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Girly evening had been a success. I'd really gotten to know Brooke and Abigail, and I could tell we would get along just great. However, they were never going to replace Rosie in my life. I was missing my best girlfriend like crazy, but she seemed far too busy to even reply to me.

College was a scary place. It was big and alien to me and although the grounds were signposted, I still found myself getting lost on the way to meetings and introductory lectures. Not to mention my first Saturday was spent alone; how was I supposed to know that pretty much everyone I knew worked Saturdays?! I knew I was going to have to find a job and soon.

On Sunday, Brooke, Abigail and I decided to head to the mall to buy some new clothes, as well as the fabric for our togas for Wednesday's party. The mall had a load of familiar shops, but some were new to me. Despite this, I was pretty happy going into Hollister.

"You can afford this stuff?!" Abigail gasped as we looked around inside.

"Abi, if you see something you like, I don't mind getting something for you." I replied with a smile.

"But we're students!"

I pulled out my platinum card. "My dad tops this up all the time. I wouldn't spend it all anyway."

A girl in the shop looked at me in disgust. "Daddy buys you everything? How pathetic."

I frowned.

"Ignore them, Ness." Brooke sighed. "You're just lucky that's all."

I'd never thought of it as pathetic before. I relied on my family for so much... Alice had redecorated the whole of our dorm, she bought me any clothes I wanted... dad topped up my cards... I was living off my family. I was entirely dependent.

"No, she's actually right. You girls work for your money, and what do I do? It's handed to me on a plate." I flicked my hair back off my shoulders. "I am going to get a job. Then I will have some money I've earned all by myself."

"Are you sure?" Brooke looked around, nervously.

"Absolutely." I looked at the counterr in Hollister for a moment, before spotting a 'Staff vacancy' poster. I strolled over to the desk with my nicest smile on. "Excuse me, do you still have a job vacancy?"

"Yes we do." The girl smiled back, fluttering her thick, dark eyelashes. "Are you interested in applying?"

"Yes please... though only if it's a Saturday job."

"Well you're in luck! It's Saturdays from eleven til five. Would you be able to start next week?"

"Oh... you don't want to interview me or anything?" I replied, confused.

She leant towards me. "Between you and me, as long as you look your best every week then you've got the job. If you just quickly fill out this form and make sure you're here at eleven next week." She whispered, handing me a form and pen.

And just like that, I had my first job. Even if it had been my vampire beauty that had given it to me...

When my Skype tone began to ring on my laptop the following evening, I was surprised to find that Rosie was calling me.

So now she wanted to contact me? What was with that?

I answered and watched as she appeared on the screen in front of me, Embry sat on his bed in the background.

"HEY NESS!" She squealed, a big grin spreading across her face.

"Hey!" I smiled back, the angry feelings fading away. "How've you been stranger?"

"Great! How about you?"

"Good! Though I really miss everyone being so far South. You need to come and visit!"

"We will soon, I promise! What's this about you becoming a cheerleader?" She giggled, knowing that we used to take the mick out of the ones at High School.

"Well it's always good to have a hobby I guess." I shrugged. "And it could be fun!"

"Well Jake certainly seemed excited about it." Embry snorted.

"He would be! Now stop being silly!" Rosie swotted him playfully on the arm.

"Sorry, babe."

"Goodness, Ness, my tan's already faded and you're sat there looking like a golden goddess!"

"Haha, sorry, but the weather is incredible! We're all heading to the beach tomorrow whilst we still can!" I smiled.

"I would, but it won't stop raining, and it's freezing! I definitely need to visit soon!"

"Please do!"

"So Ness, I was actually calling because I needed to tell you something..."

She's pregnant. Isn't that the first thought that pops into your head when your girlfriend tells you she needs to tell you something? Well I was dreading it. I knew her parents would kill her and slice off part of Embry.


"Well, we need to tell you something." Embry came over and stood behind her, a smile on his face.


"WE'RE ENGAGED!" They chorused, Rosie lifting up her left hand to reveal a beautiful golden ring with a small diamond on it.

My jaw dropped. "Wow.. congratulations!"

"I know we're only young, but if you've found your soulmate then why wait?" Embry smiled, looking deep into Rosie's eyes, the love obviously there.

"You do realise, Ness, you're my Maid of Honor right?!" Rosie looked back at the webcam, excitedly.

"Really?" I squealed with excitement.

"Of course!" She nodded. "I wouldn't want anyone else!"

I wanted to hug her, but I couldn't... it was so frustrating.

"The only thing is, we don't want to wait too long..."

So she was pregnant?


"Well we really love each other, and mum won't let us live together until we're married.. so it makes sense to just get married when we can..." Rosie smiled.

"So when's the wedding?"

"New Year's Eve. It's going to be so beautiful!"

"Just like you." Embry kissed her on the cheek and I sighed. Boy, did I miss Jake.

"You're coming back for the holidays anyway, so you'll be here. But I need you to come back for Thanksgiving so we can go dress shopping... is that okay?"

"Of course!" I smiled, grateful for an excuse to head back for Forks.

"Great!" She squirmed as Embry kissed her cheek again. "Look, we're gonna go... but I will talk to you soon okay?"

"Okay!" I laughed, not wanting to see them making-out (or worse). "Take care!"

"Wow, Maid of Honor... that's so awesome!" Brooke squealed on Wednesday evening.

We were sat in my bedroom with Abigail, sorting out our hair and make-up for the Toga Party. We'd designed our togas so they were similar; white, one-shouldered with a few golden sequins, and then a sequinned belt. They were tight-fitting, and finished a few inches above the knee, showing off our figures. We'd bought golden leaf headbands and golden sandals to complete the look.

"Yeah, it should be great!" I smiled back, pinning up some of my curls and pulling some down so that they framed my face.

"Ness, why does your hair always look perfect?" Abigail pouted. "It isn't fair."

"Here." I said, pinning her hair to one side.

"Much better. Thank you!"

"It's going to be a night to remember!" Brooke grinned.

And it certainly was...

When we arrived at the Sorority House, it was already packed with college students; some may not have even been at college. We were surrounded by people dancing, couples making-out, drinking games and abandonned red plastic cups.

"Woah." I gasped, looking around. "This is insane."

"I thought it was only this crazy on TV." Abigail looked around, her eyes wide.

"We'll stick together. It'll be fine." Brooke linked arms with each of us, dragging us through the crowds.

We were heading towards the kitchen when suddenly the music was turned off. The groan that filled the room was full of disappointment, and some people made for the door. Then, Bailey appeared on the counter across the room from us, a red plastic cup in her hand.

"Sorry guys, this will only be a minute!" She apologised, her voice slightly slurred. "I just wanted to announce the new cheerleaders in the squad."

"New cheerleaders! Hell yes!" A male voice boomed from somewhere in the ground.

Abigail held up crossed fingers to me and smiled.

"Can I have a drum roll, maybe?"

The walls, doors and floor were all hit in drum-roll style.

"Okay my first new cheerleader is Jessica Spears... wherever you are Jessica, come on up here!"

I heard a girl squeal, and seconds later, she appeared on the kitchen surface, red cup in her hand. A few boys wolf-whistled as she flicked her white-blonde hair.

"The next girl to impress me at trials is Amy Marie.. come on up Amy!"

Another girl with blonde hair clambered up onto the counter with her drink, followed by a few more wolf-whistles.

"My final girl, the one that really worked her socks off.. Ness Cullen!"

Brooke and Abigail cheered for me, pushing me towards the counter.

"We'll wait here" Brooke mouthed as I disappeared into the crowd.

I jumped up onto the counter, smoothing down my toga, and recieving a loud cheer from some of the male members in the room. Bailey hugged me, nearly spilling her drink.

"Someone get my Nessa a drink!" Bailey gasped, looking at me in disappointment.

A cup of red stuff was passed my way. I smelt it and sighed with relief, realising it was wine.

"To my new cheerleaders! Now, let's make them all welcome, and crank the music back up!"

Then, before I knew what was happening, I was pushed off of the kitchen counter and into the crowd, crowd-surfing my way through the room.

I wriggled about, feeling uncomfortable as people groped my bum, and, luckily, I was put back down on the floor. I quickly downed my drink and headed to find my friends.

"Hey sexy." A boy leaned in my way, stopping me from going any further.

"Oh, hi.. Zac, was it?" I smiled back.

"You remembered my name, baby." He grinned, his speech slurred.

"Um.. yeah. Sorry, I've gotta go find my friends."

"Don't be like that." He replied, pushing me against the wall. "You're so hot."

"Get off me." I warned, gritting my teeth.

I couldn't exactly use my super-human strength... not when there were this many people around. And I had to keep calm before I ended up projecting something to him.

"Why?" He slurred.

"Because I have a boyfriend who will kick your ass." That's what normal teenage girls said, wasn't it?

"Don't be silly baby, he's not here." He moved his head closer to mine, his hands reaching the bottom of my dress.

I brought my knee up and hit him in the crotch. I could've done it a lot harder, but I didn't want to risk killing him. He fell to the ground, groaning in agony.

I stepped over him and hurried off through the crowd, grabbing a drink as I passed.

"What happened to you? You look flustered." Brooke eye-balled me with a worried expression on her face.

"Some guy just tried to sexually harass me."

"Oh my god." Abigail gasped. "Come on, let's get out of here."

"No it's okay." I replied with a shrug. "I hit him in the balls. He won't be bothering anyone for a while."

"Woah." Brooke laughed. "In that case, let's drink and dance."

I couldn't ignore the looks in our direction as we danced and sang along to the songs being played. I'd never really been anywhere before with such a large number of boys; obviously there were all the gatherings at La Push, but there most of the boys had imprinted, so their minds were only ever on one girl.

Soon, Brooke was dancing with a guy. Abigail had promised me she wouldn't leave my side, even though I didn't mind; I was capable of looking after myself, obviously. But she also wanted to keep an eye on Brooke and this guy. After all, drunken one-night stands could only be regretted.

"Are all parties going to be like this?" Abigail sighed, looking around.

"I don't know." I replied. Personally, I was having a pretty good time.

"I'm not sure I'll fit into College you know..."

"Why do you say that?"

"I don't really drink, or go to parties.. or anything like that."


Suddenly, Abigail seemed a lot younger than the eighteen-year-old she was. She looked about fifteen or so, just a child who had snuck out after curfew. I thought I was out of place in the real world, but now I coul see I wasn't the only one going through an awkward phase.

I looked over at Brooke, dancing with the random guy. She was now kissing him.

Then I smelt blood. And it wasn't just a small cut either. Someone was bleeding to death and I had no idea why.

"Wait here, I just want to see if I can find Bailey..." I lied to Abigail, before disappearing into the crowd.

I followed the scent as best as I could, though I soon realised I was hungry for this blood; I hadn't fed in a while, and I really needed to. But it wasn't the time. Someone was dying.

I ended up outside, heading towards a hedge. And that was where the victim lay; Jessica who had just made the cheerleading squad. A knife in her stomach, blood dripping to the ground, a dark shadow leaning over her as she tried to scream.

"Hey!" I yelled, causing the dark shadow to run into the night. Though the figure moved far too quickly to be a human...

I pulled out my phone and dialled Emergency Services, as I ran to Jessica's side. I knelt beside her, ripped off some toga fabric and used it to put pressure on the wound.

The fear in her eyes as she died that night was one thing I would never forget.

Before you die, your life flashes before your eyes. That's what evidence suggests. So why Jessica looked so fearful before she died I will never know.

College tightened up on security over the next few days. Police were everywhere, and they were armed. I had been questionned, but they'd soon realised my DNA was not on the weapon or Jessica's toga when she died. The murder was a mystery.

A lot of students had gone home for the week, worried that campus was currently not safe. Brooke had left, and Abigail had dropped out, fearing that she would never fit in. When I wasn't at cheerleading practice, I was left alone.

Friday evening, I walked in from practice in my clean, new uniform. I pulled a hairband out of my hair, shook it loose and closed the door behind me.

Then I realised someone was stood by the sofa...