Summary: Almost every country is put into comatose. The date is December 20, 2012. The end is near just as the Mayans predicted. If you guessed Zombies, Aliens, or anything else like that then you are wrong. Something is happening that no one could have even thought of. It's the rise of the New Soviet Union (comprised of mortals, and demons wanting world domination, even if they have to take it by force) , with Prussia, England, and Russia stuck in the middle of it all.

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UnknOWn WorLd

(Flash Back Continuation Part 2)

.UnknOWn';:;'WorLd….Feliciano…( First POV)

"Sie Wichser!" Ian screamed at Alfred, who continued striking the wolf with hard, quick blows from his fist. The wolf growled and latched onto Alfred's arm, blood splaying every which way. Ian called off his wolf and screamed up into the sky something I could not understand. Ludwig stood there frozen, and screamed, " Nein! Nicht...!"

People with bat-like wings came from the sky and surrounded us. I screamed, while Ludwig just stared as if he could not believe this was happening. I can't believe this is happening. We were all just having a normal meeting in what seemed like moments ago. I began feeling dizzy; looking around I could see everyone else was as well…. Maybe I'll…. Have a small….. Siesta.

I woke up a few hours later, though I had seem to be sitting on a chair. Strange….

"So you're finally awake." I heard Ian whisper. Wait… WHY IS IAN HERE?! I shuddered at the sound of his voice. "I will need you for my plan." I finally opened my eyes to see other countries with blank faces. What had happened to them? I shivered at the feel of something pressing up against my neck.

"You will help me, right?" I heard him whisper in a dark tone.

"O-of course!" I quickly told him, without realizing what was happening.

"Good. Then let the games… begin." He smirked at me. I felt a throbbing pain in my head that felt like a burning sensation.

"You… Are an interesting person." I heard a voice whisper from inside my head. Wait, but how was he capable of such a thing. To put it simple, the ability to control minds and bend others' will to your command… Which was exactly what he was performing on me.

I felt my world darken around me once more, right before I heard Ian's maniacal laughter echoing in my ears.


.UnknOWn';:;'WorLd….Gilbert…( First POV)

I stared blankly at this "Ian" person. Did he really think that I, the awesome Gilbert, would believe this bullcrap? Sure, he could kind of believe he was a demon because of his wings, but still. Him telling us all of that just sounds to cliché to be real.

"You are just lying to us!" Arthur shouted at Ian, who was smiling.

"Tch, yeah, I won't believe you for a second!" I hissed. Ivan was still sleeping in the chair to his left, oblivious to what was happening. The Russian's face seemed to be contorted with fear.

"Why would I lie to you?" Ian asked, "You don't even know what kind of person I am." Carmine eyes flickered between each country, "Besides, I can offer you much more than what you already have as countries."

"Did you really just ask why you would lie to use?" Arthur scoffed, "I believe tying us to chairs is a perfectly logical answer, you twat." I chuckled, seeing the recalcitrant look of Arthur's face. And I thought FRANCE could get him mad.

"I will ask you again," Ian repeated, "will you join me, or not?"

"I don't think we have an option," I whispered to Arthur, "It's either this… Or Death. I don't think he can really kill us though, he'll need another country to…" I trailed off, seeing Ludwig enter the room.

"Brüder?" I asked in a panicked voice, "What are you doing here?"

"Stille. Übergeben Sie sich Ian friedlich, und keiner wird sterben," Ludwig told me. I stared at him, wondering what was going on. Ludwig would NEVER tell me to SURRENDER to someone like Ian. Ludwig looked at me with a stern expression.

My voice hitched in my throat. I didn't know how to respond to him. I saw Arthur look between the two of us, confused about what we were talking about.

"Ich werde mich nicht ergeben mag von ihm!" I retorted.

Ian grinned at me, "Is that you're final decision?"


"Gut," Ian smiled. "What about you, England?" Ian said mockingly.

"I won't join you." Arthur hissed.

"If that is really you final decision…" Ian turned towards Ivan, who was stirring from his nap.

"Will you join me, Ivan?" Ian smiled at him, already knowing his answer.


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Translations (Some of them may be wrong) :

Sie Wichser! (You fucker!)

Nein! Nicht...! (No! Not…! In German)

Stille. Übergeben Sie sich Ian friedlich, und keiner wird sterben (Silence. Surrender yourself to Ian peacefully, and no one will die. in German)

Ich werde mich nicht ergeben mag von ihm (I will not surrender to the likes of him! in German)

Gut (Good in German)

Da (Yes in Russian)