Summery: Almost every country is put into comatose. The date is December 20, 2012. The end is near just as the Mayans predicted. If you guessed Zombies, Aliens, or anything else like that then you are wrong. Something is happening that no one could have even thought of. It's the rise of the New Soviet Union (comprised of mortals, and demons wanting world domination, even if they have to take it by force) , with Prussia, England, and Russia stuck in the middle of it all.

Warnings: Mostly blood and gore and some OOCness

Disclaimer: I own only the story

Author's Notes: All I have to say is: This, quite literally, came from a dream I had. (That's where most of my stories come from) I'll try to write just as I saw it in the dream (It was so horror and suspense filled, just as I'll try to make this story.) I hope you'll enjoy reading!

UnkOWn WorLd


Gilbert Beilschmidt looked left to right in the conference room. Every county surrounded the table. This wasn't his first time here, but something seemed wrong, very wrong. Ludwig was actually smiling! That scared him more than Ivan, who was sitting right next to him. Ludwig never smiled like that! Feliciano actually looked a little scared too. Everyone kind of ignored him, trying to think nothing of it.

"West… Are you all right…?" Gilbert asked him, trying not to show any fear. Ludwig's face twisted into an even wider grin. The albino did not even know if that was possible. "I'm fine, Gilbert. What are you implying?" Gil tried smiling. "N-Nothing is wrong… It's just you…" Gilbert trailed off.

"Are you trying to say that I'm not acting as my usual self?" Ludwig commented. "Y-yeah…" Gilbert told him. Ludwig's grin turned into a frown. The next thing that came out of his mouth sounded demonic. "Dammit, I thought I fooled you all, guess I was acting like the wrong person…" There was a loud ringing sound, almost like a bell you would hear during a fire drill. The next thing that happened was a huge blank.


Gilbert rubbed his head gently, since he knew he was hit with something blunt. The first person he saw was Feliciano, smiling at him. "Wh-Where are we?" Gil asked him. "Veee~ I have no idea… but anything can happen here!" Gilbert tried to take in his surroundings. There were tall buildings reaching up to the sky, yet there was no sky. A giant dome surrounded them. 'This must be some sort of joke…' Gilbert thought.

"This is no joke." Feliciano said, all joy taken out of his voice. 'W-Wait…He can read my mind?' Feliciano smiled at him, "Si!" he responded. "Anything can happen here," Feliciano whispered darkly into Gilbert's ear. Feliciano then proceeded to claw out his own throat. Gilbert tried looking away, but he couldn't. Feliciano was happily clawing at his own jugular vein. Then he was somehow able to claw past it, blood spurting out in the process, spraying all over Gilbert and himself.

Feliciano's body eventually fell to the ground, surrounded by a pool of it's own blood. There were people around them, Ludwig, Yao, and even Francis! No one seemed to care one bit about the corpse. Was everyone around here insane like Feli? "Come on Gilbert, you know you want to join them." A dark voice said. Gilbert didn't know where it came from… Maybe his mind was trying to pay tricks on him? Well… He should try and stop what's happening… Even if it means he has to go insane in the process. ' Leave me alone! I did nothing to deserve this!' Gilbert screamed in his head.

"Shut the hell up and listen to me. You belong here. You do not want to know what's happening in the real world." Gilbert tensed a little. 'You mean this is all a dream? Feli didn't actually just kill himself, did he? No…Wait! Nations can't die! It's impossible!' the voice chuckled "Of course he just killed himself, you just witnessed his demise. It is also not impossible in this world, since this is basically a world of hell created just for you, Gilbert." He felt a shiver run down his spine, knowing that if he could see who the voice was coming from, they would be smiling. What did it mean it was created just for him?

"I have something to tell you, Gilbert. There are two others who haven't gone insane, find them and I'll reward you with a treat!" Gilbert groaned inwardly. Why'd he have to do the work? Why can't they come to him? "Gott Verdammt, it's not fair! This whole world is just so unawesome and messed up!" He screamed aloud. "Because, Gilbert, you wanted it this way. How can you not remember anything…Not even me…" Gilbert wondered what it was talking about.

"Veeee~ Guess who's not dead just yet?" came Feliciano's voice behind him. Gilbert heard a sickening crunch. His eyes rolled to the back of his head.


Gilbert blinked his eyes open, and tried to get up. His hands and legs were bound to the chair he was now sitting on. He stared at the forms in front of him now taking human shape. "Damn… WHY WON'T THEY DIE!" A voice of one of Gilbert's captives' shouted. He looked on either side of him, seeing Arthur Kirkland, and Ivan Braginski, bound, and sitting in chairs right beside him. The person yelling approached him, and spoke in a sweet voice. "Gilbert, do you remember me?" The albino thought for a second. HE was the voice that was in his head. "YOU TRAITOR! YOU LIED TO ME!"

"Bloody hell, he's deceived all of us." Arthur spoke, surprising the so-called Prussian, since he thought he was still unconscious. "I suppose I should tell you my name. I'm called many. You may call me Ian. Yes, I did lie to all of you, but that was only because I knew you were going to get in my way. You three somehow CAN'T die… And I don't know why. I'll make you a proposal… How about you join me? The other countries don't have your immortality, so how about it? We can rule the world together."

Gilbert said what they were all thinking, "Thanks, but no thanks. I don't want to work with some human just to achieve a goal like that. I'm sure the countries beside agree with me. You may have us bound, but I can assure you, we WILL stop you, Ian." Ian chuckled. "You really think that, don't you?" The lights flickered on, and bat-like wings came out his back.

"I'm not human, idiot. I'm a demon. I USE humans." Ruby eyes, and dark black hair shone at them. "Do you guys seriously not remember being demons? Gilbert kept the eyes, Arthur kept the scars, and Ivan… He just kept his creepiness. You must've had your memories' erased before you became the countries of Prussia, England, and Russia. Did you really think it was destiny? No… It was your fate. Two empires and the largest country in the world. That was what you were granted…"

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