Four Horsemen

By tenshinrtaiga

Disclaimer: I don't own the Covenant. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse concept comes from the book of revelations but the characters come from me.

Pairings: Caleb/Victoria, Pogue/Judgement, Reid/Athena, Tyler/Medea

Summary: The Covenant meets a dangerous group, but are they friend or foe?

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"This is weird, even for us," Athena (IMAGE) muttered to her friends as she popped her bubble gum and slouched even further down on the hard wooden bench.

"I thought you hated that boarding school in England," Medea (IMAGE) smiled nonchalantly as she flipped through a magazine.

Athena scowled at the blonde who sat on her left, "I did."

Judgement (IMAGE), the girl to Athena's right, spoke next, "And I thought you wanted to spend your senior year with us."

"I do," Athena scowled even harder, not liking that she was being ganged up on by her friends, "But moving to America? Attending this school in the middle of fucking nowhere? And on what? A hunch? A feeling?"

"You're the one always telling us to follow our gut," Victoria (IMAGE), the last girl on the bench spoke up, not looking up from the book she was reading, "We all felt a draw to Ipswich."

"Well, maybe that feeling in our gut was just a really bad burrito," Athena scowled causing the other three girls to laugh.

"Miss Ivanov, Miss Taylor, Miss Tan and Miss DuToit," the secretary came out of her office, "Provost Higgins will see you now."

As one the four girls stood up, almost as though they had timed it, and marched into the Headmaster's office. Behind a large desk sat an older man easily in his sixties. He appeared to be busily perusing several files as he barely looked up when the girls entered. He airily waved a hand to be seated, but as there were only two seats and four girls, two remained standing.

After a few moments, he finally looked up, apparently finished with the files, "Well then, let's get started." He stood up and began pacing around the office as he mulled on his words, "First off, welcome to Spencer. I must say, it is highly irregular to accept students in the middle of the school year like this, especially seniors. It is also highly irregular to accept so many. But you are all excellent students and to be quite blunt, your parents made it well worth this school's while to accept you despite the oddities."

Finally, the man made it back to his desk and sat down heavily, a serious look on his face, "That being said, however, there are several things we need to discuss," He pulled out one of the files. It was thick and the sound it made as he placed it on his desk made it clear how heavy it was. "Athena Taylor. You are one of the brightest students your school has ever seen. You are also easily the most troubling. I have never in my career as an educator ever seen so many write-ups for fighting."

The redhead sitting in front of him smirked and tilted her head up as though proud of her accomplishment which only caused the Provost to frown even harder.

"It said on your application – on all of your applications – that the reason you wanted to attend Spencer was so that you could finish out your senior year with your friends. And seeing as how you all come from different corners of the world, I can see how this is important to you. That being said, Miss Taylor, should you cause the same amount of problems here as you did in England, I am afraid that finishing your year with your friends at this school will not be happening. Do I make myself clear?" He asked sternly, looking down his glasses at the scowling redheaded girl.

At first the redhead was silent but the girl standing behind her elbowed her in the back of the head forcing a "Perfectly" out of Athena.

"Thank you for your help, Miss Ivanov," Provost Higgins eyed the girl with white blonde hair who was standing behind Athena. She just gave an innocent smile back. "So, I guess we'll move on to you. You are also an excellent student and have quite a long list of extracurriculars; Student Council President, captain of the track team, captain of the lacrosse team and more. However, like your friend Miss Taylor, you also wind up in quite a lot of fights and just like her, I warn you that I will not tolerate any of that nonsense."

"I understand," Victoria nodded seriously.

The Provost couldn't tell if she was being honest or mocking and so gave a sigh before moving on to the next girl, the tall Asian standing behind the other chair. "Miss Tan. While your grades are certainly well above average, they could be much better. Do you know how they could be better? By actually showing up to class. Spencer has a strict attendance policy and you will be in class everyday soaking up everything this school has to offer," He spoke sternly.

Judgement flinched, "Yes, sir," She replied weakly.

"And lastly, we come to Miss DuToit. You, I have very little to say to, thankfully. We at Spencer don't mind a little recreational fun. Just make sure your little pranks are kept out of the classrooms and aren't harmful or go too far."

"Will do, sir," Medea nodded seriously.

"Alright, then. I think we're finished. Like I said, ladies, welcome to Spencer."

If you don't want to check my LJ, but still want to know what the girls look like...

Victoria Ivanov - AnnaSophia Robb

Athena Taylor - Lily Cole

Judgement Tan - Jeon Ji Hyun

Medea DuToit - Emma Roberts