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Part Fifteen (Epilogue)

Merlin walked down the halls, a huge smile plastered across his face. Arthur had given him the day off while he was stuck in a meeting all day. The meeting was about magic of course, as it always seemed to be these days, and Merlin was going to enjoy his time off, and not worry about what they were saying. The meetings had gone well so far, at least as far as Merlin knew. Arthur never told him much, but he always walked out of that room smiling, even if he had been stuck in there for hours. He was probably just glad he was able to do something for his friend. Like he had promised he would

Merlin knew it would take time, and while he waited, he was doing his best not to use his magic. Of course he still used it when it was just him and those who didn't mind like Arthur and Gaius, but he didn't freely use it in front of everyone else. No one had really tried to kill him since Morgana, and he was still on good terms with most of the council.

In other words, things were looking pretty good. Merlin had hope that soon he would be able to live freely, as well as all those other good magic users like the druids and that sometime soon Albion might be united in a time of peace. He could see that future coming. It was in his grasp.

Merlin walked out of the castle, and into the forest. He enjoyed the nice warm air and the birds cheerful songs. When he made it to the clearing, he felt immaculately happy. He called the dragon and waited a few minutes under the shade of a tree. He stood up when he could hear the flapping of Kilgharrah's large wings.

"Hello young warlock," he greeted.

"Hello Kilgharrah. Thank you for coming," Merlin said receiving a simple nod in return. "Arthur knows about my magic," Merlin started.

The dragon didn't try to hide his surprise. "Really?"

Merlin just nodded. "And so does Morgana," Merlin said a little less joyfully.

Kilgharrah didn't hide his disappointment and worry. "This could prove disastrous."

Merlin shrugged. "To be honest, I have to disagree."

"And why is that?" Kilgharrah asked.

"Since I last fought her, no one has seen her or heard from her. She just seemed to disappear. Actually, that's another reason I called you here today."

"You want me to tell you if she is still alive," Kilgharrah guessed. Merlin just nodded. "I would think I would know if she was dead, and if she doesn't want to be found, I doubt even I could find her."

Merlin nodded sadly, but accepted his answer. "I just wonder what has happened to her."

"Perhaps it's for the best that she has disappeared," Kilgharrah consoled.

Merlin nodded slowly, and after a minute looked back up with a smile. "Arthur should be getting out of his council soon," Merlin realized.

"Then you best be off Merlin." Merlin turned around and started to walk back to Camelot when Kilgharrah stopped him. "Oh and Merlin," he turned back around. "Good luck!"

Merlin scrunched his face in confusion. "What's that supposed to mean?"

Kilgharrah just grinned in his dragon like way. "You will see," he said mysterious as ever.

Merlin frowned as the Great Dragon flew away.

"Pesky Dragon," he muttered to himself as he marched back to Camelot.


Morgana wandered the forest, trying to get Queen Annis's words out of her head. Your bitterness has made you alone, it rang. You will always be alone. I pity you, Morgana. You are consumed by bitterness Morgana. You are much more like your father than Arthur is. All her words echoed in her head. Round and round they went, but one word kept clawing at her, kept hitting her, weighing her down.


She was alone now, in the forest. She was always alone these days. No one to help her, no one to understand. She hadn't been alone in Camelot. Not at first.

So what had happened?

She asked herself this over and over, but was blind to the answer.

So instead she kept wandering, alone in her own pity, through the forest whispering to herself, "What happened?"


When Merlin walked into the castle, he was immediately stopped by the nearest guards. They told him nothing. They just lead him to the throne room and nearly threw him through the doors. Within was a crowded room full of knights and Councilors and everyone Merlin cared about.

"Ah, here he is," Arthur said when he saw him. "Just the man we've all been looking for."

For a moment, Merlin was afraid someone knew he had gone to talk to the dragon and was in a lot of trouble for it, but then he saw all the shining smiles on everyone's faces. Those of Gaius and Gwen being the brightest.

"What's going on Arthur," Merlin whispered when Arthur had made his way over to him.

Arthur just smiled and lead him to the front of the room where Geoffrey stood nobly. Merlin became more confused. Once At the very head of the room, everyone's gaze on them, Arthur and Merlin faced them and Arthur spoke to the whole multitude.

"Today is a momentous day. It is a day that we have needed for a long time," Arthur announced, his voice carrying across the whole room. "Today is the day we renew a special position in court and for the first time in a long time, Merlin shall be our new Court Magician!"

Merlin's jaw dropped as the whole room erupted in applause. He couldn't believe his ears. He just looked at Arthur in disbelief. "You can't be serious," he whispered harshly.

"Of course I'm serious," Arthur said to him as the sound of clapping continued.

"But how? I mean, magic is still outlawed. How can I be a Court Magician without magic being legal?" Merlin asked.

"You may not be able to actually use magic, at least until magic does become legal, which it will. Until that day you will be helping me address all magical issues including, laws, monsters, and cultures. That means reshaping the law on magic, peace treaties with druids and the like, and any weird creatures I need help learning about how to kill."

"Gaius could do that. In fact he could probably do it better than I could," Merlin pointed out.

"Gaius is already the Court Physician. He couldn't be expected to do two jobs. That and the fact that you're the only one who qualifies. Besides the whole Council loves you anyway."

"Only because I saved their lives," Merlin scoffed.

"I say that's a good reason for them to love you," Arthur commented.

Merlin just gave him a shove, before realizing everyone was still clapping and watching them. His face reddened in embarrassment.

"I suppose you couldn't have warned me about this?"

"Mmmmm. It was much more fun this way."

Merlin just chuckled and shook his head back and forth.

So this was was Kilgharrah meant, he thought to himself as he looked out across the crowd of smiling faces. Stupid oversized lizards.



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