said happily. He started bucking his hips into Sakura's pushing his penis further into Sakura.

"I think I'm going to cum!" Sakura yelled out. Her thoughts were lost in pleasure, her vision too blurry to see anything clearly. Just before coming she felt a pair on lips on her own. She let out a muffled moan as she came.

"Sakura, wake up." She heard a faint voice in the distance. She opened her eyes to see Kakashi fully dressed again.

"What, Kakashi Sensei?" She wondered looking around. "What happened?"

"You blacked out after climaxing. Do you remember?" Kakashi ask bending over her.

"Yeah, I think so." She rubbed her head. "Eh?" She looked around and noticed she was fully nude. "I'm still naked!?"

"Well, yeah." Kakashi shrugged. "So, what to explain what was eating you earlier? I always thought you were saving yourself for Sasuke, have you given up on him returning?"

"You mean aside from you?" Sakura joked. "Just about." She said somberly. "It's been year, I still wish to save him, but there is not point in stopping my self from experiencing life."

"What made you come to this epiphany?" Kakashi asked picking up Sakura's clothes and handing them to her.

"I.. Um... you see." Sakura stammered. "I was at Naruto's place earlier."

"So, you know about him and Hinata?" Kakashi asked.

"Eh!" Sakura said shocked. "You mean you knew!" she yelled.

"Yeah, everyone here knows." Kakashi said rubbing the back of his head. "They first hooked up through this place, Kurenai set them up to kill two birds with one stone in a way." Sakura just sat there dumbfounded at being the last to know. "Well, I have to go. Get dressed and leave the cleaning crew will be around soon." Kakashi said leaving. Sakura just starred into space.

Chapter End.