Déjà vu

Disclaimer: Source Code and all of its characters are owned by Vendome Pictures and The Mark Gordon Company. I only play with it for grins and giggles.

A/N: Written shortly after the movie was released in theatres. Coming in to work one morning, Goodwin gets a text message.


Again, thought a dismayed Goodwin as she read the text on her smart phone. He's saved us again.

Stealing into a secluded alcove of the research facility that housed the Source Code project, the captain digested the bare bones of the message: explosion at the Democratic National Convention; President assassinated along with half the cabinet. Hundreds dead, thousands wounded. The country in chaos without clear leadership.

Leaving her quiet refuge, Goodwin power-walked her way to Dr. Rutledge's office, overhearing confirmation of the message sent to her by SC-1, the asset otherwise known as Captain Colter Stevens.

The dead man who saved his country over and over again – but only she knew it.

Stevens was predictable – he sent her a text message after successfully completing a mission. Somehow, he was able to overwrite time and "fix" disasters before they happened. Because she managed to win his confidence in each mission, he let her know that the Source Code was more than advertised. It was a real, bona-fide time machine.

Retreating to her work station, Goodwin carefully downloaded Capt. Stevens' message onto a specific thumb drive hidden in plain sight, and then destroyed the original. From what she'd gleaned in the seven messages, Rutledge would let the knowledge go to his head and demean SC-1's service to his country.

Tucking the drive away, Goodwin went back to work, wondering if she'd ever be able to remember any of the SC changes. For she was the only one who knew that the project was a complete success. America benefited enormously from the combined talents of two vastly different men.

And for the sake of her country, Goodwin intended to keep it that way.