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Charlie just followed Bella.

Bella just followed Charlie.

Renee just followed Charlie.

Charlie just followed beer.

Bella: Gotta move! Ugh!

Bella: Just arrived in Forks. Freaking Forks. It's freaking raining! Already said goodbyes to the sun!

Charlie: At the airport. Renee is dumping Bella on me again. Bitch!

Renee: To Charlie I wanna travel.

Charlie: To Renee who cares...?

Bella: Stumbled off the plane. Fuck. I think I ripped my favorite jeans.

Charlie: Got Bella a truck. Found it at the junkyard.

Bella: A truck. Yay! Why do people hate me?

Charlie: Finally arrived home. Gonna go pick up a beer and watch porn.

Bella: Charlie doesn't hover.

Charlie: ...

Bella: What's up with that thumping? Freaking rain.

Charlie: Doing Sue. Hope Bella doesn't notice.

Bella: Tired. The thumping wouldn't stop.

Bella: Arrived at school. There are many kinds of species here. Idiots, dumbos,... etc

Mike: Got a new girlfriend today... She's sooo pretty!

Bella: Some idiot keeps following me around!

Jessica: Bitch gonna get it. Stole Mike from me.

Edward: Bored...

Bella: Met some girl today... Jennifer or something.

Mike: Nice ass.

Bella: Idiot keeps staring at me.

Rosalie: I look perfect again today.

Jasper: Nice Neck.

Emmett: I'm gonna beat him.

Alice: and the lotto numbers for this week are...

Edward: Bored...

Bella: Gonna sit with Jennifer at lunch and a group of - Whoa!

Jessica: No way! She wants to steal my Eddie as well...

Bella: Blond Wig, Guy in pain, Big kid, Weirdo Pixie, Frustrated Bronze God...

Edward: Come on, Come on, Come on,

Alice: Gotta go pee.

Bella: Weirdo Pixie just left.

Alice: Wait... I don't pee.

Edward: Come on, Come on, Come on,

Emmett: What's up with Eddie?

Jasper: Hmmmmm Nice Neck...

Rosalie: A mirror, Yay.

Jessica: Bitch still looking at my Eddie...

Mike: I wonder what she'll do if I kiss her, maybe I should wait... she's not that kinda girl...

Edward: Come on, Come on, Come on,

Bella: Frustrated Dude keeps glaring at me.

Edward: Delicious...

Bella: Should I hit him with a broom stick?

TayNr1Fan: To Bella, please do!

Edward: Hmmmm...

Bella: Well to late now. Bio is over!

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