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At the sound of the of the door closing and light foot falls, Bellatrix waited until her keen ears heard her lover come into the living before she spoke up, "How long?"

"How long what?" asked Hermione curiously as she moved to face Bellatrix. The older woman sat in a high backed arm chair facing the fireplace. The cackling flames of the fire danced reflectively off of the older woman's very pale skin. The sight made to older woman's eyes look more sunken in than normal, but it did not diminish her beauty at all.

"You know what I'm talking about?" asked Bellatrix in a guarded tone.

"I'm not exactly sure what you're talking about," replied Hermione honestly confused. Kneeling down in front of Bellatrix, Hermione looked up to get a better view of her love's face. After a quick study, she saw Bellatrix looking a little emotionless which made her appear dangerously scary. Hermione could deal with Bellatrix looking insane and she could deal with her looking as if she really enjoys life, but she could not handle Bellatrix looking emotionless. "What's wrong?"

The older woman abruptly stood up causing Hermione to fall back, "What's wrong? What's Wrong?" Bellatrix knelt down to really face Hermione, "I'll tell what's wrong, since you're playing the village idiot on me. You no longer love me."

"What? That's the most absurd thing I have ever heard," exclaimed Hermione. "I love you," she reached out her hand to cup Bellatrix's cheek, but only to have her hand was pushed aside.

"No, you no longer have the right to touch me."

"I don't understand," exclaimed Hermione as she found herself getting to her feet. "What have I done to cause you to think that I don't love you?"

Bellatrix remained silent causing the brunette to grow in frustration.

"Bella, answer me! What have I done to have caused you think that I no longer love you?"

Bellatrix turned towards Hermione and glared at her, "I would prefer it if you would not refer to me as 'Bella' anymore, and why should I answer you, when you already know the answer."

"This is ridiculous," stated Hermione as she threw her arms in the air in disgust and frustration. "Seriously, I have done nothing but be faithful to you from the moment we meet at the ministry years ago. I saw how derange you were, but it reminded me of when I first encountered your cousin Sirius…"

Bellatrix flinched at the name of Sirius. She recalled the time at the ministry and the burden it was to know that she was semi responsible for Sirius's death. She had no intention of actually killing him. All she wanted to do was to stun him and keep him away from the veil, but her spell went wrong. Well, not the spell itself but the aim, it was just terribly off. Instead of him slumping over away from the veil, he slipped behind the veil. She later found out from Lucius that he caused the spell to go awry. Convincing Harry that she was innocent of the fight took a pensive and constant pleadings.

"…He was crazy, but most of it was for show. I couldn't help but think that you could be the same way. It was a vibe I felt. I went to Dumbledore to ask him more about you and found out that your derangement is all an act for your double life as a spy. I pursued you with the first letter."

"You were merely a curious child."

"Yes, but you could have just ignore my owl."

"I was curious myself," declared Bellatrix. "When I saw the fierceness in which you fought and skill level, I couldn't help but be impressed and be reminded of myself when I was your age. I wanted to know more about you."

"See, you were merely a curious adult but a clever one," Hermione smirked.

Bellatrix rolled her eyes, "Oh, deary, don't think for one second your flattery is going to get you out of this mess. In fact, I don't understand why you're still here."

"What the hell does that mean? I'm fighting for what we have," argued Hermione.

"But I think you forget that we have nothing anymore."

Enraged at her lover's comment, Hermione walked up to Bellatrix and slapped her across the face. "How dare you?"

Bellatrix touched her face and quirked a smiled and launched a fiery glare at Hermione, "Oh, deary, you shouldn't have done that."

"What are you going to do, Bella?" Hermione challenged. "Take me where I stand. I know how you like it rough."

Bellatrix glared at Hermione. A part of her would have liked nothing more than to just hit Hermione back, but the memory of her torturing Hermione in Malfoy manor flashed into her head every time that she even thought about hurting the younger woman. Watching as she had to use an unforgettable curse on her and cut in to her arm made her stomach do flips. Although she didn't like cutting Hermione, she did like the end results of her knife. Her eyes glanced down to Hermione's arm and saw how the flame illuminated the white scars which read: Bellatrix's MudBlood. Shaking her head from the memory, Bellatrix answered, "That's just the thing, I do like it rough, but apparently you prefer to play things safe."

Hermione narrowed her eyes at Bellatrix, "What do you mean by that?"

Smiling like the mad woman she has portrayed for many years, Bellatrix slowly walked towards Hermione, "You know exactly what I mean. After all," Bellatrix had managed by this point backed Hermione against a wall, "you prefer to…" She reached out a hand to touch the smooth skin of Hermione's face, "whore around with that veela."

"Fleur?" questioned Hermione. "I don't going whoring around with Fleur. She's my friend."

Laughter erupted from Bellatrix, "Yeah right, deary! I see the way she looks at you. I know how she wants to get in your pants and don't deny that you haven't allowed her entrance."

"I haven't, I swear. You've been the only person I've been with and Fleur is just a friend. Besides, where in the wizarding world is all this coming from?"

Shaking her head, Bellatrix back away from Hermione, "I saw you with her today at the Leaky Cauldron. Both of you were looking oh so chummy with each other."

"We were just catching up on old times," said Hermione. "She came in the Ink and Quill (Hermione's book shop and stationary supplies) for a repair on an old book of hers. It was lunch time by then and she asked if she could accompany me. I agreed as I knew I wouldn't be eating with you since you were doing double shifts at St. Mungos and couldn't join me for lunch like we usually do. I didn't want to eat alone."

For a supposedly deranged Death Eater, Bellatrix was well knowledge in the way of healing. Soon after the war one of first acts she preformed was to "cure" the Longbottoms. Sure, she tortured them with the Cruitiatus curse, but not until they became insane. No, the fact was it was all an act. The Longbottoms allowed Bellatrix to use the painful curse on them to a certain extent, but then they allowed her to modify their memories and put them under Imperial curse to have them act like they had gone insane. Since she corrected her curses, the hospital extended invitation for her to become a healer and she accepted.

"You know I would have come for lunch despite my hefty work hours."

Hermione just shook her head, "Whatever, but still, my lunch with her was meaningless. If you were at the Leaky Cauldron and saw us, you could have just come and join us."

"Why would I sit with the both of you?" spat Bellatrix as she continued to glare at Hermione.

"Because you love me," Hermione retorted. "You're making nothing out of nothing, Bella."

"Nothing? Nothing? How am I making nothing out of nothing, when I see the woman I love proposing to another woman?"

At this Hermione's eyes grew wide, "What do you mean by that?"

"Oh come on, sweetheart," she said with exasperation. "I saw you presenting her with a ring. Both of you looked oh so happy."

Biting her bottom lip, Hermione dug into her robe pocket and retrieved a black velvet box and threw it at Bellatrix, "Here! Satisfied?"

The older witch caught it and opened it to see a silver ring with a forest green gem, "I take it she refused you then?"

A loud growl erupted from Hermione as she threw her arms in the air again, "Bella, how can you be so dense? I swear sometimes you're worst than Ron."

"Hey, don't compare me to that brainless git."

"Oh, no," exclaimed Hermione, "And why not, he jumps to more conclusions than you." Shaking her head, she went over the chair Bellatrix had vacated and sat down, sighing deeply as she did so. She needed time to cool off and think about her next words before she said anything else. Of course she heard Bellatrix inhale as if to say something, but whatever the older witch wanted to say was held back. To Hermione, it was just fine.

Bellatrix on the other hand just stood there glaring daggers at Hermione for a while until her attention was drawled back to the object in her hand. Curiosity got the better of her and she dug out the ring and took a closer look at it. She couldn't help but feel upset as she studied the ring's beauty thinking it was for Fluer. At closer look, she noticed some engraving on the inside of the ring: BB + HG Forever.

Upon reading the engraving, a single tear leaked from Bellatrix's eye. It ran down her cheek as she turned her head to look at her lover, who stayed slumped in the chair. She didn't shed one tear when, she thought she lost Hermione forever just within these past few hours, but now… That single tear came from gaggle of emotions. There was anger at herself for being stupid. There was sadness for hurting Hermione as she had. There was relief in knowing Hermione wanted to be legally hers. There was also a little happiness. All the emotions eventually evolved into one, frustration.

Gingerly, she walked over to Hermione and took up the younger girl's position from earlier, "Hermione?"

The said girl refused to say a word.

Sighing at Hermione's stubbornness, Bellatrix tried again, "Love, look, I'm sorry."

Hermione tore her gaze from the fire to look at a remorseful Bellatrix. She knew it took forever for Bellatrix to admit to her faults, so seeing the woman she loved showing so much guilt, Hermione could not stay silent. In a tear filled voice, she asked, "Why would you think I would have an affair with Fleur?"

Aggressively the older woman ran a hand through her hair. She had no desire to divulge in her reasons. Giving reasons to her own insecurities was something she totally loathed in doing. For the most part, she avoided it like the dragonpox. "Look at me, Hermione and what do you see?"

The younger witch took a good look at Bellatrix and gave a small smile, "I see a beautiful and talented woman and someone who I want to spend the rest of my life with. Why, what do you see?"

"I see a woman, who is old enough to be your mother, who has done things she is not very proud of and who has a troublesome past. Do you really want to spend the rest of your life with me?"

"Oh my… Bella, you're starting to sound so much like Professor Lupin, when he was trying to dissuade your niece from wanting to be with him." Hermione took a moment to think, before going on, "Bella, do you really think that I would waste my time with you until something better came around?"

"Hermione, you're too good for me. You're very idealistic and deserve to be with someone…"

"I deserve to be with someone I love," she declared. "I deserve you."

"Fleur would have been a better choice for you. She's far younger than I am and extremely fair."

"Yes, but she doesn't hold my heart." Cheekily, Hermione smirked, "I'll admit she is beautiful, but I've never imagined what she would be like in bed. Besides, why would I when we're perfect together."

Bellatrix rolled her eyes as she stood on her feet. Turning around, she faced the crackling fire, while she grabbed a curl to twirl, "I don't want to admit this, but seems like I'm in admitting mood and I'll just come out and say it." Still twirling the strand of hair, Bellatrix faced Hermione again, "As you have deduced, I honestly did believe that I was a mere fling to you."

Hermione shook her head, "Bella, we've been together since I was about sixteen. That's four years, do you think I'll give that up for someone else?"

"That's just thing, Hermione. You're young. There are so many other people out there you could be together with."

"I know, but I choose you. All I ever see is you. So what if you're older than I am. If you haven't noticed I'm rather mature for my own age. Finding out that I'm a witch at the age of eleven, going to Hogwarts on my own for months at a time, and befriending Harry Potter has all caused me to grow up much faster than I would have liked, but the damaged is done. However, if it makes things any better, I did to have a relationship with Fleur in the fourth year."

"What? How come I'm just now finding out about this?" demanded Bellatrix agitatedly.

"Because I knew you would get jealous and you would want me to end my friendship with Fleur."

Pursing her lips, Bellatrix folded her arms and tapped her foot roughly on the ground, "So, why did you end things with her?"

Hermione became thoughtful before answering, "Our relationship lasted until the end of my fourth year and well into the summer. We thought our love would make it through thick and thin, but when school started, I became too focus on trying to stay strong for Harry and my complete hatred for Professor Umbridge and her frog faced rules." She shivered at the mere thought of the woman. "I had a rebellion to organize against her sorry class and I became too wrapped up in trying to form a house elf rebellion that I totally forgot about Fleur. By the time I would meet her again at Christmas time whatever I felt for her romantically just seem to melt away. She too felt it. You, on the other hand, are a different story. Your very essence had a way to seep into my soul to where I could never forget you. You are my world."

Bellatrix couldn't help the smile that formed on her face throughout Hermione's story. As she grinned at the end of the tale, Bellatrix grabbed hold of Hermione's robes and dragged her towards herself so she could capture a kiss. As the kissed started out chaste until it slowly deepened with Bellatrix licking at Hermione's lips. The younger girl responded perfectly and groaned as she felt the pleasure of tasting the woman she loved.

When the need for air came, they separated. Bellatrix placed her head on Hermione's forehead and said breathlessly, "Yes."

"Hm?" asked a dazed Hermione.

"My answer is yes, I'll marry you," she placed a kiss on Hermione's nose, "But I want to say I'm sorry for ruining whatever plans you might have had for the proposal."

Hermione deeply sighed, "Well, yes it is completely ruin, but I was seriously just hoping you would ask me, since you, as you have stated early, are older than I."

"I would have," Bellatrix stated. "I even had the ring, but…"

"You're lack of trust in me is astounding."

"Hey, I was a spy for the Order and thus my trust in people is hardly there."

"I know, but I think you should trust me a little."

"I do trust you."

Hermione growled, "I mean a little more."

Bellatrix remained thoughtful for a second before placing her lips to Hermione's again for another deep kiss. "I trust you with my life, but now I'll try to trust you completely with my heart."


"Because I can't help but love you."