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Edward's Addiction – cannon pairing – The Cullen's attitudes different from cannon – lots of lemony goodness, or badness depending upon your mindset. Some bondage, ok lots of bondage.

Edward's Addiction

Chapter 1

Ever since the Cullen family had moved to Forks Washington, and Bella Swan saw Edward Cullen, she'd began to watch him every chance she got. Edward watching became her favorite pass time.

He was the most beautiful boy she'd ever seen, bar none. He was glorious, and she was in danger of falling in love with him. No not in danger, it had happened, if she'd admit it to herself.

Bella was aware of every one of Edward's movements. She'd become completely obsessed with him. She finally got tired of looking down or away when he'd catch her watching him and just began to meet his eyes.

Sometimes Bella had the feeling the Edward could read her mind. So, she just told him, with her mind, I have completely and utterly fallen in love with you Edward. Please love me back. She had no way to know if he'd heard her or not because when he did look her direction, she could never read his expression. All she could do was hope he'd heard her.

One morning, while in the school parking lot, before the first period bell rang, Bella was standing by her truck, looking for her mp3 player that was always lurking somewhere in the dark depths of her backpack, totally unaware of anything else that was going on around her. Once she'd found her mp3 player, she turned to go into the school building, and Edward was standing right there. She actually bumped into him.

Bloody Hell where did he come from. "I'm sorry Edward, I didn't see you there."

"Bella, you need to stay away from me. I'm not good for you." If you knew what I am and how dangerous I am to you, and how my resolve is weakening, you'd run away and never look back! But truthfully, could I let her run away? He didn't think so.

It was already too late for Bella Swan. She'd caught the attention of a vampire, and that was not a good thing usually.

"I think I can be the judge of that Edward. If you don't want me around you, then ignore me. It's my problem." Bella felt her face heat up. Damn why do I have to blush so all the time!

"No, it really isn't. You just don't have a clue what you'd be getting yourself into."

Bella just stood there watching Edward. Please Edward. I love you.

He apparently came to a decision. "Ok. I'll come over to your house after school today and we can do our home work together." Then I'll see just how good my will power is. I'll try not to kill you, I really will.

Edward watched as Bella's face melted into pure joy. He chuckled to himself. "And so it begins."

That afternoon, Bella was rushing to get her chores done before Edward got there and her father came home. She had his dinner all ready. It would only require heating, and eating.

Little did Bella know that Edward had come through the trees so no one would see him, and entered into the house through an open window at the back of the house. It turned out to be Bella's father's bedroom. The Chief of Police should know better than to leave windows open, even if it was on the second floor.

Bella was standing in front of the kitchen sink washing dishes that had accumulated during the day with her back to the doorway that opened into the kitchen. Edward stood there briefly watching Bella. He moved very quickly up behind her and just stood there waiting for her to realize he was there.

The first she knew of Edward's presence was when he breathed on her. She then felt him standing very close behind her. Forcing herself not to jump, she looked into the reflection showing in the window above the kitchen sink. She saw a smiling Edward standing very close behind her.

God! She smells so good. I don't think I can do this. If I kiss her it'll be all over.

"Hi" was all Bella could say.

"Did I startle you? I'm sorry if I did. I did knock." That's a lie. You snuck in through a window.

"No, that's OK. I just didn't hear it and you did startle me, but I couldn't be frightened of you Edward." Not when I love you so much.

Edward smiled at Bella. "You smell delicious. It's some kind of floral scent." As he says this as his nose is skimming along her neck and he's inhaling her fragrance. "It's mouthwatering." I can't do this. I should go. I don't want to go. I must have her, body and blood. I can see her pulse beating right there, and he planted another open mouth kiss over that spot. He had to touch it, that pulsing place. A Kiss is dangerous, but...

He began to plant more open mouth kisses on her neck and that part where neck and shoulder meet. Bella started to squirm and twist a little. She's so responsive! She was pushing her ass into his already hard erection.

Bella was overcome. She turned her head so Edward could plant one of those open mouth kisses on her own mouth. Oh. My. God. She'd been kissed before and couldn't understand why she was reacting the way she was to Edward's kissing her. Little did she know that the vampires venom reacted within humans like an aphrodisiac. Bella was getting extremely turned on and all she could do was move against Edwards body and she could feel how that was reacting on him. He was getting a huge erection. She found herself just kind of melting back into Edward. Oh. My. God. He tastes so good.

All Bella knew for sure was her panties had never been so wet before.

"Bella do you really want to do this?" Edward breathed into Bella's hair. Please say no. Please tell me to leave. I'll hurt you if you don't. I don't have the strength to do it myself.

"Oh yes Edward. I've never wanted anything so much in my life!" Oh God. I want him to make love to me! Bella could feel her arousal soaking her panties even more than before.

"Bella, Bella. You don't know anything about me, or my family. You can't trust me or my family. If I get my hands on you you'll probably wind up dead or worse. You don't want that." Please Bella! Show some common sense. Some self preservation. PLEASE.

Bella was so turned on by Edwards vampire venom that she didn't care what was going on. The house could have been on fire and she wouldn't have known it. All she knew was the burning desire that was coursing through her veins. Everything, anything else but Edward and the lust that was filling her was of no importance.

"Edward, do you know where we are? This is no-where-ville USA. What chance of a meaningful life do you think I'll have here. If I can have an hour with someone like you, then maybe it'll worth it!" Please Edward. Please.

The longer Bella clung to him, and the longer he was surrounded by her delicious scent, the less likely his being able to stop what was going on disappeared.

"Bella, I am a vampire! Doesn't that mean anything to you?" She gave him nothing but a blank stare. "It means I drink blood to survive. Your blood is very potent. I could kiss you and not be able to resist biting you, or you could cut yourself around me and I couldn't resist and you'd wind up drained of all blood and very dead." Edward felt Bella go stiff for a heart beat, then she turned around and threw her arms around Edwards neck.

"Edward, I don't care, if I could just have some of you," have sex with you ... have an orgasm or three – I'd be happy. Please. If you don't kill me, then make me a vampire too. Just let me be with you. Please. I'm dying already in this fucking town." Please Edward, love me!

Edward picked Bella up bodily and put her on the kitchen counter. This put them at eye level. He pushed her legs apart and stood between them and grabbed her both her wrists and pulled them up over her head and held them in in just one of his hands against the cabinets there.

He gathered her long chestnut colored hair at the nape of her neck, pulled her head back...a little to the left and held her in place. He bent down and kissed her tenderly and deepened it in to passion and Bella responded to Edward and started moving her body against his. His hand moved from the back of Bella's head slowly down her back to the to her waist and pulled her toward him sharply. He felt her nipples press into his chest and in response, ground his chest into hers.

Edward next dropped the hand that was on her back down to her ass and he began to knead it very gently. He felt Bella start to move her hips back and forth with more strength and need.

He dropped her wrists and allowed Bella to put her arms around his neck. Now he had both his hands free to roam around Bella's young firm body. He got his one hand under her tee shirt feeling her smooth skin. Her skin was so smooth and so soft. He could stroke it forever. Feel her warmth.

Edward actually felt aroused.

That was strange, he'd not felt arousal in over 200 years. Interesting, and with a human.

Edward couldn't help himself and he ripped Bella's blouse off followed by her bra. Edward moved his hand back up to the nape of her neck, gathered her long chestnut hair in his hand and pulled her head back again so that her back was bowed and her breasts pushed up. He immediately covered her right breast with wet open mouth kisses and then sucked as much of it as he could into his mouth and suckled hard drawing a loud gasp from Bella. He then released the entire breast and clamped his lips onto that nipple and stroked it with his tongue.

Bella moaned and writhed in pleasure. Edward was really getting turned on and found that he wanted to have sex with a human for the first time ever. He would have to be so careful not to kill her at once. Human's were so fragile.

He ripped Bella's jeans and panties off and his own as well so they were both naked now. He held Bella's legs spread wide and Edward could feel the heat of her sex so close to the head of his cock. She was still bent slightly backwards and he could now ravage her other breast. All that was coming from Bella were moans of pure pleasure.

Edward pull Bella's body back up close to his and rubbed his chest hard up against her naked breast. Her nipples were rock hard. Edward positioned himself so that with only a slight push his cock would be buried inside Bella's very wet and inviting pussy. He could smell her desire for him.

Edward made sure that he had Bella firmly by the back of her neck as he ran his other hand down her spine until it was grasping her right ass cheek. When he was ready and in position he would not only pushed his cock firmly into Bella's pussy, but also two of his fingers into Bella's ass and bite her on the neck at the same time.

He was careful that the bite was just enough to get the blood flowing down her breasts. He returned his attentions to her nipple where he could sucked the flowing blood from her. Bella almost instantly had an orgasm while experiencing the loss of her maiden head and invasion of her ass, to say nothing of the pain she felt on her throat. Bella had never experienced so much pleasure and pain inflected upon her body at the same time. Please God, don't let him kill me yet.

Almost at once Edward was ready to go again, and dragged Bella off the counter top. She was now in a weakened condition from loss of blood, but Edward was not about to stop. He was just getting started. He wanted more from this young girl who was so willing to sacrifice her body and blood to him for just some fleeting pleasure.

He was going to see to it that she was not disappointed. He would use her up... blood, body and soul!

Once Edward had her off the counter top he pushed everything that had been on the kitchen table to the floor and almost threw Bella onto it. On the table, on her back, he pulled her legs up onto his shoulders and he buried his face into the apex of her thighs and lapped greedily at the fluids flowing now from her.

He'd positioned both of his hands on Bella's naked breast catching both nipples in each of his hands and pulled and twisted them, hard. Bella was moaning and Edward could tell that she was about to have another orgasm so just as it began, he bit into her leg at the femoral artery and lapped at the mixture of Bella's sexual juices and blood. It was a heady cocktail for him. The force of her cumming brought an acceleration of her heart that pushed the blood into his mouth faster that way.

He had to have more. He would not kill this girl or make her a vampire like himself, but keep her as his sex toy and dessert. He might even share her with his brothers and father if they were interested, once he had had all the firsts he wanted from her. But not now. He must not allow himself to take too much from her. He did not want to kill her, just yet.

As he was deciding this Bella lost consciousness and didn't object at all to being kidnapped by Edward. He raced through the dark woods carrying Bella to a cabin he'd built high up in the mountains. He chained her to the bed literally. Then got to thinking that perhaps that chain was too heavy for her and decided that when he came back, he'd bring something not quite so crude or heavy.