"Nessie!" Jake calls my name as he runs towards me enthusiastically. "Happy 3rd birthday!"

I laugh. "But I look thirteen."

I've known Jacob Black since I was born. He's always been there, even with me growing at a rate not even possible for humans. And I don't mean like in the Curious Case of Benjamin Button, either.

Jacob was once in love with my mother. I can see it when I touch him, his memories projecting before me. When I was born, he imprinted on me, and ever since, he has been my best friend.

"That's my girl." He laughs, handing me a small package.

I frown, my mind as mature as I look. "Gross."

"Well I'll take it back then." He smirks.

"You know what I meant." I rolled my eyes and took the small box off of him.

I carefully open it and gasp. Inside is a beautiful gold necklace with a small wolf charm and a dreamcatcher on it.

"Jake, it's lovely." I smile at him.

"Good." He returns the smile. "Now please turn off that Justin Bieber song before I scream."

Just over one and a half years later...

"Well, Renesmee, I think you've finally stopped growing." Carlisle said, looking at my recent test results. "You're just like any other 18-year-old."

"Shame I'm only four." I sighed. "I know I'm mature and everything, but it sucks having my childhood happen so fast. Aren't I meant to enjoy it whilst it lasts? Before boys come along and ruin everything."

"Now, now, it's not that bad." Carlisle replied. "You used to say you couldn't wait to grow up."

"That was before I didn't have a date for prom tonight." I frowned, standing up and smoothing my Hollister t-shirt down.

"I'm sure they were just too scared to ask. At least you'll have fun with your friends."

"Yeah, it will be great fun watching Embry and Rosie kiss all night."

Rosie was my best friend. At least she had been since I started school half a year ago, when I looked old enough to be there. One day, Jacob had invited me and Rosie to the reservation, and as soon as Embry looked at her, he was in love with her. The wolves imprint, you see, and then they end up either being their best friend or the love of their life. That's why I'm Jacob's best friend. And that's why it's been so hard not seeing him these last three weeks whilst I finish my finals so I can go to college.

"I'm sure Jacob would go with you." Carlisle smiled, encouragingly.

"Yeah until of the cheerleaders whisks him away for a dance. I've seen the way they look at him."

"Is someone jealous?" Mom raised an eyebrow, walking into the room.


"Sure. Now go up to your room, your Aunt Alice is waiting for you so she can start on your hair."

I dragged my feet up the stairs to my bedroom. Did I really have to go to prom? Was in that big a deal? My calender was the first thing to catch my eye, reminding me that next week the family were relocating to Alaska, so they could actually go out in public without people getting suspicious about their eternal youth. I, on the other hand, had taken a jump and had decided I was going to be starting at University of Florida. For once, I wanted to be somewhere hot and sunny, and not have to worry about the family harassing me every five minutes; the sun would give them away. My family were disappointed I was going to be so far away. I knew Jacob would be too, which was why I hadn't told him yet.

The ruby red dress hanging in my wardrobe reminded me I had two and a half months left until Emily and Sam's wedding. Which meant two and a half months until I left Forks for good.

"Hey, let's get to work!" Alice grinned at me, practically pushing me onto the chair by my dresser. "You have to leave in three hours!"

Alice curled my hair, adding a gold leaf aliceband in place, and then her and Aunt Rosalie spent their time on my make-up. Once everything was done, I put on my dress and was then allowed to look in the mirror.

It was a shame I didn't have a date, I actually looked okay. I had brown and gold eyeshadow highlighting my golden brown eyes. My eyelashes looked long, and my long brunette curls hung loosely down my chest. On my neck I was wearing the necklace Jacob had bought me a while ago, and my red thin-strapped ballgown looked Grecian with the embroidered ribbon just under the bust. My slim 5ft6 frame also looked slightly taller in my gold strappy heels that were hidden under my dress.

"Wow, you look wonderful." Mom said, appearing behind me.

"Beautiful, just like your mother." Dad nodded in agreement.

I smiled, picking up my gold clutch bag as the doorbell rang.

"I'll get it." Esme called from downstairs.

"Come downstairs and we'll take some photographs." Dad said, a smile playing on his lips. I reached out to grab his hand so I could see what was going on, but he snatched his hand away. "Now, now, let's not ruin the surprise."

My vampire family rushed down the stairs before me, as I walked along elegantly, holding my dress so that I did not catch my heels on it.

I reached the top of the stairs and gasped. There, in a white shirt with rolled up sleeves, a red tie, black formal trousers, and obviously his converse, was my best friend.

"Jake!" I squealed, hurrying down the stairs and hugging him, momentarily forgetting my conversation with Carlisle from earlier.

"Wow, Nessie, you look really beautiful." He smiled, picking me up and spinning me around.

"Thanks." I blushed, as the hug ended.

"Here, apparently I had to be traditional." He shot a glass at Alice before placing a corsage on my wrist. It was a perfect arrangement, with a white rose inside a red one, and a simple white ribbon; my favourite colours and my favourite flowers.

"Thank you." I smiled, looking up at him. Since when was Jacob so good-looking? And had his biceps gotten bigger? My heart fluttered, and I noticed my dad trying not to laugh. Stupid mind readers.

"Photos!" Alice called, grabbing the camera from Esme whilst Rosalie arranged me on the stairs.

The camera flashed, and then Jacob was dragged into the photoshoot.

"So this is what it's like being the only girl." Jacob grinned, making me laugh.

"I'm sure I can call your dad, what with you being the only boy." I replied, sticking my tongue out.

What seemed like a thousand photos later, and we were in Alice's new ferrari, and then at the lodge our prom was being held at. My vision was obscured my hundreds of white fairylights, and the fairytale theme chosen by the student body became obvious.

"Wow, are we at Disneyland or something?" Jake laughed as we walked up the lit, and rosebush-lined pathway to the entrance.

"Something like that." I replied with a smile. "I think it looks beautiful though... almost romantic." My voice faded out with the last part.

Jake's mouth turned into a line, and then was forced into a smile as the photographer took a photo of us at the entrance. You need to tell him Nessie, my head reminded me. Maybe not just yet. Maybe we'd enjoy the evening first.

Inside I was met by a sea of eyes. Boys looked at me open-mouthed and girls looked at me annoyed, whilst attempting to divert the attention of their dates back to them. Jacob let out a low growl beside me.

"Can we put the dog in the kennel tonight please?" I pleaded, turning to face him.

"I don't like what they're thinking. Filthy-"

"Jake. You're not my dad. You don't know what they are thinking."

"I know lust when I see it."

"And they can't have me, so it's fine." I smiled. "Now come on, I think I saw Rosie and Embry over by the drinks table."

Sure enough, Rosie and Embry were close enough to making out against the drinks table.

"Ness!" Rosie squealed, pulling me into a hug. "Senior prom, baby!"

"I know." I smiled. "Where has time gone?"

"Ha, nowhere for you, Miss Eternal." She rolled her eyes. Apart from my family and the wolf pack, Rosie was the only person who knew everything about me. Then again, she technically was part of the wolf pack now.

I nudged her playfully before Embry pulled me into a hug.

"Now, now Jake, let's not get too jealous." Embry smirked as the hug ended. "I'm not taking away your best friend."

Rosie laughed, used to Embry winding Jacob up when it came to me. I just sighed. I couldn't help but cringe at the word friend. Friends were honest with each other. Friends told each other everything. If I was telling Jake everything, however, I would have to compliment him on just how hot he looked tonight. And that was definitely not a friends thing. Wow, I was really begining to think and feel like my physical age.

"Hey Renesmee, who's your friend?" Emma, the most popular girl in school, asked as she approached me, her minions close behind. She looked over at Jake and smiled, checking him out whilst holding out her hand. "I'm Emma, future Miss America."

This time I was the one struggling to hide my anger. I felt protective. And annoyed she was trying to take him away from me. Was this jealousy? It was the first time I'd ever felt jealous.

"I'm Jake, Nessie's date." He replied, shaking her hand, with a sly smile.

"So you're her brother?"

"Nope." He put his arm around me protectively.

"I see. Well Nessie, I'll see you at graduation then." Emma smiled, before turning to Jacob one last time. "And I'll see you on the dancefloor later."

She meant it as a statement, not a question, but Jacob replied anyway. "Only with Nessie."

Emma strutted off with a flip off the hair. "I love it when boys play hard to get." She said to her minions as they hurried after her in their ridiculously high heels.

"Well that was fun." I sighed, downing the punch only to almost choke on it.

"It's spiked." Embry grinned, downing a plastic cup full. "I'd love to high-five the kid that did that."

"Look, we'll still have fun." Jake smiled. "Now give me some of that punch!"

Six cups of punch later, make that ten for Jake, and Rosie and I were dancing away, taking far too many photographs. I considered telling Carlisle that alcohol effected me, but then decided my dad would probably kill me if he found out I was drunk at senior prom.

Embry appeared behind Rosie and she grinded against him, moving her hips in time to the music. Embry's eyes glazed over, and I knew I didn't want to know what he and my best friend were doing in my head.

I downed another few cups of spiked punch, feeling the alcohol wearing off. Then I was back on the dancefloor, moving in time to the music. Jacob came beside me, dancing and glaring at the boys gathering near me. Rosie and Embry were eating each other's faces. I looked over at Jacob and he seemeed to be in awe, staring at me. Maybe it was the alcohol making me see things.

When it next wore off, I decided against having anymore. With alcohol, Jacob seemed to be looking at me in a more intense way than he usually would and the alcohol was making me want to kiss him. Clearly alcohol was designed just to ruin things.

It wasn't long until the slow songs began to play. I shifted uncomfortably, wondering if this was the time to leave. Everywhere around the room, my classmates were coupled up, dancing with their dates. Rosie and Embry seemed more sober and were looking at each other in a way that now sickened me. They were in love. And I would be spending eternity alone.

If I fell in love with someone, I'd only have to watch them die. I couldn't do that. Not every one hundred years. One of my favourite songs, 'Wherever you will go', filled the room and I turned towards the door, only to have Jacob grab my hand, stopping me.

"Is this the runaway date?" He laughed, pulling me towards him.

"I'm tired." I lied.

"No, you're just not having enough fun."

"I'm fed up with all the lovey-dovey songs." I replied, looking down. "So I think I should go. Besides, it's graduation tomorrow, I need my beauty sleep."

"Well the least you can do is stay for your song request." He smiled, brushing a loose curl away from my eyes, sending a bolt of electricity through me.


"I requested this song just for you. I know it's one of your favourites." He replied, shyly.

I grinned. "Thank you."

"So are you gonna dance with me or what?"

I let him pull me back to the dancefloor. He placed a land on my hip and took my hand in the other. I relaxed my other hand on his shoulder and let him lead me, swaying to the music.

That was the moment I knew there was something more to me and Jacob. It was like we fit together perfectly. His eyes were soft as he watched me, his smile wide. And it felt like electricity when we touched. I was falling for my best friend, I had to be.

If I could, then I would, I'd go wherever you will go

Way up high, or down low, I'd go where you will go

I still hadn't told Jake about Florida. I had to. It was going to break my heart and maybe his, but I couldn't hide it forever.

Runaway with my heart, runaway with heart

Runaway with my love

"Jake I-"

I know now, just quite how, my life and love might still go on

In your heart, in your mind, I'll stay with you for all of time

"Nessie you look so beautiful. You know that?"

His smile took my breath away.

"Thank you."

If I could, then I would, I'd go wherever you will go

Way up high, or down low, I'd go where you will go

"Jake, I'm moving to Florida."

If I could make you mine

He stopped moving and dropped his hands. "What?"

I'll go wherever you will go

"I start college in Florida in September." I said, as I watched the pain shoot through his eyes.

If I could turn back time

"Just after Sam and Emily's wedding."

I'll go wherever you will go

"Why didn't you tell me?" His eyebrows knitted together.

I'll go wherever you will go

"I don't want to lose you Jake."

And with that, Jacob Black, my best friend and my date for senior prom, left me standing in the middle of the dancefloor, surrounded by Forks High's Class of 2011.